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How to Open a Push Button Door Lock from the Outside

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If you’re ever locked out of your home and don’t have a spare key, don’t fret! You can easily open a push button door lock from the outside with just a few simple steps.

Identifying the Lock

Opening a push button door lock from the outside can be a tricky task, but it is possible if you know the right steps. The first step is to identify the type of lock that you are dealing with. Push button door locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can range from simple to complex. You’ll need to understand what type of lock you are dealing with before you can attempt to open it.

Understand the different types of push button door locks

Push button door locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Knowing which type of lock you have is the first step to identifying the correct method for opening it from the outside. Here are some common types of push button door locks:

Single-Cylinder Push Button Lock: This type of lock has a single cylinder that moves back or forward in order to activate the latch. To open from the outside, you will usually need to use your key or a special tool like a lockpick or jimmy bar.

Double-Cylinder Push Button Lock: This type of lock has two cylinders – one on each side – that need to be moved together in order for the latch to release. These locks require two keys in order to open, one for each side, so in most cases it is not possible to open them from the outside without a key.

Keypad Push Button Lock: This type of lock requires a code entered into its keypad in order to unlock it from the outside. You must know or figure out the code before attempting this type of lock manipulation.

Fingerprint Scanner Push Button Door Lock: This is arguably one of the most secure types of push button door acks as it requires your finger print scan before it unlocks from the outside. It’s also quite convenient since no keys are associated with it and only those who have their fingers scanned can gain entry through this system.

Identify the type of lock you have

Before attempting to open a push button door lock from the outside, it is important to first identify the type of lock you have. There are several types of push button locks that are used on exterior doors. Knowing which type you have will help determine which method will work best in opening the door.

The most common types of push button door locks used on exterior doors include:

-Combination locks: This type of lock requires a combination code in order to be opened. The combination code is usually composed of four to six numbers that must be pressed in the correct sequence for the door to unlock. These locks can generally be identified by an exposed dial or number pad on the outside of the door.
-Deadbolts: This type of lock is manually operated and functions by pushing a key into a hole and turning it clockwise or counterclockwise in order to unlock or lock it. These locks can generally be identified by an exposed keyhole on the outside of the door, as well as a flat metal plate (called a keyway) next to it.
-Electronic keypad locks: Electronic keypad locks operate by entering a unique code into an electronic keypad or touchscreen display in order to unlock them. These locks can generally be identified by an exposed numerical keypad, along with either an LED indicator light or lettering indicating that it’s an electronic lock.

Gathering the Tools

If you need to open a push button door lock from the outside, there are a few different tools you need to assemble in order to successfully complete the job. You will need a pen or thin object to push the reset button, a flathead screwdriver for removing screws, a drill for drilling out the screws if necessary, and a pair of lock picking tools. Before attempting to open a push button door lock from the outside, make sure you have all the necessary tools ready.

Gather the necessary tools

Before attempting to open a push button door lock from the outside, be sure that you have all of the necessary tools for th job. Depending on the age and style of the lock, you may need a variety of items in order to get it open.

*Needle-nose pliers: These are helpful in manipulating small components like springs and washers.
*Hex wrench set: Older locks use allen screws that can only be opened with a hex key set.
*Pin tumbler pick set: This is an essential tool for bypassing pin tumbler locks so make sure you have one on-hand.
*Roach clip: This will allow you to unlock your door without having to use any additional tools.
*Electric drill: An electric drill can be used to create an opening in the side of the door so that you can get access to the internal mechanisms of the lock.
*Screwdrivers: Phillips head and flat head screwdrivers are handy for removing screws from both inside and outside of the lock mechanism.
*Hammer or mallet: You may need some force in order to release certain components, making a hammer or mallet essential for this task.

Prepare the tools for use

Before starting any work, it is important to make sure that you have all the right tools. To successfully open a push button door lock from the outside, you will need to have access to the following tools:

Screwdriver: This tool is essential for the task as it is used to remove screws from the mounting plate of the lock. A flat-head screwdriver should suffice for removing standard sized screws.
Push button door lock kit: A specialized push button door lock kit is required for this job. This kit will contain all of the necessary parts and tools required to open and reassemble a push button door lock. Make sure that your kit includes enough pins so that there are no gaps in between when assembled properly.
Lock pick set: A set of adjustable picks can be used along with a tension wrench in order to pick your way through a pin tumbler mortise lock – this requires skill and precision as each pin must be adjusted precisely to allow for unlocking of the mechanism inside.
Lubricant: It is important to use penetrating oil or graphite powder on any rusty parts of your lock in order to prevent further corrosion during use.
Digital code cracker: Depending on the type of security system installed, you may need a digital code cracker in order to enter various codes and passwords into access panels within your system in order to open locked doors from outside sources. It’s best to check what type of service provider manages your access panel as some may require special software packages or PINs which can only be provided by them – be aware if they do require such tools!

