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How to Change the Battery for Your ADT Alarm System

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If you have an ADT alarm system , you may be wondering how to change the battery. Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Preparing to Change the Battery

If your ADT alarm system is not beeping, the cause is likely low battery. To solve this, the battery needs to be replaced.Before you begin the replacement process, there are a few steps you should take. First, gather the necessary tools for the job including a screwdriver, the new battery, and a flashlight. Then, you should familiarize yourself with the main components of your system. Finally, you should make sure to disable the alarm before you begin the replacement process.

Gather the necessary materials

Preparing to change the battery for your ADT Alarm System is a relatively straightforward process. In order to ensure a successful change, it’s important to make sure you have all the right materials before you start.

The most obvious material you’ll need is the replacement battery itself. ADT systems use 12-volt batteries, so make sure you only use an appropriate 12-volt replacement. You should also have a Phillips head screwdriver on hand, as well as pliers or wire cutters that can be used to disconnect and reconnect wires. Additionally, if your alarm system is wireless have ready a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the terminals prior to installing the new battery.

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies for changing the battery in your ADT alarm system, you’re ready to begin. With basic tools, some preparation and straightforward instructions it’s surprisingly easy!

Locate the main panel and battery

Before you change the battery for your ADT alarm system, you need to locate the main panel. Depending on the model of your alarm system, the main panel could be one of several different types – ADT Safewatch Rapid, DSC, GE Security Caddx or Honeywell Vista. Once you’ve identified which type of main control board you have and located it, you’re ready to start replacing your battery.

Your alarm system should come with a backup battery. The backup battery is a 9-volt rechargeable lithium-ion or lead acid battery that stores energy when your system needs it most – during an emergency or power outage. When trying to locate the backup battery in order to replace it with a new one, look for its dedicated compartment near the main panel and access it via a small door labeled “battery” or “auxiliary.” This is where you should also find replacement batteries for your alarm system if needed.

Replacing a dead backup battery is important in order to ensure that your alarm works properly in times of need and when the power goes out. To replace the old dead battery, simply remove any existing mounting screws and disconnect any wires before removing an old battery if applicable; then insert and connect new batteries using user manual instructions or assistance from ADT technical support team before securely mounting back into place inside designated compartment on main panel with existing screws or provided hardware as required.

Removing the Old Battery

When it comes time to change the battery in your ADT Alarm System, the first step is to safely remove the old battery. This process is relatively simple, but it’s important to take caution and follow the safety guidelines to ensure that you don’t damage any of the system’s components. Let’s take a look at how to properly remove the battery from the alarm system.

Disconnect the power to the system

For your safety, it is critical to disconnect the power before beginning a battery replacement. To do this, shut off power at the main breaker panel and unplug any connected devices from their electrical outlets. This includes all connected components such as touchpads, sirens and RF receivers. Another important safety precaution is to always wear eye protection when you are working with electricity – never work with household currents without properly protecting your eyes. Once the power has been disconnected and all devices unplugged, you can move on to removing the old battery.

Remove the cover of the main panel

The main panel of your ADT alarm system provides the power source to the unit and the control system. To replace the battery, you’ll need to access the panel and remove the old battery.

To start, locate the main panel of your alarm system. You should find it in a prominent location, such as in your living room or hallway. Once you’ve located it, open it up by gently pressing on the side or top edge of its plastic cover until it pops open slightly. Then use a flathead screwdriver to pry off its protective casing without damaging any interior parts.

Be very careful when you are removing this cover as any damages caused will disable your alarm system from functioning correctly. Once removed, take note of all of its wiring to help with reinstalling it later on. Finally, locate and remove the rectangular battery from inside with your hands-you may need pliers if it’s stuck in place too tightly-and discard it carefully before replacing with a new one.

Locate and remove the old battery

Preparation Gather a screwdriver, needle-nose pliers or wire cutters, and a camera or paper and pen to take a picture or make a note of the positive and negative connection locations of the two common types of batteries used in ADT alarm systems, lithium and lead acid. You can identify each type by its size and shape.

To remove the old battery, locate the terminals at the back side of your system’s control panel. There may also be an orange cap at each terminal that you will need to remove with a screwdriver. Once these caps are removed, using needle-nose pliers or wire cutters disconnect one side of your system’s battery power first before disconnecting the other side to prevent any electrical shock or current flow issues.

If you are replacing a lead acid battery, take care to avoid contact with any leaked electrolyte; it is very corrosive! After Preparation Gathering each terminal, lift out the old battery from its cradle and take care not to damage any wires when removing it. You may need both hands to safely lift out a heavy lead acid battery.

