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How to Change the Battery in Your Keyless Door Lock

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Batteries die, it’s a fact of life. Learn how to change the battery in your keyless door lock so you’re not left stranded outside your home.

Gather Materials

Before beginning the process of changing the battery in your keyless door lock, it is important to gather the right materials. The most important items you will need are a standard Phillips screwdriver, the new battery, and a pair of needle nose pliers. It is also a good idea to have a flashlight handy in case the area is dimly lit. Let’s get started!

Obtain a new battery

To start, you will need to obtain a new battery that is compatible with your specific keyless door lock. Pay attention to the size and type of battery your door lock requires; this information is usually included in the installation manual. Some common batteries used in keyless locks include CR123A and CR2032 Lithium batteries. These are available at most hardware stores, electronic stores or online. Make sure that you buy enough to have a spare; this makes it easy to change the batteries more quickly next time.

Gather any necessary tools

Before beginning the process of replacing the battery in your keyless door lock, it is important to have all of the necessary tools and materials nearby. Depending on the type of lock you own, you may need tools that are specific to your model. Check the manufacturer’s website for a list of any recommended tools for maintenance. Some common items you might need include a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver, as well as a pair of tweezers and small pliers. Additionally, any torque or tensioning devices or specialized drivers necessary to access portions of the keyless door lock should be gathered prior to starting this task.

Prepare the Lock

Changing the battery in your keyless door lock is a relatively simple process that requires minimal tools. Before you begin, it is important that you first prepare the lock . Begin by powering down the lock and remove all the screws that hold the exterior panel of the lock. Then, carefully remove any additional screws found on the electronics portion of the lock. After the screws and panels are removed, take out the battery and set it aside. You are now ready to proceed with the next steps to change the battery.

Remove the lock from the door

In order to change the battery in your keyless door lock, you will need to first remove the lock from the door. This step may vary slightly based on your specific model of lock; nonetheless, all locks essentially have the same components and it should be relatively easy for any inexperienced DIYer. In most cases, simply removing a few screws from either side of the door frame with a screwdriver should allow you to remove the lock from the frame. Once it has been removed, set it aside on a secure surface and begin looking for a metal panel on one side of the lock – this is usually secured in place by small screws that can be undone with a flat head screwdriver. Afterward, opening up this panel should reveal your old battery, as well as an indication of which type of battery you will need to replace it.

Unscrew the cover

Once the battery cover has been removed, the screws that secure the faceplate to the mounting plate will be visible. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, carefully unscrew each of these one at a time until they are all removed. Make note of where each screw was placed so that they can be correctly reattached when re-installing the faceplate. Now, pull gently on the faceplate to remove it from its mounting plate and reveal the internal lockset and battery compartment.

Remove the old battery

Begin by removing the dead battery from the lock. There should be a removal screw located near the bottom of the lock face. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw and locate it in a safe place for future use. When the screw is removed, lift up on the keypad to access the interior of the lock and remove any additional screws that may be securing the battery compartment.

Once all of the screws are removed, be sure to loosen any plastic clips that might hold it in place as well. Carefully slide out either side of your keypad until you can access and remove your old battery from its compartment. If your batteries appear swollen or damaged, take them to a safe disposal center or recycle bin instead of discarding them in a traditional trash receptacle.

Install the New Battery

To change the battery in your keyless door lock, you need to start by taking the cover off of the back of the lock. Once the cover is removed, you’ll need to locate the battery compartment. With the battery compartment exposed, you can now begin the process of installing the new battery. Keep reading to find out all the steps you need to take to replace the battery in your keyless door lock.

Insert the new battery

Before inserting the new battery, make sure that it is the correct type for your device. You may also want to handle it with care as some batteries can be easily damaged. Once you’ve identified the battery type and verified that it is compatible with your keyless door lock, proceed with insertion.

To insert the new battery remove any cover from your device or use a small screwdriver to open any access slots. Carefully locate and collect all loose components such as screws and keep them aside for later use. Withdraw any existing batteries and replace them with the new ones, watching out for positive and negative signs on each terminal of the battery.

If this is a dual power source door lock, then check that you have both primary and secondary batteries inserted in their right slots. Once all batteries are inserted properly, return all loose components in their specified slots such as switches, caps and screws according to instructions provided in manual by manufacturers or contact professional help if necessary. Recheck all connections twice before testing the keyless entry system to be sure they are securely installed.

