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How to Cheat in Exams without Getting Caught on CCTV

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If you’re looking for tips on how to cheat in exams without getting caught on CCTV, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best tips and tricks to help you get away with cheating.


When trying to cheat in an exam without getting caught on CCTV, the most important thing is to be prepared. Make sure that you know the answers to the questions you want to memorize, and practice writing the answers down in a way that it won’t be obvious that you’re cheating. It’s also important to make sure that you have everything you need for the exam, such as notes, paper, and pencils, so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them during the exam.

Research the exam venue

Before committing to any form of cheating, it is important to become familiar with the exam venue and the rules laid out by your examiner. Doing this will help you plan better and use creative tactics to avoid getting caught.

Gathering information will prove helpful in determining which kinds of exam aids are allowed and which are frowned upon. Be familiar with the layout of the hall, know where exits, CCTV cameras, invigilators, monitors and other necessary facilities are located inside. It might be worth speaking to other students who have written exams in that particular hall previously. Ask them about the procedure followed in order for you to plan more strategically. Knowing these details beforehand helps you plan better so that if things don’t go as expected, at least you have some knowledge about the hall so as to not get caught off guard during your exam.

Familiarize yourself with the layout of the exam hall

Familiarizing yourself with the exam hall layout and seating plan is an essential part of preparing for your exams. Knowing the layout will lessen any stress or anxiety you may feel on the day of your exams, as well as provide an opportunity to practice how best to position your body to try and cheat without getting caught on CCTV.

When you get there, take note of exactly where our seat is in relation to CCTV cameras, other examiners or invigilators and test materials that may be close at hand. Scan for any items/tables/chairs or other items that can act as a physical barrier between yourself and potential eyes which can look over. If there are tables or chairs around you, consider sitting close enough so you can slightly lean forward to be able to discreetly scan through notes kept on your desk before answering a question or reciting an answer during exam time because this can prevent anyone being able to identify what it is you are reading from across a room full of people.

Be aware of any suspicious patterns that may be occurring during the exams; such as certain individuals who seem more focused than others, closely watching another candidate’s movements etc., Make sure you take into account all entrances and exits should you need to quickly empty the scene in case anything does happen so everybody involved would not be traced back as offenders.
Finally stay calm throughout the region of your exams as panic ideas often lead down dangerous routes that could get yourself caught!

Familiarize yourself with the CCTV cameras

It is important to familiarize yourself with the CCTV camera locations before attempting to cheat in an exam. Check if the camera angles are not covering the exam table and seating areas, which might be oportunities for you to do some quick cheating. Also research on whether or not exams are recorded, if so ensure that your movement is minimal and you use non-obvious signals in case your gestures are captured by the CCTV cameras.

If possible, try to sit in a place where no CCTV cameras can see your materials. Look up at the ceiling and make sure there’s no visible lens pointing down at you. If there’s only one angle covered by a camera, try to sit near it and stay as far away from it as possible. Place your pocket items out of view from any available camera angle – such as beneath your chair or directly behind you – and keep them tucked out of sight at all times during the exam session.

Cheating Tactics

Cheating in exams is a common problem faced by many students who want to score high marks without putting in the required effort. Although it is wrong to cheat, there are certain tactics that students can employ to help them get away with it. CCTV cameras in the classroom or exam hall can be a major obstacle for cheaters, but there are still ways to do it without being caught on camera. Let’s discuss some tactics that can help students cheat without getting caught.

Use a hidden pocket for notes

A hidden pocket for notes is an ingenious cheating tactic that allows you to bring along cheat sheets without being detected on CCTV. It is the most discreet way to store important information during an exam, and if done correctly, it’s almost impossible for anyone to detect.

First, you will need a few supplies: some sturdy fabric or leather for making pockets and a needle and thread for sewing it onto your clothing, such as your shirt or jacket. Prior to the exam, carefully measure and mark out a pocket on your material and sew it onto the inside of your clothing. Be sure that the pocket remains flat so that other students or proctors don’t notice it during the exam session. When ready, fill in this pocket with cheat notes or other study materials that can easily be referred back to throughout the course of the test.

