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How to Change the Passcode on Your Schlage Door Lock

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It’s important to change the passcode on your Schlage door lock regularly to ensure the security of your home. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to do it.

Gather Necessary Materials

Before you can change the passcode on your Schlage door lock, you will need to gather some necessary materials. These materials will include a Phillips head screwdriver and a new code that you will enter into the keypad. You may also need a ladder if the lock is mounted high up on the door. Once you have gathered the materials, you’re ready to start the process of changing the passcode.

Make sure you have the correct type of batteries

When changing the passcode on your Schlage Door Lock, the most important thing is to make sure you have the correct type of batteries. These locks run on four AA batteries, and it is best to have fresh batteries in order to make sure that your lock does not malfunction. Before you attempt to change the passcode, double check that you have four new AA batteries that are all incorporated in the same directions (you want all of them facing the same way). This will help ensure that your passcode change is successful and that there will be no problems with any future attempts at unlocking your door lock.

Have a flat head screwdriver

Gather the materials you need to change the Schlage door lock passcode. This includes a flat head screwdriver and the existing Schlage door lock internal programming key – sometimes referred to as a “Can Key”. The Internal Programming Key for your specific Schlage Electronic Lock is purchased separately from the Lock. It should have come with instructions on how to program it, but if not you can find instructions online.

Have the new passcode ready

Before beginning the process of changing the passcode on your Schlage door lock, it’s important to have a new passcode chosen and ready. It is recommended that your new passcode be at least six digits in length to provide an effective level of security. Make sure you remember this passcode as it does not come with paper instructions for resetting the lock in case you forget it.

Once you’ve chosen the new passcode, prepare to write it down somewhere safe and secure in order to help avoid confusion later. If the Schlage door lock is installed on an exterior or entryway door, please also ensure that there are other means of unlocking the door that do not rely on a key or passcode should anyone need entry into the home or business.

Open the Door Lock

Changing the passcode on your Schlage door lock is a simple process that can help ensure the security of your home. To begin, locate your Schlage door lock and open the door lock. Be sure to have the original code or master access code with you as you will need it to gain access to reset the lock’s passcode.

Insert the flat head screwdriver into the hole on the bottom of the door lock

Once a flat head screwdriver is inserted into the hole on the bottom of Schlage door locks, you will be able to open up the back of the lock and view a serial number. The serial number indicates what type of lockset you have, whether or not it’s standard, camelot or limited edition. As each lock utilizes different techniques for resetting its passcode, understanding your type of lockset is essential before attempting to change the code.

The next step involves locating a small button marked Reset located inside the keypad housing. Most Schlage door locks feature two buttons; one for changing codes and another for erasing all codes from memory, similar to that seen on older models such as BE365 and BE467. To reset your code, press and hold this button for 10 seconds until all indicator lights flash twice. After releasing, enter a new four-digit passcode that can be remembered easily and press Enter (which is usually located in side or top right). You might have heard audible clicks as you’ve typed in each digit – this sound indicates that it has been registered correctly.

This procedure should be long enough to reset your Schlage door lock with no problems encountered alongside your newly programmed passcode being ready for use!For upgraded models (BE468 & BE469) such as auto-lock options, please refer to their instruction manual on how to reset/change their codes accordingly along with any additional features found within them respectively.

Turn the screwdriver until the door lock pops open

Once you have located the keypad, you will need to turn a small screwdriver, found inside the door lock mechanism, until the latch assembly pops open. This small screwdriver is typically held in place by a pin on the back of the door lock. Carefully remove this small screwdriver and turn it clockwise until it protrudes out of the hole in the latch assembly. This should cause the entire door lock housing to lift up slightly. Be sure to apply firm and steady pressure while doing so; twisting or jerking too much could damage your Schlage lock.

Once you have opened up your door lock housing, you can access both its screws and its circuitry. There is a recessed switch at one side of the screw that controls whether your Schlage is locked or unlocked, depending on which direction it is turned. By turning this switch in either direction, you can choose whether your Schlage will be locked or unlocked when not in use.

