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How to Break Into a Door Lock With a Bobby Pin

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If you’ve ever been locked out of your house or apartment, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, there’s a simple way to break into a door lock with a bobby pin.


If you ever find yourself locked out of your home or office, it may be possible to get back in without professional help. This can be done by unlocking a door lock with a bobby pin.

This technique is most effective on spring-loaded locks, as they are easier to pick than other types of locks. While this method should not be used to break into places that you do not own or have permission to enter, it can save you time and money if you are locked out of a room in your own house. Before attempting this technique, make sure that there is no other way to gain entry.

The steps for unlocking a door lock with a bobby pin are relatively straightforward and doable for anyone with patience and some basic knowledge about locksmithing tools. If done properly, this technique should gain entry without damaging the lock or lock mechanism in any way.


Breaking into a door lock with a bobby pin is a delicate yet effective process. To ensure that you successfully pick the lock, you will need a few materials. These include a bobby pin, a flat tool such as a thin screwdriver or a butter knife, a paperclip, and a nail file. All of these items can easily be found in your home and are essential for the successful unlocking of a door lock.

Bobby pin

A bobby pin is a small metal hairpin that is an efficient tool for Break Opening a variety of door locks. Bobby pins can be found in many places, from drugstores to beauty salons, to your own home. They are also affordable and easy to use.

Using bobby pins to Break Open door locks is an old lock-picking technique. While more advanced techniques have been developed, this method still works for many types of locks, including the most common ones. In order to use the bobby pin to Break Open a door lock, you will need two bobby pins, pliers or tweezers, a flat-headed screwdriver or paperclip and some lubricant oil or liquid soap.

The first step in using a bobby pin to pick a lock is to straighten the two pins and then bend them outwards from the middle at an angle of 45 degrees. Once properly bent, insert one of the pins into the keyhole so it rests on the inside of the lock cylinder near one end. The other pin should be inserted near an opposing end as far into the cylinder as possible without touching any of its moving parts.

Next, gently push and pull both pins while jiggling them side-to-side gently until you feel something give way – that’s usually when one of your pins come in contact with either one or several pieces on its way back up after insertion. When this happens turn the tensioner -either using pliers or paperclip/flathead screwdriver – until it becomes easier holding onto both sides at once (this could take some time). Continue working until you hear/feel a click – this means you have successfully flicked your tumblers and Break Opened your lock!

Finally add some lubricant such as oil or liquid soap around all parts before putting away your equipment for good. Be sure not leave any tools inside when finished since these can interfere with proper functioning of the lock!

Paper clip

One way to break into a door lock with a bobby pin is to use a paper clip. First, unbend the paper clip and straighten it out so that it looks like a long, thin piece of metal. Be sure not to bend it while doing this step. Then, take the straightened paper clip and slide it into the door lock until you can feel it making contact with the ends of the pins inside the lock. Take care to avoid pushing down on any one pin too hard, as this could cause them to break off inside the lock.

Once you have inserted the paper clip far enough into the mechanism, begin wiggling it from side to side until you can feel all of the pins move up and fall back down in place. If done correctly, one of them should push against your paper clip just enough for you to be able to open up the door lock without further use of a key or bobby pin.


A hairpin is a type of bobby pin that is commonly used for holding long hair in place or styling it. The hairpin is easily accessible and can be found at most any beauty supply store or drug store. It consists of two identical metal pieces with pointed edges that can twist together before being inserted into the door lock. Additionally, it’s important to note that some locks are designed to require more than one bobby pin in order to open them. In this case, more than one bobby pin should be used in the breaking process.

When using a hairpin to break into a door lock, it must first be straightened and then bent into a shape for easy insertion into the lock’s keyhole. The most common shape for a hairpin is an angle of approximately 45 degrees at the top with both sides forming an arch-like curve at the bottom half of the pin. Once this shape has been achieved, the twisted end should be carefully inserted into the lock’s keyhole and slowly pushed down until it touches the pins inside. It’s important to remember to use light pressure when contact is made with the pins inside – too much force will cause them to stick and create difficulty in turning them open.


