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How to Change the Battery in Your Ness KPX Alarm System

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A step-by-step guide on how to change the battery in your Ness KPX alarm system .

Safety Considerations

Before attempting to change the battery in your Ness KPX alarm system Before you begin working on your system backup, there are some important safety considerations you should take. It is best to unplug any power from the system before you start. Additionally, make sure to wear safety goggles when handling the battery to avoid any possible debris from getting in your eyes. Give yourself adequate workspace so you can have all the parts laid out in front of you for an efficient system backup.

Unplug the power supply

Before unplugging the power supply from your Ness KPX alarm system, it is important to make sure that all components connected to it are turned off. This includes the main control panel and each detector or sensor. After ensuring that all connections have been securely shut down, unplug the power cord from both electrical outlets. Then you must Locate the Reset To remove the full system ‘s backup battery, simply press the button on the back of your main panel and unscrew it before carefully pulling it out. It’s a good idea to have a small container or box to store these items in case they need to be reconnected later on, such as when replacing your Wired alarm systems’ power supply and backup battery. Make sure they are both disconnected and that you have performed a system test before proceeding with any work.

Disarm the alarm system

To begin your battery replacement process for your Wireless alarm, it is important to turn off the power and secure the Ness KPX system. Disarm the system by exiting out of arming mode (if necessary) and then listen for any chirps or beeps that could indicate low battery levels. Ensure the LCD display is off before beginning the battery replacement process. You may also need to remove any active keys or cards so that they do not interfere with security takeover signals or faulty power levels. It is very important to properly deactivate/disarm your Wireless alarm before opening it up, as moving parts may contain high voltage elements or dangerous circuitry when in use.

Wear protective eyewear

When changing the battery in your Ness KPX Alarm System, it is essential to wear protective eyewear. During this process, a large spark may be emitted and dense smoke may fill the area. To prevent injury and protect against flying, hazardous materials, make sure to wear safety glasses before beginning work.
If the battery is significantly hot, then allow it time to cool off before attempting to remove or replace it. Make sure you have proper protective gear such as a face mask if needed for further protection during this process. Additionally, always check for any frayed or loose wires which could pose as a fire hazard risk before and after replacing the battery in your Ness KPX Alarm System and ensure that the alarm code remains unchanged.

Removing the Existing Battery

Changing the battery in your Ness KPX alarm system is relatively straightforward. Before we get started, make sure you switch off and then unplug the alarm from the mains power supply. Once that’s done, the next step is to remove the existing battery. The battery compartment is usually located on the back of the alarm, so your first task is to locate it.

Remove the cover of the alarm panel

To access the battery inside your Ness KPX Alarm system, you need to Enter the programming by removing the cover. The alarm panel will either have two screws at the top, or tabs located along each side that need to be pushed in. If there are screws holding it in place, use a screwdriver to loosen them before carefully taking off the cover of the alarm panel. Be aware that some of these panels are fragile and made of plastic, so don’t force them open too quickly. Once the cover is removed, you can access the battery inside.

Locate the battery compartment

If you need to replace the existing battery in your Ness KPX Alarm System, here is how to do it.

First, locate the System Components’ battery compartment. The battery compartment can be found by opening the small control panel door. It is usually located towards the top-right of the alarm system and is marked with a pictogram of a battery. You may have to remove some screws or twist a latch before being able to open the door and access the System Components’ battery compartment, which may also contain Window sensors.

Once you have located and opened up the battery compartment, check that all wiring connections are secure before removing any existing batteries. If they are not secured properly, it could cause damage to the alarm system if left unchecked or tried with an incomplete connection. Once you have checked all connections, proceed to disconnect any existing batteries from their cables before removing them from their slots in the System Components’ board, which may also contain Window sensors.

Unscrew the battery compartment

To begin, locate the 6-volt, 3.2 Ah sealed lead-acid battery that powers your Ness KPX alarm system. This is located at the bottom of the main control panel for your system. To access the battery, gently slide out the plastic tray underneath the panel by gripping it and pulling to un-latch it. There is a battery compartment housed in this tray which needs to be removed to access and replace the battery.

Using a small Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the four screws that hold down this compartment lid. Once all these screws are loosened, you can remove the lid and gain access to your alarm system’s existing 6-volt battery. Gently lift out this old battery and dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner and make sure not to let any corrosive liquids come into contact with your skin during or after disposal.

Installing the New Battery

Changing the battery in your Ness KPX Wired alarm system is a relatively straightforward process. The first step is to identify the correct type of battery for your system. After that it is time to install the new battery. This section will cover all the steps required to install the new battery and get your Wired alarm up and running again.