On the other side of this same recessed switch is an LED light that lets you know if your Schlage is currently locked or unlocked. Additionally, located under this LED light will be two small plugs; these are used to reset your passcode if ever needed in the future. To do so, unplug both plugs and wait for them to start blinking before plugging them both back into place at once – this indicates that your new passcode has been accepted and applied!

Change the Passcode

Changing the passcode on your Schlage door lock can be done in a few quick and easy steps. It is important to keep your passcode secure and up to date. Luckily, changing your passcode does not require any tools or extra equipment- just a few simple steps that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Let’s take a closer look at how to change the passcode on your Schlage door lock.

Remove the battery cover

To begin the process of changing your Schlage door lock passcode, you’ll need to remove the battery cover from the side of the device. This can be done by locating and pressing down on the small indentation at the bottom of the cover.

Once a sufficient amount of pressure has been applied, slide the cover off of its casing and away from the device. You may want to use caution when removing this piece since it is made of light plastic and could break if not handled carefully.

Once removed, you should be able to access the interior batteries where you will find a small area containing four buttons – two in each row. This is where you will input your preferred new passcode, which must be between four and eight digits in length.

Before replacing your battery cover, take a moment to make sure that all components have been re-installed properly and securely – with no risk of rattling or being easily removed by an unauthorized person. Test out your new passcode before securing it back in place for maximum security!

Remove the batteries

If you have a Schlage door lock, you may want to change the passcode to protect your home from unwanted visitors. The first step in this process is to remove the batteries from your lock. This will temporarily disable it so that no one can gain access through the passcode while you are changing it. To begin, locate the battery compartment in your door lock and press firmly on the top of the cover. Then, remove all of the batteries, being careful not to misplace them as you go. After all batteries have been removed and set aside safely, proceed with updating your passcode.

Insert the new batteries

To successfully change the passcode of your Schlage door lock, you must first insert two cold new AA batteries. Make sure that the individual digits of the battery are aligned properly. Remove the back cover from the door lock by sliding it upwards, then pull up on both batteries individually and make sure to keep them out of reach from children. Discard the old batteries in a safe and responsible manner. Once you have installed both batteries, re-assemble the Schlage door lock and replace the back cover to its original position. Ensure that it is locked tightly in order for your new code to take effect.

Enter the new passcode

Once the Passcode programming mode has been entered, the user can enter the new passcode. All users should practice entering the new passcode several times to ensure that it has been memorized correctly. Before programming a new passcode, any existing touch codes must be removed. To do this, press and hold the Schlage button for two seconds until you hear two tones and a confirmation indicator on the keypad will flash three times. The touch pad is now set to accept a new user code.

The user should now enter their desired four- to eight-digit passcode by pressing each digit of the code in sequence until all digits have been entered. Once all digits have been entered, press and release the Schlage button again to save your code and activate it immediately. It’s important to ensure that you remember your code as there is no way to retrieve forgotten passcodes without resetting the lock back to factory settings.

Confirm the new passcode

Once you have chosen a new passcode for your Schlage door lock, you will need to confirm the code. This is done by pressing the lock button and turning the knob simultaneously. Once complete, a green light will flash if the new passcode has been accepted. There should now be an audible beep when you enter in the correct code. If there is not an audible beep after confirmation, it means that your passcode may not have been accepted or that something went wrong with setting it. If this happens, simply repeat the process of setting your passcode until you get a green light then an audible beep confirming successful entry of your new passcode.

Test the New Passcode

Once you have changed the passcode on your Schlage Door Lock, it’s important to test the new passcode first to make sure it’s working correctly. Testing the new passcode is an essential step in making sure you’re using the correct code. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to test the new passcode and make sure the lock is functioning properly.

Close the door lock

It is important to close the door lock after entering your new passcode and confirming your new access code. This helps to ensure that you establish a secure connection between the door lock and the programming buttons. Moreover, closing the door lock will run a self-test and it will show any errors that may have occurred during programming. After running this test, if your newly programmed passcode successfully sets, then you are all done. However, if errors are encountered then you should return to Step 1 of Passcode Programming for further instructions.

