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How to Enable Auto Door Lock in Grand i10

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Do you want to know How to Enable Auto Door Lock in Grand i10? Follow these simple steps and you can easily enable this feature in your car.


The Grand i10 is a popular vehicle known for its modern features, great looks and exceptional versatility. One of the helpful features on this vehicle is the auto door lock system, which helps to enhance security. It works by automatically locking the doors when driving at 10 km/h or higher. This feature can be enabled easily, which makes it convenient for users to turn it on or off as needed. The following steps provide guidance on how to enable auto door lock in Grand i10 vehicles.

Steps to Enable Auto Door Lock in Grand i10

Enabling auto door lock in Grand i10 is a simple process that can be done in a few steps. Auto door lock helps keep your car secure by automatically engaging the locks when it reaches a certain speed. This can give you peace of mind when driving as you know your vehicle is securely locked. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps you need to take to enable auto door lock in Grand i10.

Unlock the car

In order to enable the auto door locking feature in your Grand i10, you must first unlock the car using your key. Next, locate the door lock switch on your driver’s side dashboard and turn it to the “On” position and confirm that all doors in the car close automatically without any further action from you. If the doors do not close automatically, then there may be a malfunction with your vehicle’s auto door-locking system or wiring.

Next, make sure all of your windows are completely closed and press down on each window button one by one to check if they remain stationary in place without any manual assistance. If all windows stay locked in place when you manually engage each window button, then you can proceed to the next step of enabling auto door lock in Grand i10.

Lastly, locate the fuse box located behind your glove box and remove its cover. Inspect both fuses marked as “Auto Door Lock” for any sign physical damage or corrosion before replacing them with new ones if necessary. Lastly, reinstall both fuses back into their designated terminals and close back up your vehicle’s fuse box cover before testing out whether your auto door lock feature is now successfully enabled.

Locate the car’s fuse box

The first step to enable the auto door lock feature in Grand i10 automobiles is to locate the car’s fuse box. It should be located under the dashboard just on the left side of the driver. Once you find and open it, look for a fuse labelled “ALDL” (Auto Lock Door Locking). If this fuse is not present, then you may need to visit an authorized service center and ask them to install it in your car. Afterwards, check if there is an orange and black wire connected to the ALDL fuse box. If there isn’t, connect a wire long enough to reach both doors from this point.

Remove the fuse for the auto door lock

Removing the fuse for the auto door lock on your Grand i10 is a necessary step if you want to disable this feature. If you have never attempted to do this before, it can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually quite straightforward.

Before starting, you should find out exactly which fuse belongs to auto door lock. You can do this by referring to your owners’ manual or by consulting a knowledgeable technician. Once you know the identity of the relevant fuse, follow these steps:
1) Open the hood and locate the power distribution center (PDC).
2) Locate the fuse box containing all fuses that are in use. This box is usually next to or slightly above and behind the air filter housing.
3) Turn off all electrical accessories before pulling out any fuses so that there is less current running through them when they are removed.
4) With a flat head screwdriver, gently pry up on both sides of the desired fuse until it pops out of its slot. Take note of its position before removing it and remember where it goes when reassembling things afterwards.
5) After the relevant fuse has been removed, replace all other hardware that was taken apart during this process – including any fuses – and close everything back up for storage.
6) Restart your vehicle, and check that auto door lock has been successfully disabled. Congratulations!

Insert the new fuse for the auto door lock

To enable auto door lock in the Grand i10, you will need to insert a new fuse into the fuse box. The vehicle’s fuse box is located at the lower right of the dashboard behind the passenger seat. To get access to it, you will need to open up an access panel located nearby. After opening the access panel by removing screws, you can gain access to the main fuse box containing different fuses arranged in rows and columns. In order to activate your auto door lock system, insert a new 15-amp fuse into its designated slot indicated by an “AUTO-LK” label sticker on its front panel lid. Carefully check that all other fuses are in their original positions before you complete the process and close up your fuse box cover again with your screws or clips securing it tightly in place. Make sure all electrical cables are reconnected correctly before testing out your new auto door lock system with a test drive!

Test the auto door lock

To test the auto door lock after installation, you need to ensure that the power to the Grand i10 is switched off and the doors are closed. Once this has been done, you should turn the key once to access the ACC mode. You will then see a prompt on your dash display saying ‘Auto Door Lock ON’ along with a light flashing at the center console. At this point, you can open any door of the Grand i10 and if it locks automatically after a few seconds then your auto door lock feature has been successfully enabled. However, if it doesn’t lock automatically, then you need to repeat these steps until all doors lock automatically. Be sure not to leave your vehicle when doing this as you don’t want someone to steal it before you have finished!


The Grand i10 is an awesome car to drive, and it is equipped with some modern safety features like auto door Locate lock that can make your driving experience even safer. Enabling this feature is relatively simple and requires only a few steps – all you need to do is make sure that the switch on the car interior’s rear door Locate is turned on, set the main switch in the driver’s armrest, and adjust the lock knob to your preference. That’s it!

Once you have enabled this feature, the doors Locate of your Grand i10 will automatically lock when you put your car in motion. This can give you added peace of mind when travelling and take away one more thing for you to remember when driving around town. Enjoy your Grand i10 – safe driving!

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