Breaking into a door lock with a bobby pin is a relatively easy skill to learn. All you need is a bobby pin, some patience and a steady hand. This method is not 100% reliable, but it can be effective in certain situations. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to break into a door lock with a bobby pin.

Straighten the bobby pin

The first step to using a bobby pin to open a door lock is to straighten the bobby pin out. This should be done very carefully, as it is possible for the bobby pin to break if too much pressure is applied. If the bobby pin cannot be straightened easily with one’s hands, then the use of pliers may be required. Once it is straightened, one should check that there are no kinks or bends in the pin that may make it ineffective for breaking into the lock. Next, one must bend one end of the straightened bobby pin inwards at a ninety degree angle. This point will provide stability when attempting to open the lock and prevent any slipping or slipping out of position while maneuvering within the lock mechanism.

Insert the bobby pin into the keyhole

Before beginning the process of picking the door lock with a bobby pin, make sure to check if the door is unlocked first to avoid any unnecessary damage. Once you’ve confirmed that the lock needs to be picked, begin by inserting the bobby pin into the keyhole. The tip of the bobby pin should face upwards towards the top of the door while inserting it into the keyhole. Once inserted, move it around gently in order to feel around for any obstacles that may be blocking off access to open up the lock.

Manipulate the pins inside the lock

Once you have the bobby pin in place and have pushed the bolt back with no success, you will need to start manipulating the pins on the inside of the lock. When pushing on the bolt to unlock it, you’ll want to press downward on each of the pins as your push. This will allow any high security locks to loosen and open. Depending on how securely locked it is, this could take some time. Make sure to be patient and work carefully as it is easy to damage a lock if you don’t pay attention. Once you feel each pin has been manipulated into place, try pushing on the bolt again and look for any progress towards unlocking it. If there is still no progress try rotating your bobby pin clockwise or counterclockwise while still pressing down on each pin until ultimately unlocking it.

Turn the bobby pin

Finding yourself locked out of a room or building can be a stressful situation, but with the right tools, you can often gain access without causing significant damage. One option that has been used for generations is to use a bobby pin to pick the lock. You will need to be relatively quick and precise in order to properly manipulate the lock components, but with some practice and patience, you should be able to successfully pick a lock with a bobby pin.

To begin, take one end of the bobby pin and bend it so that it forms an ‘L’ shape. This shape will help you find the lever inside the lock when you insert it into the keyhole. Then hold the U-bend of your modified bobby pin against your thumb while inserting it into the edge of the keyway at an angle – around 45 degrees is ideal. Push down gently until you feel resistance from a hard obstruction like a lever mechanism inside.

Once located, turn your bobby pin so that one leg is no longer horizontal but more vertical in orientation – parallel with your thumb on top of which you are holding it against. This action should get both legs fully entangled within key components and help unlock the mechanism inside quickly if done correctly. Since locks may have different mechanisms on each side, put some pressure on both sides in order to give yourself more range for any possible obstacles. Move up and down till you are able to open up twist all way within key component and will eventually spread apart unlocking door if done right!

Remove the bobby pin

Once the bobby pin is unfolded, the first step is to remove it from its paper packaging. To do this, hold onto each end with one hand, and slowly and carefully pull them apart until the bobby pin unfolds. This should take only a few seconds and should result in two separate components. Now you have prepared your tool for use – you are ready to start picking your lock!


Although using a bobby pin to open a door lock is a relatively simple procedure, it should only be attempted in an emergency where you have no other way of gaining access. The best security practice is to always keep your locks in good condition and immediately replace them if they fail. Furthermore, if you ever need help with doors or furnaces, it’s always best to call a locksmith service. They’ll be able to provide expert advice and guidance on how to properly open the door while ensuring your security. In the future, consider investing in additional locks such as deadbolts and additional hardware like strike plates which will make it more difficult for intruders to gain access.

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