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How to Change the Battery on a Schlage Keypad Door Lock

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If you have a Schlage keypad door lock, you may eventually need to change the battery. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.


Changing the battery on a Schlage Keypad door lock may seem like a difficult task at first, but with the right supplies and a little bit of patience, you should be able to get it done. Before you get started, make sure you have the right supplies, like a small Phillips screwdriver, a new 9V battery, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. It’s also important to know the make and model of your lock, as that will determine the steps you need to take. Once you’re prepared, you can start changing the battery.

Gather the necessary tools

Before you start, gather the tools and materials you’ll need to successfully replace the battery in your Schlage Keypad Door Lock. You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver, a new CR2032 lithium battery, and some cotton swabs. Having all of these items close at hand ahead of time will save you time and make this project proceed smoother.

It is recommended that you shut off power to the lock before beginning to replace the battery. This can be done by turning the breaker off or unplugging it from the wall outlet. This precaution will ensure that no electric shock occurs when removing or replacing the battery.

Once your tools and supplies are together, turn back on power to the lock if you had previously turned it off. Open up your keypad door lock by inserting your key into the lock cylinder and turning it counterclockwise until it stops. Now take out your Phillips-head screwdriver and unscrew both screws holding in place cover plate on top of the keypad. Remove cover plate using a gentle but firm motion; discarding any abrasive force to prevent damage to internal parts of keypad door lock.

Turn off the power to the lock

Before attempting to change the battery in your Schlage keypad door lock, it is important to make sure all power has been turned off to the lock.

To turn off the power, locate and unscrew the small cover plate located on the exterior of your door lock. Depending on your model, this cover plate may be held in place by a single screw or two small clips. Once you have removed the cover plate, you will be able to access a Phillips head screw that must also be loosened before unplugging the cord from its power source.

Once you have unscrewed the Phillips head screw, gently tug on the cord until it comes away from its connection with power. It is not necessary to unplug or disconnect any other cables at this time. The simple act of removing power ensures that your device will not undergo any unintentional or accidental damage during battery installation.

Removing the Lock

Removing the Schlage Keypad Door Lock is the first step in replacing the battery. You’ll need to locate the release tab located on the underside of the lock. This can often be tricky as the tab is usually hidden by the keypad itself. Once you locate the tab, you should use a flat-head screwdriver or a butter knife to gently push the tab in and release the lock from the door.

Remove the screws from the outside of the door

To access the inside of the door, you need to remove the screws that secure it to the outside of the door. You may find that some Schlage locks are secured with tamper-proof or one-way screws; these screws require special tools to remove them. If your screws turn but don’t loosen, you may need to use a special screwdriver bit or an impact driver with a drill bit in order to first loosen them before they come out. Otherwise, you can use an ordinary Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew them.
Once all of the outside screws have been removed, take off the case and locate the battery pack inside. The battery pack can usually be found at either side of the keypad faceplate and will be labeled “Battery Pack” or “Power Supply”. If any wires are attached, disconnect them carefully before removing it from its housing.

Remove the faceplate from the door

Removing the faceplate for a Schlage keypad door lock is typically a straightforward and simple process. The first step is to locate the two small Phillips head screws on the side of the keypad. Loosen these screws using a small Philips head screwdriver; you will need to hold the faceplate in place while loosening these screws as they may be recessed into the frame of the lock. Once loose, set aside these screws as they will be used while reinstalling.

After loosening both screws and removing them, carefully flip up the face plate cover and carefully pull it away from the frame of your door, exposing all of its components. Depending on your specific Schlage Keypad Lock Model, there may be additional screws holding components in place; if so, loosen any remaining screws before moving forward with battery replacement.

Disconnect the wires from the inside of the door

Before you begin changing the battery inside your Schlage keypad door lock, you must disconnect the wires from the back of the lock. To do this, use a flat head screwdriver or a hex wrench to remove the mounting screws from both sides of the case.

Once all of the mounting screws are removed, pull off the cover and then disconnect the wires. You will need to depress each wire connector with a small screwdriver and then pull away from it to disconnect it from its housing. There may also be some electrical tape on these connections, so make sure that you gently pull away any tape before attempting to disconnect them.

After you have disconnected all of the wires from inside of your lock, push them through their respective openings until they come out through the other side. Once all of the wires are pushed through their openings, replace any electrical tape that was used before reconnecting them when reassembling your lock later on in this process.

Replacing the Battery

Replacing the battery in a Schlage keypad door lock can be a straightforward process. Before beginning, it is important to remember that the deadbolt must be in the unlocked position before removing the battery as this will help prevent any damage to the mechanism. In this section, we will discuss the steps necessary to replace the battery in a Schlage keypad door lock.

Remove the old battery

Removing the old battery is the first step to replacing the battery on a Schlage Keypad Door Lock. After unlocking the door, you’ll need to locate the Back-up Battery Cover located above or below the keypad. Remove this cover by pressing and rotating it counterclockwise.

