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How to Change the WiFi on Your Ring Alarm System

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If you’re looking to change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm system, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to do it.


Welcome to the guide for changing the WiFi on your Ring Alarm system. In this guide, you will learn how to easily change and update your WiFi information that is associated with your Ring Alarm system. This will allow you to keep your home safe and secure as well as enjoying the convenience of a smart device with always reliable and up-to-date WiFi information. We’ll walk through the process step-by-step so you can get connected quickly and securely.
We’ll begin by discussing what information you need in order to successfully change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm system as well as how to access it via the Ring app or website. After that, we will cover the actual process of changing your WiFi settings which should be relatively quick and easy if done correctly. Lastly, we will discuss any potential issues or troubleshooting tips in case something goes wrong during the process. Let’s get started!

What You Will Need

If you want to change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm system, there are a few things you will need. You will need a computer, router, and a Ring Alarm base station. You will also need to make sure that your Ring Alarm and router are close together and in the same room. These items are all necessary for the process and must be taken into consideration before you start.

Ring Alarm Base Station

Before you can start to change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm base station, there are certain things that you will need. It is important to have the necessary items ready before beginning, to ensure a smooth setup process.

First, make sure that you have the following items:
– Ring Alarm Base Station
– A reliable power source (wall socket or plug extender)
– A modem or router with a high-speed internet connection and network security enabled
– Your modem/router’s user name and password
Also, determine where to place your Ring Alarm Base Station by ensuring it is accessible and close enough in proximity to a reliable power source as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Choose an interior wall with direct line of sight for optimal performance. Always unplug devices during this process for safety precaution.

Network Name and Password

Before making any changes to your Ring Alarm system, you will need to make sure you have the Network Name (SSID) and the associated Password correctly entered on your device. The Network Name and Password fields are case-sensitive, so make sure both are carefully typed in. To locate this information, you may need to check your existing router settings or refer to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Once you have obtained your Network Name and Password, you must enter them into settings for each of the components that comprise your Ring Alarm System. For more information about how to enter this information in each device settings menu, please refer to our Ring Alarm User Manual located on our website.

Steps to Change the WiFi

Have you recently changed your home WiFi network? If so, then you’ll need to adjust the settings on your Ring Alarm system to keep it up and running. This can be a relatively straightforward process, as long as you follow the right steps. Let’s go through the steps that you need to take in order to change the Wi-Fi on your Ring Alarm system.

Log into the Ring Alarm App

Before you can begin the process of changing your WiFi on your Ring Alarm system, it is important to log in to the Ring Alarm app. Open up the app on your mobile device and enter the username and password that were assigned to you when you purchased your system. This will allow you access to the back end of your system, where all of your settings and configurations can be changed. Once logged in, follow the instructions below for changing your wireless network

1. From the dashboard screen of the app, select “Menu” in the upper left-hand corner.
2. Select “Settings” from the Menu options, then select “Network Settings” from within Settings.
3. An option labeled “Wireless” will appear at the top of this section – select it and then select “Disconnect” from beneath it.
4. You should now see a prompt that says “Please connect to a new network” – click on this link which will take you to a list of available networks.
5. Scroll through these networks until you find yours listed – tap on it and enter any associated passwords when prompted to do so in order to complete connecting successfully!

Select the Base Station

The first step to change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm System is to select your Base Station. This device is the hub of your system and will connect to the internet via your home WiFi. To select the Base Station, go to the Ring App > Devices > Alarm Settings > Base Station. Select “Change Base Station” and make sure that it’s connected to the same network as your other Ring devices. Once selected, you will be ready to begin changing your WiFi signal.

Select the Network Settings

To begin changing the WiFi settings for your Ring Alarm system, start by logging into your Ring app. Once logged in, select ‘Network Settings’ from the main screen. This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to view, edit, or delete existing networks that are associated with the system. If you are adding a new network, select ‘Add Network’ and enter the necessary information.

On this page you will have the option to connect directly to a specific network of your choice by entering its details, or if available on your router/WiFi device model you can also set up a WPS connection with just a few taps of your finger. Depending upon which network setup method you choose and based on the model of your router/WiFi device, setting up WPS connection is faster than creating a network directly due to automated steps like ‘passcode generation’ required for authentication purposes.

To help simplify this process further, we recommend that if at all possible use of WPS connections whenever it is available on both your router and Wi-Fi device models for added convenience and an overall smoother setup workflow experience. Note: Some models may require pin codes for WPS connections – if yours does not support WPS setup then please refer to our manual setup instructions available through our guide book’s menu section!

Enter the Network Name and Password

Once you have connected your Ring Alarm Base Station to power, pressed the Sync Button and are ready to enter the Network Name and Password, here are the steps:

1. On your phone or tablet, open the ‘Ring’ app and make sure that you are connected to the same home Wi-Fi network as your Ring Alarm Base Station.
2. Select devices in the navigation bar and select the Base Station that needs to be set up with new Wi-Fi credentials (the one that is not displaying green lights).
3. Select Next.
4. Enter your home Wi-Fi name followed by entering in your Wi-Fi password for this network (all of this must be entered as shown on your Wi-fi sticker or provided by your Internet Service Provider) and then select Next.
5. Wait for up to 5 minutes while verification of these credentials occurs (you will see a green light on all four outer disk rings when complete).
6. If a light does not turn completely green within 5 minutes, repeat step 3 – 6 with new credentials from within 10 feet of the Ring Alarm Base Station (or until it lights up green).

Save the Changes

When you have completed making changes to your WiFi settings in the Alarm app, click the ‘Save’ button to save the changes. This will update your settings and apply them to your Ring Alarm system. Once saved, you may need to wait for a few minutes for the new settings to take effect. After about two minutes, Ring will automatically test your network connections and trigger an email or push notification alerting you that your system is connected.

In addition, if you’re concerned that some of your devices will struggle to connect with a new network name or password, we recommend reconfiguring these devices manually before attempting to reconnect with the Ring Alarm Base Station. You can do this by entering a name and password into each device’s settings. Once complete, try connecting these devices again with the newly saved settings from the Alarm app.


It is important to take the time to ensure that your Ring Alarm system is properly connected and set up on the correct WiFi network. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily change your WiFi network in order to ensure that your Ring Alarm system has an optimal connection. Additionally, by correctly setting up and configuring each component of your Ring Alarm System, you will maximize its effectiveness and ensure that it is successfully protecting you and your property. Thank you for taking the time to learn about how to change the WiFi on your Ring Alarm system, we hope that this article has been helpful!

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