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How to Lock Your Alfred Door Lock

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to lock your Alfred Door Lock.

Setting up Your Lock

Setting up your Alfred lock is a great way to secure your home. Alfred locks allow you to control access to your home and keep your property safe. Setting up your Alfred lock is easy and can be done in just a few steps. In this article, we’ll cover exactly how to set up your Alfred door lock so you can start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a secure home.

Download the Alfred App

Before you can get started locking or unlocking your away from home, you must first download the Alfred app on either an Apple or Android device. This app allows you to both control and monitor your Alfred lock from anywhere. After downloading the app and registering with your associated email address, you can complete the setup process by following this brief guide.

1. On the home screen tap “Settings” and then tap “Locks”.
2. Tap “Add Lock”, located at the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select “Alfred Smart Lock”
4. Enter a name for your lock and tap “Next”
5. Scan in the QR code located at the back of your Alfred lock
6. Enter your in-home Wifi information
7. Complete setup by verifying that LED light is flashing blue before selecting “Done”.

Connect your Alfred lock to the app

Connecting your Alfred Lock to your app is the first step to successfully setting up your Alfred Door Lock. App connectivity allows you to control and monitor the lock remotely and provides much more security than traditional locks. The app can be connect with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, providing a convenient way to manage access to your home anytime, anywhere.

To pair/connect your lock with the app, you need to install the Alfred Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Once installed, open the app and select “add new lock” from the menu. Follow the instructions in the app, which will include tasks such as placing extra batteries into your Alfred Lock and then pushing the button on top of it for pairing setup. Once the setup is complete, you can connect multiple additional devices through each device menus in settings tab in both apps; for example: Alexa for Voice Control and IFTTT for automation system to make a life easier.

For added security, you may also consider setting up two-factor authentication within the app’s settings page so that each time someone attempts access at home they have to go through a verification process before entry. Additionally, you may change existing code as often as you like or create multiple codes for different individuals that need access when you are away from home or want certain family members excluded from entry at certain times of day or week.

Create a PIN code

Creating a PIN code is one of the best ways to secure your Alfred Door Lock. Setting up a PIN brings convenience and security to your door lock, allowing you to unlock it using the PIN code or a valid RFID card. To create a PIN code, you need to make sure that you have the necessary equipment and follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Alfred account and select the “Settings” tab.
2. Select “PIN Codes” from the list on the left side of the page.
3. Enter in a desired 4-8 digit PIN code into the text box and click “Save”.
4. Once saved, assign this new PIN code to an owner or user group of your choosing by selecting their name in the drop-down menu below the text box and pressing “Assign”.
5. Your new can now be used to unlock or lock your Alfred Door Lock!

Using Your Lock

The Alfred Door Lock is a great tool to help you keep your home safe and secure. It is designed to be easy to use and offers many features to make sure your home is always protected. One of the many features that Alfred offers is the ability to lock and unlock your door from your smartphone. In this section, we will discuss how to use the Alfred Door Lock for locking and unlocking your door.

Unlocking your door

Manually unlocking your Alfred door lock is fast and easy to do. To begin, locate the small, round opening just above the thumb lever/handle. In this opening, you will insert a paperclip or other pointed object to activate the latch mechanism inside. Gently push down on the own while applying gentle pressure inwards toward the center of the door. The lever should then spring upwards and release the attached deadbolt, allowing your door the swing open and providing access to whomever needs it.

If you find that your Alfred lock is still locked despite attempting this approach, you may be experiencing issues with either its motor or charged battery levels if applicable. It is recommended that should any further technical assistance be required for successfully opening your door with an Alfred lock, a professional should be consulted as soon as possible prior to using any further methods of force as this may cause damage to both yourself and any hardware components associated with this lock.

Locking your door

When you come home and need to lock your Alfred door lock, you will have several options. Depending on the model of Alfred door lock you have, here are some tips for locking your door securely.

If you have a keypad model:
– Enter your unique code into the user interface on the outside of the lock. Check the small LED light above the keypad to make sure that it turns green, which indicates that it has been locked.
– Press down on the shackle or latch to double check that your door is completely shut and locked.