Place the new battery in the compartment

Once you have disconnected the old battery from your Ness KPX Alarm System, find the battery compartment at the back of the alarm. Take the new 9V battery and place it in the compartment, making sure you have it right way round so that it is connected correctly.

Check that all of the terminals are connected securely and make sure that none of them have come loose or separated from their connections. If they appear slightly loose, use a small flat-headed screwdriver to secure each one back into place. Finally, plug in your new battery to complete installation.

Screw the battery compartment back in place

Once the new battery is installed, the next step is to screw the battery compartment back in place. Place the cover over the compartment and use a small Phillips screwdriver to affix it. Make sure that all four screws are fitted tightly and secure.Once the screws are tightened, press down firmly to ensure that everything is snug and properly closed. If it’s not closed securely, your alarm system won’t receive power and won’t be able to function correctly.
Finally, test the new battery by pressing any button on your Ness KPX Alarm System keypad or remote control unit. The LCD screen should light up if the installation has been successful. Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed your Ness KPX Alarm System’s battery and kept your home secure for another few years!

Replace the cover of the alarm panel

Once the new battery is installed and secure, it’s time to put everything back together. Replace the cover of the alarm panel and make sure it is firmly clicked in place. Before replacing the panel screws, test the power-up of your Ness KPX Alarm System. Connect the wires to the control board terminal block screw terminals and make sure you hold down on each wire so that it remains secure when tightening down on the screw terminals. Plug in your new battery and switch on power at mains or switch to “Back Up” position if you are using a Battery powered only system. Once electricity is restored, check that all alarm sounders register correctly as previously programmed.

When complete, replace the four panel screws ensuring each one is tight to ensure a secure cover – some screws may require a Philips head screwdriver to do this step correctly. Enter your code into your Ness KPX Alarm System keypad or turn on by pressing the “Set” button on your Ness remote if so programmed. Your Ness KPX Alarm System should reset itself with its new backup battery powering up automatically – wait for approximately 20 seconds before entering in any codes into your system or performing any tests relating to programming changes as some systems may require additional time for rebooting before activating all sensors connected to it after replacing a back-up power supply has been installed or replaced.

Testing the New Battery

Changing the system backup battery in your Ness KPX Alarm System is a relatively straightforward process for the alarm system user. Once you have the new battery installed, it is important to test the system to ensure the new battery is working properly. This section will go over how to test the new battery in your Ness KPX Alarm System for the alarm system user.

Plug the power supply back in

Now that you have confirmed that the new battery is working properly, you can plug the power supply back in to complete the installation. Ensure that the power supply is securely plugged into a wall outlet, then connect it to the Ness KPX alarm board. You should hear a faint “click” sound when you insert it firmly into place.

Once connected, the Ness KPX alarm system will begin receiving power from both its internal battery and from the main AC supply. Confirm that your alarm is functioning correctly by checking for a green LED light on the control panel or through your smartphone app (if applicable). This indicates that your new battery is successfully powering your system and all components are working as they should be.

Arm the alarm system

Before you change the battery in your Ness KPX Alarm System, it is important to arm the system. To do this, first enter your code into the keypad. Once you have entered the code and the keypad has changed color, press and hold a number then press the “Arm” button. The keypad should then flash green and chirp three times to indicate that your alarm system is now armed.

When you are changing the battery, it is important to be prepared for any emergency situation that may arise. Before making any changes, ensure that all doors leading outside are closed and locked, so that anyone attempting to access your home will set off the alarm system. You should also ensure that other family members in or outside of your home are aware of what you are doing so they know not to set off the alarm system by entering or leaving while the battery is being changed.

Test the alarm system

After you have replaced the battery, it is important to test the alarm system to make sure it works correctly. To do this, activate the alarm by entering your passcode and then deactivate it using the same code. You will hear a beep, followed by a green light appearing to indicate that the alarm has been deactivated. If this doesn’t happen when you use the code, try pressing down and holding the reset button for 20 seconds. After releasing it, enter your passcode again while holding down the center button until you hear a single beep and notice that one of the LEDs at either end of the keypad lights up amber. This indicates that your system has been reset.

Next, test each of your sensors individually to see if they are communicating with your wireless control panel as intended. All of your sensors should activate very quickly in response to activating its respective trigger or siren. Once all of your sensors have tested successfully, check your manual for further troubleshooting steps if needed before completing installation of the new battery in Ness KPX alarm system.

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