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How to Connect CCTV to Mobile Without Internet

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You can connect your CCTV to your mobile phone without the internet by following these simple steps.


Connecting CCTV to mobile without internet is a useful solution for businesses that require security but don’t have access to the internet. With this guide, you’ll learn how to connect your CCTV cameras to your mobile phone without the need for an internet connection. By following the steps outlined in this guide you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property without having to worry about an internet connection.

What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a visual surveillance system used to monitor and record a designated area, often for the purpose of security. CCTV systems are commonly linked to one or more security cameras that capture and transmit an image signal over coaxial cable or other mediums. The images captured by the cameras then travel to a receiving device, usually a digital video recorder (DVR), where they can be saved and viewed on a monitor or playback device.

Depending on your needs, the cameras used in CCTV systems come in many different shapes and sizes, including bullet-style cameras with night vision capabilities, dome-shaped cameras for discreet surveillance, vandal-resistant designs for outdoor conditions and hidden mini-dome cameras for low profile monitoring. Some types of CCTV systems also feature built-in audio feeding capabilities in order to allow users to listen in on conversations taking place within the viewing range.

Benefits of connecting CCTV to mobile

Connecting CCTV cameras to your mobile device provides a number of important benefits. First, it gives you the ability to view live footage of your property whenever you need. This can be extremely valuable in a number of circumstances, such as when you’re away on work or vacation, or if you simply want to keep an eye on things while you’re not home. Secondly, connecting CCTV cameras to your mobile allows for quick and easy recording of events on site or remotely. Finally, it can provide extra peace of mind knowing that footage from the event can be stored digitally and accessed quickly if need be. These advantages make connecting CCTV cameras to your mobile an essential part of home security for many homeowners.


Connecting a CCTV camera to a mobile device without internet requires specific equipment, depending on the type of camera you are using. The most important items are a compatible CCTV camera, a compatible mobile device and a direct connection between the CCTV system and the mobile phone. Let’s look at each of these requirements in detail.

What you need to connect CCTV to mobile

Connecting CCTV to a mobile device without the need for an internet connection is a simple process and requires a few basic components. This guide will provide an overview of the equipment and tools you’ll need to successfully link up your camera with a mobile device.

The primary requirement when connecting CCTV cameras to your phone or tablet without an internet connection is that you need to have both devices on the same Wi-Fi network. This requires using a router to create the Wi-Fi.

Essential equipment you will need:
-Router: A router creates a secure connection between devices, and allows multiple devices, as well as mobile devices, to connect via Wi-Fi. Most routers are preconfigured with apassword, but they can be reconfigured if necessary.
-Network switch: The next essential item is a network switch-this connects all of your computers and CCTV cameras together in one controlled circuit. Again this should be preconfigured but can be reconfigured if needed.
-Mobile device: This could be either an Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad) device; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be smartphone or tablet – any device with a working web browser capable of accessing the IP address of your router should suffice for this set up.
-CCTV Camera(s): You can obtain compatible security cameras from any local supplier/electronics store – these should plug in directly into your router/network switch for ease of use but also wireless options are available too depending on your budget or installation requirements.

Once you have these items in hand, then you’re ready to begin setting up your system without needing internet access!

How to configure the settings

In order to configure the settings correctly, several things will need to be taken into consideration.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the CCTV device is compatible with your phone, as some devices require specific apps or connections types. The most common connection type for mobile CCTV devices is Wi-Fi connection. A Wi-Fi network also needs to be available in your home or office for the device to run smoothly and continuously.

The settings for connecting a CCTV device to your mobile phone may vary depending on the model and type of device you have purchased. It’s important that you consult your device’s user manual in order to find out how you can connect it correctly.

You might also need certain parameters such as IP address, Host Name, Subnet Mask etc., which are required by the camera and these parameters should also match your internal network settings (if any). You may be able to find these parameters in the user manual provided with your camera or on the manufacturer’s website.

Once all parameters are set up properly, IP cameras can then be accessed by using a web browser or an app designed specifically for cameras of that brand and model. This will allow users access real-time video streaming on their mobile phones without using any internet connection.

Step-by-Step Guide

Securing your home or business is becoming increasingly important as technology advances. Luckily, it’s now possible to connect your CCTV camera to a mobile device without the need for an internet connection. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step guide to connecting your CCTV to mobile without internet. Read on to learn more.

Connect the cables

To get your CCTV system up and running, start by connecting the appropriate cables from the back of each camera and the DVR unit to any nearby power outlets. If these outlets are not within reach, use extension cords, but be sure to use power strips with surge protectors for maximum protection. You may need an adapter that can change either coaxial or Ethernet cables depending on your connection type. When you are finished setting up all of your cameras, connect the DVR recorder itself to a power outlet as well. Finally, connect the Monitor/TV to one of the HDMI ports on your CCTV system and make sure it is turned on.