If you have a Smart Lock with an app:
– Use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone or tablet to unlock and lock your door remotely. Simply tap “lock” in the app and make sure that the LED indicator at your Alfred lock turns green before entering a new code into the user interface if needed.
– Double check that it has been locked by opening and closing with a key or pressing down on the shackle/latch as necessary.

If you’re using a traditional key cylinder:
– Insert one of two keys included in your set into the top slot of either side of Allen’s deadbolt cylinder located at rear side of Alfred Door Lock’s interior faceplate (the side facing inside). Once inserted, turn 90 degrees clockwise to engage deadbolt (keyhole should line up horizontally when finished).
– To check if it has been completely engaged, try turning from outside. It should not move from outside if it is engaged properly from inside. If so, remove other original key from other side (which automatically locks when removed) and close exterior faceplate back up for desired finish level look before checking once more for proper engagement with both keys present outside cylinder by trying to turn them clockwise again

Adding and deleting PIN codes

Adding and deleting PIN codes to and from the Alfred lock can be done directly from the lock keypad, using your administrator’s PIN code. The default PIN code for the Alfred lock is 00000000 (eight zeros). The PIN code contains four to nine digits.

To add a new user:
1. Press and hold “Key” until you hear two beeps.
2. Enter your administrator’s PIN code followed by KeyAgain.
3. Enter any desired PIN code followed by KeyAgain. You will then hear 2 long beeps indicating that the user has been created successfully, or a short single beep indicating that the process was unsuccessful or entered too quickly after entering the administrator’s PIN code.
4. To delete a user: Press and hold “Key” until you hear two short beeps, then enter your administrator’s PIN followed by “Delete User” followed by your desired user’s 4-9 digit PIN which should trigger two long beeps letting you know that user has been deleted successfully, or a single short beep if unsuccessful or entered too quickly after entering the administrator’s code and “Delete Pin” command

Advanced Features

Alfred door locks can do more than just be opened with a key. With the help of advanced features, you can have more control over your door lock. You can set time locks, restrict access to certain people or groups, and even remotely control your door lock with a smartphone. Let’s get into more detail on the advanced features of Alfred door locks.

Setting up Auto-Lock

One of the most useful features of the Alfred Door Lock is Auto-Lock, which allows you to set up a schedule for when your lock will automatically secure your door. Setting up Auto-Lock is quick and easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes. To get started, you’ll need to access the Alfred app and follow these steps:

1. Select “Settings” from the menu bar of your app.
2. Under “Advanced,” select “Auto-Lock.”
3. Toggle on “Enable Auto Mode” to activate this feature on your Alfred Door Lock.
4. Select your desired time interval after which your door will be automatically locked – you can choose anywhere between one minute and sixty minutes – then tap “Done.”
5. Now whenever an activity is detected that might leave your door unlocked (such as unlocking it manually with the key or using a Bluetooth device) it will automatically re-lock after the interval that you selected.
6. To have these settings take effect immediately, tap “Apply Now” at any point during these steps or when exiting the “Settings” menu in order for Auto-Lock mode to take effect right away.

Setting up Auto-Unlock

When using your Alfred Door Lock, you can benefit from setting up Auto-Unlock. With this feature, your lock will electronically open when you are located in the range of your home’s Bluetooth network. This convenient and secure feature can save time and provides a peace of mind for added security in your home.

To activate Auto-Unlock:
1. Log into the Alfred App with your username and password
2. Select “Safety Settings”
3. Select “Auto-Unlock”
4. Turn on the switch to enable it
5. Select “Done” to finish the setup

Once activated, your door will automatically recognize the Bluetooth signal from any devices connected to it-like your phone and laptop-when you arrive within range. When Auto-Unlock is enabled, you won’t need to worry about keeping track of or using a key or access code to open your door as long as they remain connected to a device in range of the lock’s Bluetooth network. You can rest assured that only authorized persons or devices have access while you relax knowing that they had immediate access when they arrived home safe and sound!