Once you have removed the panel, carefully pull out the depleted battery from its cradle and note its orientation. Make sure that you clean up any dust that might be clinging to your work surface in order to ensure a secure fit for your new battery. Place a fresh battery into its cradle (with correct orientation) and secure it firmly in place. Replace panel and screen, making sure they are securely fastened — remember, these small screws contain powerful magnets! If necessary, use a screwdriver or other tool to firmly tighten them up.

Insert the new battery

When replacing the battery on your Schlage keypad door lock, you will need an appropriate sized CR123A battery or two AAA batteries. If using two AAA batteries, you may need to remove the plastic spacer in the battery compartment that would normally be used with a CR123A battery.

To begin, open the front of your Schlage keypad door lock and locate the removable battery holder. Then insert the new battery into the holder, being sure to match positive and negative terminals properly. The secure the holder back in place and then reattach the cover for your Schlage keypad door lock. Once fully assembled, power up your device by entering a valid code into your lock’s keypad or simply turn the thumbturn from inside to ensure proper functioning. It is essential that you follow all directions carefully when replacing any type ofdoor lockset battery in order to ensure an optimal functioning unit.

Reinstalling the Lock

Once you’ve made sure the new battery for your Schlage keypad door lock is in place and functioning, the next step is to reinstall the lock. It’s important to follow the installation instructions closely to make sure the lock is secure and operational. This article will discuss what’s involved in reinstalling the lock and provide step-by-step instructions.

Reconnect the wires

Once the keypad door lock has been successfully taken off and placed to the side, there will be exposed screws and wires. Carefully inspect the wires for any signs of damage and if none are found, gently reconnect them back onto the lock unit. To do so, make sure that all of the colored ones match with their corresponding leads on each side. The non-colored wire should have one end hooked up to the smaller lead at the back of the unit while the other should be connected to a small screw provided with your kit. Once this has been done, use a screwdriver or small wrench to tightly secure all screws in place before replacing your new battery into its designated slot. Finally, close up your keypad door lock using either screws or tape – whichever is more applicable. If done correctly, you should now have a working keypad door lock that can be used safely once again!

Reattach the faceplate

To reattach the faceplate, fit the right side of the faceplate into the latch and slide it to the left until it is secured fully in place. Make sure that the two small ridges on the faceplate are correctly lined up with indentations in the latch and aligned so that they rest in those positions. After you have secured the faceplate, restart your Schlage Keypad Door Lock. Insert your code and test to make sure that you have completed this task successfully by repeating all of your steps while making sure that everything works properly before confirming a successful installation.

Replace the screws

Now that the lock is successfully reinstalled, it’s time to secure it with screws. Replace the screws to their original positions, making sure not to overtighten them as this could cause the lock to malfunction. Use a screwdriver to secure all four screws firmly in place. These screws will hold the lock in place and ensure that no one can tamper with it or force it open. Once you’ve made sure all four screws are tight, test the keypad by entering your code – if successful, your Schlage Keypad Door Lock is now safely secured in place!

Testing the Lock

Once your battery has been replaced, it is important to test the lock to make sure it is working correctly. Before testing the lock, it is important to make sure that the new battery is correctly installed and that all connections are secure. Then, you can use your key to enter the door code and test if the lock is working correctly. If it is, this indicates that all of the components are working together and the new battery has been installed correctly.

Turn on the power to the lock

Before attempting to change the battery on a Schlage Keypad Door Lock, you will need to ensure that you turn on the power to the lock. Depending on your type of door lock, there may be different steps to take before turning the power on.

If your model uses batteries, then you can use a flat-head screwdriver to open the compartment and insert the correct type of batteries. The size of the batteries should be listed in either the installation instructions, or user manual that came with your Schlage Keypad Door Lock. After inserting, close up the compartment and make sure it is properly secured.

If your model uses electricity from an outlet, then take off any plastic plates from around it. Look for connections and determine if there is an existing ground wire (green or bare copper). If so, look for a hole that’s labeled “G” which is where you should stick it in. Otherwise attach ground wire yourself by attaching it securely with screws received with hardware or by twisting into place but not too tight as this can strip and ruin metal parts. Finally connect red and black wires together as necessary according to either manufacturer’s instructions or homeowner’s diagram inside breaker box – Vo-ila! Power is restored and now you can proceed with changing battery(ies).

Test the lock with the new battery

Once the battery has been replaced, it’s important to test the lock to ensure it is working correctly. To do this, press any of the letter keys on the keypad until a red LED light appears and then press and release the “Schlage” logo. If you hear a low chime and the LED turns green, congrats! The lock is operational and should respond as normal with valid codes. If you hear three beeps instead of a chime and no LED appears, check that all of the connections were properly reattached when replacing the battery. If all else fails, try disconnecting and reconnecting the power source to reset it.

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