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How to Disable Your Brinks Home Security System

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If you’re looking for instructions on how to disable your Brinks home security system, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to deactivate your system.


Before you can disable your Brinks home security system, you should make sure that you have the correct access codes and that you have a full understanding of the system, including the Control Panel. It is important to note that different Brinks systems have different features and that some of the features may have been disabled by the manufacturer. Additionally, you will need to make sure that you have the proper tools available in order to safely disconnect the system.

Read the instruction manual

Before attempting to disable your Brinks home security system, it is important to read the instruction manual provided with your alarm system. This manual will contain specific instructions for how to activate and deactivate your system, which should be reviewed carefully prior to attempting any changes. Make sure that you understand the steps required before you proceed in order to avoid setting off your alarm or compromising the security of your home. Additionally, it is important to note that some systems feature back-up batteries and if these are not disabled in the manual’s instructions, this can result in an unnecessary or false alarm. As such, it is critical to follow all of the steps outlined in order to successfully disable your Brinks home security system.

Gather any necessary tools

Before getting started, you should gather any necessary tools for the disabling process. Depending upon the type of Brinks Home Security System in your home, you may need additional specialty tools such as screwdrivers, electrical tape and wire cutters. Make sure to have all necessary supplies close at hand and ready to use before proceeding with the next step. Additionally, some security systems require a metal key or code before they can be disabled, so make sure you have that item ready as well.

Disconnect the Power Source

Disconnecting the power source from your Brinks Home Security System is the most effective and secure way of disabling it. To do this, you will first need to locate the control box for the system. Usually, this is located near the home’s electrical panel, or near the entrance door of the property. Once you have located the box, the power supply can be disconnected by unplugging the power cord or switching off the circuit breaker.

Locate the main power source

Before you can disconnect your Brinks Home Security System, you will need to locate the main power source. The system is typically powered by either an AC adapter or battery. This can be found in a wall unit, control panel, or other secure area of the home. If your system is powered by an AC adapter, simply unplugging it will immediately disable the system. However, if it runs on batteries, you will need to remove them before disabling the system; make sure to do this in a safe manner and keep out of reach of children and pets. Be sure to also take note of where the power source is located; when you are ready to reconnect your system, this is where you will start.

Unplug the power cord

Unplugging the power cord is the fastest way to disable your Brinks Home Security system. To safely disconnect the power source, locate the circuit breaker that powers your alarm system. This is typically located in your home’s electrical panel. Locate the breaker switch and turn it to off-position, being careful not to move any of neighboring breakers during this process. Then take a voltage tester and confirm that there is no electricity running to your alarm system before unplugging it from its power source. Make sure that all of these steps are completed so that you can properly disable the system without causing any damage.

Remove the backup battery

Removing the backup battery from your Brinks Home Security system will disrupt its power source and effectively disable the system. This will prevent your security system from going into a trouble mode, sending error messages to the base, or sounding an alarm if any of your sensors trip. Before you begin to remove the battery, alert your monitoring provider about this maintenance so they can take the appropriate steps on their end.

To disconnect the power source:
-Locate the backup battery in your alarm unit.
-You will likely find it near your control panel or in a separate steel box located nearby.
-The battery should have a set of quick release connectors at one end and two large terminals at the other end.
-Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully unscrew and disconnect each of these terminals until both are loose enough to remove the battery safely.
-Discard both ends of the connectors into a storage baggie to avoid losing them in case you need to restore power later on.
-Gently lift out and remove the battery from its compartment before securely closing up any exposed wiring with electrical tape or another insulating material to prevent shorts in case of water damage.

Disable the Alarm System

Disabling your Brinks home security system is an important step to take when moving out. It is important to understand how the system works so you can make sure you do it correctly. With the right steps, you can easily disable your Brinks home security system without any issues. Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to disable the alarm system.

Enter the alarm code

When Entering the Master Alarm code, make sure to enter it exactly as you have it programmed in your system. It is important that the code be correctly entered or else the alarm won’t be disabled. Once you have successfully entered the correct code, a green LED light will appear on your keypad and you will hear a low single chime indicating that your system has been disarmed. If a red LED light appears instead of a green one, then an incorrect code was entered and you must try again. You may enter a wrong code up to three times before the system will lock out for one minute, requiring you to wait before attempting again.

Once the keypad turns green and you hear the single chime indicating that Entering the Master has been successful and the system has been disarmed, your security system is now completely off and any intruders who attempt to gain entry would not trigger an audible alarm. However, remember that any motion detector motion or door contact signals will still be monitored and recorded by Brinks Home Security even when your system is disarmed.

Press the disarm button

When you arrive home, you will need to press the disarm button on your keypad to stop the alarm from sounding. Depending on which Brinks home security system you have installed, there are a few different ways to access your alarm system. The most common is by entering a code into the pad located near the entry way of your home. If you’ve forgotten this code, you can request that it be reset from your security provider.

Another way to disable your alarm is to connect with an operator directly through two-way communication available with some systems. You can also connect remotely with any smartphone or laptop device and use special software provided by your security provider. After disabling the alarm, it’s important to keep track of when it’s enable set and remember that no one else should have access or knowledge of these codes-the safety of any family or property lies in these numbers’ hands!

Wait for the system to disarm

Once you have entered the code, the system will recognize that you are the homeowner or authorized user. Depending on the model of your Brinks Home Security System, there may be several LEDs or lights indicating that the system is disarmed. When you hear one long beep and all lights are off, the alarm system has been successfully disengaged and you will be able to move freely throughout your home without setting off alarms. If any of the keys were pressed repeatedly during deactivation process, it may take an additional 15 seconds before all systems are cleared. Make sure to wait until all indicators are clear before moving further into your residence.