Enter the new passcode

Once you have decided on your new passcode, it’s time to enter it into your Schlage door lock. Depending on the type of lock, you may have to press a button before entering the code. This may be necessary for the first program only or for each keypad entry thereafter.

To enter the new passcode:
1.Press and hold the programming/lock button until all three lights are illuminated or until indicated by your product manual.
2. Enter in your new 4-8 digit passcode, followed by a “#” sign if required by your product manual. Make sure you remember this code as it will be used to unlock your door in the future!
3. Verify that all three lights stop blinking and remain lit up when complete with programming; this indicates that it has been successfully programmed into the system and is now ready to use. If they don’t remain lit after entering your passcode, review these instructions and try again.
4. Once you have verified that it is correctly entered into the system, press and release the programming/lock button quickly to confirm it is active and operational right away.

Check if the door lock opens

Once you have entered the new passcode into the Schlage door lock, it is important to make sure that it works properly. To begin, stand in front of the door and find the enter button on the keypad. This is typically a rectangular shape and can be identified by looking for a large square with a symbol indicating ‘ENTER’ in the morning or afternoon.

Once you have located this button, hold it down while entering your new passcode on the keypad. You should take care to ensure accuracy of each digit in order to ensure that your lock opens properly on first attempt. If you need to reenter code because of an incorrect digit, simply keep your finger pressed down on ‘ENTER’ until all digits have been entered correctly. Upon successful entry of the correct passcode, you should hear confirmation from lock indicating successful input followed by unlocking of doors upon release of enter button..


Changing the passcode on your Schlage door lock is easy and can be done from the comfort of your home. However, there may be times when you encounter some issues during the process, such as errors in entering the correct passcode or incorrectly configured settings. In this section, we will discuss the different troubleshooting tips that you can use to address such issues.

Check if the batteries are inserted correctly

Ensure that the batteries within the door lock are inserted into the compartment correctly. If not, you won’t be able to use your keypad passcode or even open/close the door using a key. Refer to your Schlage locks manual in order to make sure that the positive terminal of one battery is connected in line with another battery’s negative terminal. This process is often referred to as “daisy chaining” and it is an important component for successful door locking operations.

If you are unable to open the door lock, check whether if any of battery’s electrical contacts have been corroded by dirt, dust, oil or water. Clean the corroded part with a soft-bristled brush and then reinsert them into position again. If they are still unable to power up the keypads successfully, replace all four of them with fresh batteries instead.

Check if the passcode is entered correctly

If you’ve forgotten your passcode or entered it incorrectly several times, the lock won’t open. Before changing the passcode, take a few moments to check if it has been entered correctly.

Press and hold the Schlage button until you hear one beep, then enter your passcode. If it is correct, the lock will immediately open. If you’re sure that the code is correct but the lock won’t open, try adjusting the tonal frequency by pressing and releasing (not holding) the Schlage button so that there are two audible beeps. Then enter your code again. If this still doesn’t work, move on to resetting your lock with a new passcode.

Reset the passcode if necessary

If for any reason your passcode does not work or it has been changed, you will need to reset the passcode. To reset the code you should enter your current user code twice then press and hold the lock button on the bottom of the keypad. The “Schlage” logo will flash at the top of the display and your passcode is now reset.

Press the SCHLAGE key at the top left of your keypad then input 4 single digit numbers to create a new passcode. For example, if you choose 1234 as your new passcode, press 1, then 2, then 3, and finally 4 in succession. Once all 4 digits are entered press the SCHLAGE key again to save and complete setup. Your new passcode is now enabled on your Schlage door lock. It is recommended that you select a unique and secure code different than what was used prior as it can be easily guessed by a potential intruder. To reinforce security protocols change your user code on a regular basis or anytime there is an update to personnel access requirements such as when an employee leaves or joins an organization.

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