Install the app

Installing the CCTV viewing app is the first step in connecting your CCTV to your mobile without internet. Follow these steps to get it done right:

1. Visit your app store and search for a CCTV monitoring app – many are free.
2. Download and install the app onto your device, taking note of any permissions you may be prompted for during installation.
3. Open the app from your apps list on your device and accept any terms of use that you are prompted with, if applicable.
4. Set up an account (may be an optional feature), including entering any personal information requested. This can include setting up a username and password for each account if needed.
5. The app should now be ready to use – there is no need to connect it to the internet with this method as we will do this through different methods later on in this guide.

Configure the settings

In order to connect a CCTV camera without internet access to a mobile device, the camera and the smartphone must be connected on the same Local Area Network (LAN). The setup involves configuring some settings on the network router. To begin, make sure that your smartphone is connected to your home network.

Next, open a web browser on your computer or laptop and enter in its address bar one of the following IP addresses:, or depending on which one you use for your router/network configuration page; then press “Enter”. This should open the configuration page for your router/network

On the page, locate “Network Settings” tab and click it to access Network Configuration panel; then locate “DHCP server” option and enable it if not active already by checking its checkbox; otherwise leave it as it is listed under available networks in order to connect successfully CCTV cameras with phones without an internet connection

Now enter username (admin) and password (password) as usual; these should be indicated in your router manual as well if needed
Furthermore click/select “IP address” of camera which should be set up manually based on manual instructions provided with CCTV camera machine accordingly
Also enter IP address range by using username and password which are given in Routers Manuals within relevant Section if required differently according to different routers
Finally click “Save” button when finished and apply all settings changes to get CCTV cameras running process through mobile devices without any internet connection separately


If your CCTV camera is not connecting to your mobile device without an internet connection, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can use. First, ensure that your device is compatible with the CCTV device and that your CCTV device is correctly configured. In addition, check that the cable connections are secure, the cables are properly installed, and the power is on. If none of these basic troubleshooting tips work, then you may need to contact an expert to help with more advanced troubleshooting.

How to fix common connection issues

If you’re having trouble connecting your CCTV camera to your mobile device without internet, the following troubleshooting tips may be able to help:

1. Check the physical connection between your camera and router. Make sure all cables and power sources are connected properly.
2. Ensure that the IP address you have entered in your mobile device’s settings is correct and corresponds with the IP address of your camera’s network interface or app.
3. If you are using a wireless connection, make sure that your router supports 2.4Ghz frequency and check its signal strength near the camera’s location (especially if it is located far away from the router).
4. If possible, try to use a wired connection instead of wireless (if applicable). Wired connections tend to be more reliable when connecting a CCTV system to mobile devices without internet access.
5 .Determine if specific ports need to be opened on your home network’s firewall and configure them accordingly (e.g., 8000, 8899 etc).
6. Update any applications or software on both your CCTV system as well as mobile device(s) if needed, before attempting another connection attempt..

How to reset the settings

One of the most useful troubleshooting techniques for resetting your settings is to reset the mobile unit. Before resetting, make sure that the settings are correct on both the CCTV and mobile unit.

In order to reset the settings:
1. First, if you are using a router, turn it off.
2. Then power off your CCTV unit as well as your mobile device.
3. Wait for a few minutes before turning everything back on and let it reboot itself in the process.
4. Once you see that all your devices have finished rebooting, open up the app or client software on both devices and reconnect them once again via the same local network connection which you used initially to connect them together (i.e WiFi).
5. When everything is ready, check if all your settings are correctly inplace and make sure that both devices can see each other over this particular connection (e.g through their user interfaces).
6. Finally, check that all functions of both devices are working correctly too (e.g CCTV Camera Video Feed, Controls etc). If at any point of time they don’t seem to be working correctly; simply reboot both units again and repeat this process until they do!


In conclusion, connecting a CCTV camera to your mobile device without the internet is not an impossible task. With the right wiring and hardware, you can easily do it. Moreover, having a CCTV system connected to your phone that does not require the internet can provide excellent security for your home or place of business.

Summary of the steps to connect CCTV to mobile without internet

In summary, to connect your CCTV system to a mobile device without the need for an internet connection, you will need to first run an ethernet cable from your router to the CCTV camera. Then, on the router’s side, configure the port forwarding settings. Once these settings have been saved, download and install a VPN app on both the CCTV camera and your mobile device. Make sure that both are connected to the same network. Lastly, use the phone app or computer control panel of your CCTV system to access and view live video footage from anywhere with your mobile device without needing an internet connection. Following these steps should help you easily connect your CCTV system to a mobile device without having to use an internet connection.

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