Another important consideration is making sure that this pocket remains concealed at all times. When entering an exam room, try not to sit near cameras in order to avoid suspicion while taking out your notes during a time of need. Additionally, after answering each question in an exam be sure to properly conceal any cheat notes so that nobody else can see them before handing back any paper materials at the end of the session.

By using a hidden pocket for any pre-memorized material or cheat notes required for exams, you can beat tight security measures without getting caught on CCTV cameras or drawing unwanted attention from proctors and other students!

Use a mini-camera or spy pen

Using a mini-camera or spy pen can help you cheat in exams without getting caught on CCTV. Mini-cameras, hidden in pens, small pocket devices, or even on bookmarks, are modern spy gadgets that can be used to discreetly capture images of notes or text without alerting anyone nearby. The smaller the camera is, the less likely it is to be detected so look for small pin hole size cameras for discrete cheating. If the exam hallway is secured with CCTV cameras, using such a device may be too risky; however if the security system allows portable electronics like phones into exam rooms you may be able to use a mini-camera or spy pen as long as it’s not operated by another person who is outside the room.

Spy pens are also popular cheating tools and have evolved in recent years with high resolution cameras that can take clear full color photos of pages from up to 6 feet away. They also often feature a microphone so you can record audio notes during lectures and group discussions. However, if your school has installed more sophisticated digital surveillance systems like laser detectors and white noise generators it’s best to avoid using any type of high tech tool; instead look for old fashioned paper tactics or low tech strategies like hiding notes on clothing.

Use a smartwatch

Using a smartwatch is one of the most popular methods for cheating in exams without getting caught on CCTV. A smartwatch allows you to discreetly tap into your notes and course material like if you’re taking an open book exam or collecting data for a take-home essay. It also lets you access internet-based materials, making it easier to gather research materials quickly and accurately.

When using a smartwatch as a cheat tool, make sure that the watch is large enough to accommodate all of your notes and resources, but small enough so that it isn’t easily noticed by proctors or CCTV cameras. Additionally, be sure to limit your internet usage while using the watch so that proctors don’t become suspicious. Make sure to remain very discreet when using the watch-even if you’re wearing long sleeve shirts and baggy pants! Finally, always practice good digital hygiene when using any type of technology during an exam so that you are not detected by CCTV cameras or other surveillance technology.

Avoiding Detection

When it comes to cheating in exams, it is very important to avoid getting caught. Knowing how to remain undetected on CCTV is an essential skill for anyone considering cheating. Fortunately, there are several techniques and tactics you can employ to reduce your chances of being detected. In this article, we will explore how to cheat in exams without getting caught on CCTV.

Wear clothing that covers your notes

In order to avoid detection by CCTV cameras when cheating in exams, it is important to choose clothing that will conceal any notes you may have. Simple items such as a long-sleeve shirt or having notes printed on dark-colored paper can help avoid detection. Additionally, having your papers folded neatly and using less visible writing tools such as a Sharpie pen can help prevent your behavior from raising suspicion.

Furthermore, if you are intending to use electronic devices during the exam, including noise-canceling headphones to minimize background noise would be a good idea. It might also be wise to consider investing in earplugs in order to mute out any unauthorized conversations that may compromise the security of your material. Additionally, accessories like rings with notes written inside them or hats that contain secret compartments could be used for storing and concealing documents or other items undetectably.

Be aware of the CCTV cameras

When cheating in an exam, it’s essential to be aware of the CCTV surveillance cameras that might be positioned outside or inside the examination room. Many examinations are now monitored with cameras, and students may not be allowed to get up during the exam without causing suspicion. While CCTV cameras may not usually capture close up shots or sounds, they can provide a valuable record of who goes into the exam room and when, so it is important to consider their presence before attempting to cheat.

It is advisable to ask both staff members and fellow pupils who will be taking the test whether there are any cameras in use. Depending on where it is located, a camera may be more visible than you think and could alert teachers if you try to access anything that you aren’t supposed to during an exam. Furthermore, while most modern-day surveillance systems allow users to review recordings after an event has taken place, some older systems may only retain certain recordings for a certain period before being overwritten. Thus, acting quickly and discreetly is essential for cheaters attempting to avoid detection by CCTV cameras.

