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How to Deactivate Your ADT Alarm System

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You may need to deactivate your ADT alarm system for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you’re moving and won’t need it anymore, or maybe you’re planning some home renovations that will require the system to be turned off for a period of time. Whatever the reason, deactivating your ADT alarm system is a simple process.


If you are looking to deactivate your ADT alarm system, you’ll need to be prepared and follow the steps in the proper order. Before deactivating, make sure to have a clear understanding of the instructions and all the safety procedures involved. Furthermore, have the ADT phone number and activation code ready so that you can contact the company if needed. With this information in hand, you can be sure to deactivate your system correctly.

Gather necessary materials

When you’re ready to deactivate your ADT alarm system, be sure to have the following items on hand: an ADT user manual or an installation guide and a professional monitoring service contract that outlines the terms you agreed to when signing up with ADT. Make sure you have access to the alarm system itself and that you know where all emergency access points (doors, windows, etc.) are located. You will also need a cell phone or other communication method in case of emergency. Once all of these items are gathered, you can start the deactivation process.

Familiarize yourself with the ADT system

Before you begin to deactivate your ADT alarm system, it is important to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the components of your system and how they work together. This can help you avoid potential errors and make sure you don’t inadvertently disable security features that may be important to your home’s protection.

ADT systems usually include a control panel, one or more motion detectors, window and door sensors, key fobs, remote control consoles, and electronic keypads. Depending on the model of control panel you have, detailed instructions specific to your system are generally provided in the user manual. Reviewing this information is essential for understanding how your components interact with each other so that you can appropriately and safely adjust settings for disarming the system. Additionally, the website for ADT provides helpful and easy-to-follow tutorials that can help walk you through familiarizing yourself with the various parts of an ADT security system and explain how each component works together.

Deactivating the System

Deactivating your ADT alarm system is a relatively easy process. The process involves disabling the sensors, resetting the control panel, and disabling the monitoring service. You’ll also need to remember a few steps to ensure the alarm is completely deactivated. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of deactivating your ADT alarm system.

Disarm the system

Most ADT alarm systems come with a wireless key fob that lets you arm and disarm the system with the press of a button. To deactivate your system, locate your key fob and press the Disarm button. If for some reason your key fob isn’t working, go to the alarm panel itself, usually located on or near an entry point in your home. Enter your security code on the numerical pad (which is typically composed of four or eight numbers) or scan a valid barcode. You may then be prompted to choose different options based on your preference – such as “Stay” mode, which deactivates only certain areas of the house while still keeping others active – and when it is complete, you will hear confirmation via an audible sound. After 24 hours of no activity, the system will go into a standby state unless you choose otherwise during setup.

Access the control panel

Accessing the control panel to turn off an ADT alarm system is a simple process. This procedure is identical for both wired and wireless systems. To access the control panel, begin by unlocking the system cabinet with a flat-head screwdriver or equivalent tool. Inside of the system cabinet, you will find a circuit board powering the entire security system. Determine which wires release it by considering which wires are colored green and have plastic connectors attached to them. Use the screwdriver to firmly loosen those wires from their respective terminals in order to completely deactivate the ADT alarm system.

Enter the deactivation code

Before you can deactivate your ADT alarm system, you must enter the deactivation code. The code is a series of numbers that should be memorized by all individuals in the home who may need to operate the system. After you have found the code, enter it on the keypad and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.

If necessary, contact your service provider for assistance in finding your code or resetting it. If you are transferring ownership of your property, be sure to verify that all users have been removed from the system and a new deactivation code has been established by following these steps:

1. If you are leaving an existing system in place, call your service provider and provide them with any additional information about user access so they can make necessary changes or remove users from their records.
2. Ask for a new deactivation code for the property that will be generated when ownership changes.
3. Upon entering this new code into your system and completing any other applicable steps, your alarm will be reactivated to its previous settings with new user access updated accordingly.

Finishing Up

The final step to completely deactivate your ADT alarm system is to disconnect it from the power source and to disable the cellular connection. Doing this will not only help you save money in the long run but will also make sure that your home is not vulnerable to any potential theft or intrusion. In this section, we will cover the steps you need to take to properly disconnect your ADT system.

Call ADT customer service

In order to deactivate your ADT alarm system, you need to contact ADT customer service and request that service be ended. You may choose to contact the company by phone, email or live chat. When you call, you will need to provide information such as your name, account number and address associated with the alarm system. If you choose to correspond by email or live chat, you must include this same information in your message before a response can be generated.

ADT customer service agents are available 24/7 for help with deactivating the alarm system or other questions about your existing service plan. The company’s toll-free number is 800-238-2727 or you can reach a representative through their live chat option on their website. Contacting support by email can be done through the company’s web-submission form and typically takes several business days before receiving a reply from an ADT representative.

Check the system is deactivated

After submitting the deactivation request, it is essential to manually check the system to make sure it is deactivated. This can be done by attempting to set the alarm or attempting to arm or disarm it with a code. If the system has a dedicated activation button, press that button twice in quick succession, and if it responds with an alarm signal or an error alert, then the system has not been successfully deactivated.

If you do find that the system has not been deactivated, contact ADT immediately and request for a technician to visit your premises and manually disconnect your security system from their systems. Make sure to check if your area is covered by their service before scheduling a technician visit. Once the technician confirms that your security system is properly disconnected from ADT’s systems and equipment, they will be able to provide any necessary information regarding warranty transfer, new user setup procedures, etc., due to ownership change of your alram system.

Clean up the control panel

When all the wires have been disconnected from the control panel, use a moist cloth to wipe away dust and dirt before you move on. Be sure to dry the area where the control panel had been mounted so that you avoid any rusting or staining. Next, use a screwdriver or other appropriate tool to remove any wall anchors that were used when mounting the control panel. Finally, use your screwdriver or other tool to unscrew and remove the mounting bracket from the wall and collect all of your screws in a secure place for re-use or disposal. With all components removed, one last task is ensuring your system won’t be reactivated without a keycode. To do this, press and hold down all four “zone” buttons on your keypad for 5 seconds until a double beep sounds indicating deactivation has been successful. Now your ADT alarm system is officially deactivated!

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