Setting up Geofencing

When it comes to smart locks, one of the most popular and advanced features is geofencing. Geofencing utilizes GPS or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to create a virtual boundary or perimeter around a specific area. When someone with authorized access passes through the designated area, their device will automatically trigger an action – such as unlocking the door lock.

Geofencing can be especially useful when it comes to Alfred Door Lock as it eliminates manual key management and reduces the need for repeated requests for access by individuals who are continually entering and exiting your building. To set up geofencing for Alfred Door Lock, follow the steps below:

1. First, you will need to add users to your Alfred App dashboard – either manually or by syncing with existing databases such as Active Directory or Google Cloud Directory.
2. After adding users, you will need to generate custom credentials that each user can use to gain entry into your property utilizing NFC app-based credentials on their smartphone in lieu of a physical key
3. Once NFC credentials have been generated for each user, you can designate specific zones wherein an individual’s NFC credentials can be used to grant access – granting them immediate entry upon entering those areas through bluetooth communication
4. Geofence zones must also be configured so any data received from smartphones within that specific area is compatible with Alfred Door Lock
5. Finally once all settings have been configured correctly, you may submit setup changes in order for Alfred App to remotely send changes from its cloud storage onto your connected gateways at which point the system should recognize triggers associated with those individuals; unlocking doors automatically when specified users enter designated geofence areas


If you’re having trouble with your Alfred Door Lock, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue before contacting support. In this section, we’ll cover the basics of troubleshooting your Alfred Door Lock. This will include checking the power supply and ensuring your lock is connected to your home wifi network. Let’s get started.

Resetting your PIN code

If you forget your PIN code or would like to reset it, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is enter your existing PIN code 3 times in a row followed by “#”. After the third time, you will be prompted to enter your new PIN code twice. Make sure you remember this one!

You can also reset your PIN code if you receive a notice on the Alfred app about an unauthorized entry. When this happens, open the Alfred app, go into Settings > Door Lock and select ‘Reset PIN’. You will then follow the same steps as above and enter a new PIN code twice when prompted.

Note that if you don’t know and/or remember your existing PIN, contact Alfred support and they’ll help reset it for you remotely.

Resolving connectivity issues

An Alfred smart door lock should be able to connect automatically with your home’s Wi-Fi network. In some occasions, however, the connection process may fail due to a few possible issues. To troubleshoot connectivity issues between your Alfred door lock and your home’s Wi-Fi network, try taking the following steps:

1. Make sure that you’re connecting to the same Wi-Fi network that your Alfred smart door lock is connected to. Check if the name of both networks are exactly the same.

2. If possible, open all available ports in your router so as to make sure that no port is blocked from access.

3. Check if your firewall settings are blocking any of the ports used by Alfred for communication with its server system. Make sure all necessary ports are open and available for communication purposes.

4. If all of these steps have failed, it may be worthwhile to restart both the router and Alfred Door Lock using the restart option included in their respective settings menus or resetting them manually using their reset button found on physical device itself (if applicable). This will ensure a fresh start without any unnecessary interference or artifacts within their settings options that might obstruct connection establishment processes initiated by automatic mutual discovery protocols inside both devices’ systems of operations (software/firmware).

Troubleshooting the app

If you’ve followed the instructions and still aren’t able to lock your Alfred Door Lock, a few other troubleshooting steps could help you find the cause of the issue. The most likely problem lies with the hardware itself, in which case it may be necessary to contact Alfred Customer Support.

If there appears to be no issue with the hardware, then check that your smartphone and/or tablet is connected to a secure network. The Alfred Door Lock requires an active internet connection in order to operate properly. If you are certain that this is not the case, then one option can be resetting your phone’s network settings. However, this will delete all saved networks on your device so ensure you remember the Network Name (SSID) and Password beforehand.

It is possible that the admin credentials of your Alfred account have been changed or deleted by someone else. To verify this information, go into Settings > Account Management within your app where you will find a way to reset your access codes as well as further options for managing users who have access to unlock/lock doors connected with your lock system.
Finally, double-checking that Bluetooth Location Services are enabled on both your smartphone and in the Alfred app can resolve some connection issues related directly to usage of either device or application.

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