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How to Change the Date and Time on a Paradox Alarm System

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If you have a Paradox alarm system , you may need to change the date and time occasionally. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.


Are you having trouble Access the programming the date and time on your Paradox Alarm System? Knowing how to properly set the clock is essential for making sure everything runs smoothly with accurate information. Access the programming can be done using either a keypad, LCD display, or even remotely through an app. This guide will provide instructions for all types of Paradox Alarm System models and show you how to Access the programming the date and time easily.

Understanding why it’s so important to Access the programming accurately is essential in order to maximize its efficiency. The Paradox Alarm System uses time-stamped log events to accurately monitor when each alarm was triggered, allowing you a better understanding of when security breaches occurred, or what triggered them. Setting up time is also important for scheduling functions such as activating lights at a specific hour or arming/disarming particular zones at certain times – this can make your security system more effective in keeping out intruders while making life safer during an emergency situation.

Gather the Necessary Materials

Changing the date and time on a Paradox alarm system is an easy task, but it does require a few materials. Before you can begin, you will need to have a Paradox alarm system and the associated keypad. You will also need the user manual or installation guide, which provides the necessary codes and instructions needed to make the changes. Once you have gathered all the materials, you can begin the process of changing the date and time on your Paradox alarm system.

Obtain the User Manual

In order to successfully change the date and time on a Paradox alarm system, the user must first Access the Time by obtaining the appropriate user manual. The user manual contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to program the alarm system, as well as important alarm codes that are necessary in order to access the programming menu. Additionally, it includes troubleshooting instructions if any issues arise while attempting to Access the Time.

The user manual can be found either online or via a physical copy. Many companies provide an online copy available for download from their website; however, if this is not versatile enough for your needs, a physical copy can also be ordered from many technical support centers. It is important that the appropriate version of the user manual is obtained so that it corresponds with your Paradox alarm’s operating system and programming harnesses in order to Access the Time successfully.

Gather the Required Tools

Before attempting to change the date and time on a Paradox alarm system, it is important to have all the required tools in place. At a minimum, you should have the following items:

-Philips-head screwdriver
-Flat-head screwdriver
-Paradox programming manual
-Computer or laptop with Internet access (if connecting Paradox to an IP150)
-Cat5/6 Ethernet cable (if connecting Paradox to an IP150)
Additional items may be necessary, depending on the type of system being used. Refer to your Paradox programming manual for specific instructions. Once all the necessary tools are gathered, it is time to prepare for programming your Paradox alarm system.

Resetting the Date and Time

Resetting the date and time on a Paradox Alarm System is a simple process that can be done manually. In this article, we will cover the steps you need to take to reset the date and time on your Paradox Alarm System. This will ensure the correct time and date are displayed and your system is functioning properly.

Access the System Menu

To reset the date and time on your Paradox alarm system, you need to go into the System Menu. To access the System Menu, press the and # together on your keypad. You will be prompted to enter a four-digit Master Code. This code can be set by your system’s installer or changed at any time in the configuration menu. Enter your Master Code correctly and press # again to access the System Menu.

Once you have accessed the System Menu, navigate to date/time settings with either arrow keys or programming keys on your keypad. Once at this menu, you should see an option to select the current date and time followed by a number of settings for adjusting them as needed. Change your settings accordingly using buttons such as DATE+, MONTH+, YEAR+ etc., until it is set to the desired values for year, month, day, hour and minute fields. Finally, once all changes are complete press and # buttons together to exit from Date/Time Settings mode. Your Paradox alarm system date / time is now correctly adjusted!

Change the Date and Time

Resetting the date and time on a Paradox Alarm System is an important step in keeping it in proper working order. Activating the System is necessary when power has been lost to it and when required maintenance needs to be conducted. Taking the time to reset it properly will save time and money when troubleshooting later.

The following steps should be followed to properly Activate the System

1. Enter programming mode by pressing [*][2][8][#]. You should see Program 0705 displayed on your keypad.
2. Enter the desired specific date by pressing [*][0]. The first two digits are used to enter the year, such as 20 for 2020, then press [#]. The next two digits are used for entering the month, such as 02 for February, then press [#]. Finally enter two digits for day of the month, such as 01 for 1st of that month, and press [#] again.
3. Change and enter the desired specific time by pressing [*][1], which adds one minute per entry at a maximum of 23:59 (11:59 p.m.). To minimize any programming errors it is recommended to set your time manually with a Backup Battery if you need accuracy beyond one minute increments or exceed 23:59 (11:59 p.m.)
4. Exit programming mode by pressing [*]then 9[#]. This will take you back to standby mode where you can no longer make changes with your keypad without Activating the System again and entering programming mode.

Check the Date and Time Settings

To check the current settings, access the programming display. Check the Battery Confirm that the current date and time appear at the upper right corner of the display. If not, it can be selected by pressing the “Date/Time” button. Note that all times are in 24-hour format, also known as military time. If any changes are needed to the Alarm Clock settings once you confirm your current settings, use the “+” and “-” keys to make adjustments to the hour and minutes fields. Once completed, press the “enter” key to accept those changes and move on to adjusting dates as needed with either arrow keys or “+” and “-“. When finished making all necessary changes, press “esc” and then save all changes before exiting programming mode by pressing 99 on the keypad.


In order to change the date and time of your Paradox alarm system, you need to enter the programming mode. Once you are in programming mode, you can easily make changes to date and time as well as other settings. It is important that you double-check all entries before exiting the programming mode – incorrect dates or times will cause your alarm system to function incorrectly.

When properly configured, your Paradox alarm system will maintain an accurate date and time, providing reliable service and protection for your home or work environment. Maintaining up-to-date settings is an essential part of staying secure and secure with a modern alarm system.

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