Be careful with your movements

If you’re attempting to cheat in exams, then you will want to make sure that your movements inside, and outside the exam hall are done cautiously, as CCTV cameras are often positioned around exam centres. It is important that you don’t move suspiciously or act in any way which may draw attention to you. Try not to look too conspicuous and remove any conspicuous act as it can be detected on camera.

To ensure that your movements remain undetected and avoid suspicion from CCTV, it is recommended to stick to your normal routine and blend in. Movements should appear non suspicious like going for a pen or paper instead of looking around for cheating materials or signals from another student. Also dress appropriately since clothes can also draw unwanted attention; if travelling by train try not wearing earphones as they will make you stand out when spotted by CCTV cameras on the platform.

In order to increase your chances of going unnoticed, it is better if you take regular breaks and don’t stay seated for too long at one spot; the same applies with moving out of the room during examinations; invest time in planning when, where and how long would it take for each movement so that it appears natural on time stamped recordings. Lastly never ever try anything unusual or outlandish as this will almost definitely draw attention from staff or even other students further increasing chances of detection via security cameras as well.


After the exam is finished, it’s time to review the outcome and figure out how to properly evaluate the results. Cheating on exams is not only illegal, but it can also carry serious consequences. Therefore, you should take extra precaution to prevent getting caught. In this section, we’ll discuss some post-exam tips and tricks to help you avoid getting caught on CCTV after the exam.

Dispose of any evidence

After cheating in a test or exam, it is important to dispose of any evidence that could be used by an observant examiner or CCTV camera. This means erasing any notes written on paper which has been brought into the examination room, as well as paying close attention to what you leave behind.

Make sure that all sheets of paper with handwritten notes on them are immediately discarded and disposed of correctly. Do not leave any pages behind your desk or chair; these can be easily picked up by prying eyes. Be sure to check for any tabs sticking out from pages in books and other written materials which may have been overlooked when placed back on the desk after being used for cheating.

In addition, make sure to check for any notes written on the body, such as inside pockets, shoes or even underneath clothing items. Be sure to check for any marks made on stationary items such as pencils or rulers; these may also be caught on CCTV cameras should they be left behind in plain sight.

Finally, pay attention to the data stored or cached within digital devices such as smartphones or tablets; make sure no records remain of text messages sent during the exam period or information regarding answers stored on a digital device.

Be aware of any suspicious behavior

It is important that you be aware of any suspicious behavior when attempting to cheat in exams without getting caught on CCTV. Cheating can appear in any number of subtle ways, from using a calculator with a hidden program on it, to glancing at neighboring answers, or even leaving the exam hall for extended periods of time to look up answers. To avoid being caught on CCTV whilst engaging in cheating activities, it is important to be mindful of all suspicious behavior and act accordingly.

When taking an exam, keep yourself attentive and alert. Don’t make any sudden movements that might suggest you’re up to something. Be aware of body language and don’t allow your eyes or hands wander too much while writing your answers; this could draw attention from surveillance cameras. Always look directly at the invigilator when they are speaking, as this shows respect as well as trustworthiness which they can use when studying footage later. Be sure not to whisper or talk during the exam as this may draw suspicion and could result in disciplinary action. Lastly, after handing in your paper double check that there is nothing remaining which could potentially incriminate you for cheating so CCTV footage doesn’t appear to show anything untoward happening after completion of the exam.

Don’t brag to your friends

When you are tempted to show off your exam answers to your friends, stay away. No matter how unlikely it seems, there is always the possibility of getting caught. It can be especially difficult to resist the urge if you know that you have knowledge that your peers may not have, but bragging can leave you exposed and vulnerable to punishment or scrutiny. If a teacher notices an increase in grades for a particular exam across a class and finds out about everyone discussing their answers, this could lead back to you as the perpetrator and result in repercussions such as expulsion or suspension. Therefore it is essential to keep any cheating practices confidential and not advertise it in any way, shape or form.

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