Secure the cover

Once the old battery is removed and properly discarded, it is time to install the new one. Turn the new battery over and slide its metal contacts into the corresponding slots in the keyless door lock. Push down on the new battery until you hear a click. This sound indicates that the contacts have made a good connection to the device.

After sliding in the new battery, secure its cover to keep it from coming loose or disconnecting from its electrical contacts. Some covers include a locking screw for added security; if yours does, use a small screwdriver (if necessary) to tighten it firmly into place. That’s all there is to it! Your keyless door lock is now ready to be tested and used with fresh power.

Test the Lock

Testing the lock before you start to replace the battery is a great idea. This will give you an indication of whether your battery is the cause of the issue. To do this, take the keypad off the door and press the keyless entry button. If the LED light is lit, then the battery is not the cause of the issue. However, if the LED light is not lit, then the battery might be drained and it’s time to replace it.

Reattach the lock to the door

Once the battery is changed, the lock needs to be reattached to the door. Most keyless entry locks simply snap into place and can be attached with a simple screw and nut arrangement. Make sure that the screws are tight enough to ensure that the lock won’t accidentally separate from the door. Larger locks might require more substantial hardware, such as screws and bolts, or concrete anchors and screws if going through masonry. Check the instructions provided with your lock for exact details on how it should be mounted.

Once mounted, use a screwdriver to tighten all screws securing it in place until firmly secured. Take extra care when connecting wires to batteries in order to avoid any chance of electric shock and ensure safety. Once complete, use a screwdriver again to test if your new keyless entry works by turning and pushing down on each lever/knob in turn before closing up the lock casing securely with no exposed wires or loose parts inside.

Test the lock with the key fob

Once you have installed the new battery, it is important to make sure it is working properly. To do this, use the key fob to test your lock. Start by standing close to the lock and pressing the unlock button on your keychain. This should cause the handle on your door to disengage, meaning you can open it easily. Be sure to stand close enough so that the signal from your keychain is picked up by the lock’s receiver. If this doesn’t work, try removing and re-inserting the battery in case there was a loose connection when you were putting it in. If that still doesn’t work, try moving further away from the door before trying again – sometimes a distance of more than 10 feet will do the job!


Sometimes your keyless door lock may need to be changed. The first step in troubleshooting is to check the batteries. If they are weak or dead, it may be necessary to change them. In this section, we will discuss the steps involved in changing the batteries in your keyless door lock.

Check the battery connection

If you’re having trouble unlocking your door with your keyless entry system, the first thing you should check is the battery connection. The most common problem with keyless entry systems is a bad connection in the battery compartment. Here’s how to fix it:

1. Remove keys and other objects from the battery compartment.
2. Check the connections between the wires and battery terminals to make sure they are secure and not corroded or broken.
3. If necessary, use a flathead screwdriver or small needle-nose pliers to push any connections together tightly to ensure a good connection.
4. Check for any frayed wires and replace them if needed or reconnect them securely as described above.
5. Replace batteries if necessary, ensuring that each terminal is properly connected as described above beforehand for secure contact with the new batteries once installed.
6. Replace keys and other objects removed from the compartment before reinstalling the access panel to secure it securely again before testing your lock system again to see if it works properly now that you’ve changed out (or secured) any faulty connections in your lock’s electronic components or replaced any dead batteries that may have caused it not to work in the first place!

Check the key fob connection

The first step in troubleshooting your keyless door lock is to check the connection between the key fob and the lock. If there is an issue with the connection, then it will prevent your key fob from being able to communicate properly with the lock. Make sure that all of your batteries are working properly and that you have inserted them into the right spot. If not, replace them with fresh batteries and try again.
If you have changed your batteries and still find that the connection between your key fob and lock is not working properly, you may need to look into whether or not there is any damage to either device. This could include anything from a broken wire in the system or any physical damage to either piece of equipment. In this case, it would be best to consult a professional-such as a locksmith-to take care of any necessary repairs or replacements.

Replace the battery again if necessary

If you have replaced the battery and the door still won’t lock or unlock, try replacing the battery again. Check that the terminals are fully connected to the new battery. Oftentimes, an intermittent connection can prevent your device from working properly.

If necessary, you may need to completely dismantle the lock, carefully identifying each piece of hardware and making sure it is reconnected to its original location before reassembling. If after replacing and reinstalling, your door still does not work, it is possible that another connection or part of your device needs attention. At this stage you may need to contact a qualified locksmith or professional repair technician for assistance.

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