Installing the New Battery

Installing a new battery for your ADT alarm system is a simple process that anyone can do. Before you begin, you should make sure that your main power is disconnected and that your alarm system is powered down. Once you have done this, you can start the process of replacing your alarm system’s battery. In this section, we will explain the steps to replace the battery in an ADT alarm system.

Connect the new battery to the main panel

If you have disconnected a battery to replace it, you must now reconnect the new one to the main panel. Disconnect the system by matching up the negative terminals on the battery and the main control panel. Make sure that there are no gaps between them and that you are not touching any exposed wires or terminals with your hands or tools. You should then connect positive terminals in a similar fashion, confirming that the two are matching up correctly with no gaps remaining between them before moving on to testing.

Make sure the connections are secure

Before installing a new battery for your ADT alarm system, you’ll want to make sure the connections are secure. Make sure the battery has been fully charged before attempting to install it. Check the connections on both ends of the battery terminals to ensure that they are properly connected. If possible, use a multimeter set to “ohm,” or resistance, for added assurance that your connections are secure.

If either one of the connectors appears corroded or otherwise damaged, Removing the Battery and cleaning them with a Steel Wool pad will remove any corrosion and allow for proper connection of the new battery. Additionally, make sure power is off while making these terminal connections, and unplug any batteries that have been previously installed in your system prior to installation of this new one.

Reattach the cover of the main panel

Once the battery is installed, you need to reinstall the cover of the main panel. Start by ensuring that all wires and connectors are properly secured and that none of them are pinched by the cover. Once everything is secure, reattach the battery cover and secure it with screws.

Test all zones in your alarm system with Tools Unplug to verify that they respond correctly. If they appear to be malfunctioning, you might have incorrectly wired some of the connections or left something loose inside the panel box. Make sure to double-check everything before attempting to troubleshoot further.

After testing your system, reset all zones in your alarm system back to their default settings, including door or window contacts and motion detectors as necessary. You can now turn on power for your alarm system using its control panel and allow it to run for 24 hours without interruption so its performance can be monitored closely with Tools Unplug before you activate it for daily use.

Testing the New Battery

After replacing the battery of your ADT Alarm System, it’s essential to test the new battery. Testing the new battery is essential for your system to work properly and for your family to stay safe. Testing the battery ensures that your system is powered and ready for operation. In this article, we’ll provide you with the steps for testing the new battery for your ADT Alarm System.

Turn the power back on

After you have finished installing the new battery into your ADT alarm system, it’s time to restore power to the device in order for it to function correctly. To do this, turn off main power source to the alarm system by flipping the wall-mounted switch that controls electricity going through the unit. Once you do this, you will then need to turn main power source back on by flipping that same wall-mounted switch back into its original position. At this point, your alarm system will begin restarting as normal, and you should now be able to test its functionality with a successful reboot.

Test the system to make sure it’s working

Once the new ADT battery is installed, it’s important to test the alarm system and make sure it’s working properly. Testing ensures all components of the alarm system are functioning correctly and that the battery has been replaced without issue.

To test your system, follow these steps:
1) Disarm the system.
2) Check each zone to ensure that its status is “Inactive” on your keypad
3) Manually trigger each protected area or sensor by opening or closing each doorway or window to which it is connected.
4) If a zone triggers an alarm, check your keypad to make sure that zone turns “Active.”
5) After testing every protected area and sensor, arm the system again
6) Wait for two minutes, then disarm the system again. This will complete a full cycle and make sure your ADT alarm system is working properly with its new battery.

Check the battery level regularly

It’s important to check the battery level of your ADT alarm system regularly to ensure optimal security. The lifespan of a battery for an ADT system can range from two to five years, depending on your model and usage. Testing your battery is easy, but it should be done with care as improperly connecting or disconnecting the battery can affect the functionality of the alarm system.

ADT recommends that you check the alarm system’s battery level at least once a quarter or when you hear ‘chirping’ sounds coming from the control unit. The chirping sound indicates that power is low and needs to be replaced or recharged. Additionally, you should test your system with an independent testing company twice per year to make sure that it is in good condition.

To make sure you’re getting accurate readings, it’s important to test your ADT alarm system’s battery following these steps:
-Turn off power for about 10 seconds using the breaker switch label
-Open door of control panel and slide out main circuit board
-Flip circuit board over so you can see the wiring plug
-Unscrew red positive terminal from terminal strip
-Inspect red terminal for corrosion or build up
-Hold onto screwdriver/probe and connect plugs together
-Reconnect plugs and flip circuit back over
-Power up switch after all panels are back in place
-After 270s flashes change/replace batteries

How to Change the Battery for Your ADT Alarm SystemCheckout this video:

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