Reset the System

Resetting your Brinks home security system is the best way to disable it. A reset will restore the system to its factory settings while also erasing all programmed user codes, zones, and settings, including the master code. It’s also the only way to remove the panel from test mode, which is usually caused by a power outage or system fault. Here’s how to reset your Brinks home security system.

Enter the reset code

To begin the reset process of your Brinks home security system, you must enter a special reset code. You will need a specific reset code for each level of security, ranging from basic to advanced protective measures. The exact code for each level can be found in your user’s manual and should be committed to memory.

Using the keypad, enter the reset code followed by “00,” which indicates that the code is complete. A confirmation sound will be heard signaling that the reset process has begun. Depending on your system setup, you may need to re-enter some settings or confirm others in order to complete the reset process. Be sure to follow any additional instructions provided before exiting the system so that your protection levels are not compromised due to an incomplete task or omission.

Press the reset button

In some cases, the reset button of your Brinks Home Security System is located outside the main control panel. It is usually placed on the rear or side of the control panel in a small recessed area. To Disarm the System using this method, use a paper clip or small pointed object to press and release the reset button quickly. Do not hold down the button for more than 2 seconds as this may cause further damage to your system. If you succeed in pressing it correctly, your control panel will begin to beep and flash an orange light, indicating that you have successfully Disarmed the System.

If you cannot locate a physical reset button on outside of your main control panel, there may be an alternative way to Disarm the System from within the programming menu. To access this menu, find programming keypad with either “#” and “*” labeled keys or 5-6 individual numbered keys 0-9. Once you are in programming mode locate option code “#10″enter code “4” and “6” consecutively after that you should see a message commanding you to enter a 4 digit code known as master user code which then give you access to all sections of programming menu including full system Disarming the System/reset function.

Wait for the system to reset

After you have completed the initial steps required to disable your Brinks Home Security System, the system will need to reset in order for the changes to take effect. During this reset process, you will see a number of short and long beeps, followed by a flashing light. This is completely normal and it indicates that the system is functioning correctly.

It is important to note that during this reset process, all of your existing sensors and other components connected to the system will be disabled until the reset process is complete. Once finished, you will need to re-enroll any necessary devices for them to work properly with your Brinks Home Security System. During this time, DO NOT attempt to arm or disarm your alarm system as this may result in a false alarm being triggered or cause an error on your part.

Depending on the size of your security system, it may take up to 10 minutes for the reset process to complete. Once finished, all previously enrolled devices should be working correctly again.

Re-enable the System

If you have temporarily disabled your Brinks home security system, you may need to re-enable it. This can be done in a few simple steps. Before you begin, make sure your system has been fully disabled by checking that all of the alarms are off and that the control panel is no longer active. You will also need to gather any codes or passwords that are associated with your system. Once you have all the information that you need, you can proceed to re-enable your system.

Enter the new code

Before you can reactivate the system and turn it back on, you must enter the new master code, if applicable. The master code is a custom code that was assigned to your system by your installer or a service provider. If your security company provided technician-assisted setup for your system, you should have received this code during their visit and stored it securely. If you did not setup the security system yourself, contact your security company to receive the master code.

Once you enter the master code, wait until all of the lights stop blinking before attempting to arm or disarm your Brinks Home Security System. Upon entering the new code into the panel and powering up your system successfully, if desired armed modes are available within Arm (Stay) or Away mode settings. Stay mode allows entry sensors to remain armed while interior motion detectors may be turned off with arming mode set to ‘Stay’ property protection setting with Arm/Disarm control. After successful reset procedure, proceed with normal routine arming/disarming operations of all safety features available in Away mode settings, such as exit and entry delay timer programming according to manufacturer’s operation manual included with system upon purchase – convenient feature for Vacation properties as well as regular accessibility secured environments. Enjoy!

Press the arm button

To re-enable the Brinks System, press the arm button located on your Brinks Home Security Keypad. The exact location of this keypad depends on which model you have. Next, enter your user code and press “Arm” again. The system will indicate it has been re-enabled by illuminating a green light or sounding a tone or chime confirming that the security system is active again. If necessary, you can select the “Stay” or “Away” setting from the Keypad Options menu identified by using a four way toggle button to change your arming option before pressing the arm button again.

Wait for the system to arm

Once the power to your Brinks Home Security System has been restored, it’s time to re-enable the system. This step will require you to wait for the system to arm completely before proceeding. The arming process will enable all sensors and internal circuits necessary for the proper operation of your home security system.

When the arming process is complete, a loud beep will indicate that all sensors are working properly and that your Brinks Home Security System is ready to use again. At this point, you can proceed with re-enabling the system by entering a valid access code into the control pad. Entering an incorrect code twice in succession will cause the alarm panel to sound loudly and flash rapidly – this serves as an indication that someone has attempted unauthorized access into the system. If an unauthorized access attempt occurs, you should contact Brinks Home Security Customer Support immediately.

To enable your home security system once again, enter your valid user identification number and access code into the main control pad of Brinks Home Security System. Upon successful authorization of your credentials, a confirmation signal in form of three beeps sounding at once should be heard by you followed by a solid green light glowing on either side of existing control pad buttons in order to indicate that your Brinks Home Security System is now active again. With this done, you have successfully re-enabled your security system – proceed with testing each component installed within the house in order confirm their full functionality while also allowing yourself some peace of mind knowing that all vigilance protocols are up and running as intended!

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