Opening the Lock

Opening a push button door lock from the outside can be a tricky proposition. However, it is possible, and this guide will walk you through the steps necessary to do it. We’ll cover the different types of locks and the methods you can use to open them. With the right technique and a bit of patience, you should be able to open the door with ease. Let’s get started.

Insert the key and turn it to the unlock position

The first step to opening a push button door lock from the outside is inserting the key into the keyhole. Place the tip of the key into the keyhole and turn it clockwise to reach the unlock position. You can usually feel or hear a “click” when you turn it all the way, signifying that you have unlocked it correctly. If you encounter any difficulty inserting or turning your key, stop and double check that your finger is aligned correctly with your lock’s plug before continuing. Once your locked has been unlocked, you can carefully pull down on the handle and open your door.

Push the button with the tool

When you’re dealing with a push button door lock, it’s important to understand the locking mechanism. These locks have a latch that is released when you press the button on the opposite side of the door. To open one from outside, you will need to press this button using a tool. The best tools for this task are either a long screwdriver, or an allen key.

To use a screwdriver to open the lock, start by inserting it into the keyhole at an angle that allows you to access the button on the interior side of the door. Push firmly against this button until it clicks and releases the latch. Note that if your lock has more than one lever, additional pressure may be needed on each locking tab before you can fully release them and open your door.

Using an allen key is also quite simple; however, in many cases, these keys require some manipulation before they can be inserted into the lock correctly. Usually dislodging one of its prongs slightly will allow for easier insertion and better contact with the locking mechanism inside. Once inserted at an appropriate angle for pushing against internal buttons, repeated firm pressure should eventually cause your latch to release so that you can gain entry from outside.

Release the knob

The first step in safely opening a push button door lock from the outside is to locate the release knob. This can typically be found on the bottom of the outside door handle or just above it. Once located, press firmly against the knob and pull outward as this will disengage the lever from behind and allow you to open the door from the outside. You may have to work at it vigorously until you have fully released it – but don’t get frustrated as it will eventually come loose. Once successfully released, you should be able to open your door without any problems. If this does not work, then double check all of your connections are secure and try again – but always ensure that you are standing far enough away so that accidents do not occur.


If you have a push button door lock that won’t open from the outside, then troubleshooting is the first step towards getting it fixed. In this section, we’ll go over some potential problems that could be causing your push button door lock to malfunction. From there, we’ll talk about possible solutions that will help you open up the door. Let’s get started.

Check for any jammed parts

The mechanisms of a push button door lock can sometimes become jammed, this could be due to an issue with the latch or bolt being blocked or another part of the locking system malfunctioning. To check for any jammed parts it is highly recommended to turn off the power supply for the lock first and if that does not work you may need to disassemble the lock.

If you are able to open the door from the inside, start by visually inspecting all of the separate components to see if any part looks misaligned or out of place. Here is what you should look out for:
-Parts of the locking mechanism such as pins, bolts and latches that appear to be bent, misaligned or out of place
-Lack of lubrication in areas where friction can cause problems
-Any excessive build-up of dirt and debris which may need to be removed
-Check if there are any broken parts which may need replacing

Once you have completed your inspection it may be beneficial to try realigning certain components such as pins, bolts and latches appropriately. If simple realignment fails, then more drastic measures such as disassembly may be needed so suitable replacements can be selected for damaged parts. In some cases, repairs might not even be necessary – by troubleshooting around different settings it may become apparent which settings are causing issues and prevent faulty ones from activating in future.

Replace any worn-out parts

If the push button’s outside plate looks worn out, it likely needs to be replaced. Inspect the plate carefully for scratches, marks or corrosion. If you notice any, you can begin to replace it by taking off the other parts of your lock. Make sure to take careful note of all the parts and their arrangement as you remove them.

For convenience, consider taking a photo of all the components before you begin. You can then use this image as reference when putting all the pieces back together again. In addition, make sure to purchase a new plate with similar dimensions and shaft size for your lockset so everything fits properly once installed. Once all parts are taken apart and removed from the door, you can access and remove any worn-out components from inside of your lock cylinder before replacing them with brand new ones.

Try different combinations of buttons

To try different combinations of buttons on your push button door lock, press each button until you hear a short click. This should activate the lock while allowing you to try different combinations. You may also need to turn the knob or handle to access the correct combination of buttons.

Once you find the right combination of buttons, slowly turn the handle or knob until the door unlocks and opens. If this does not work, turn off the power to your home before trying again and make sure any attached batteries are in working order. If this fails, contact a local locksmith for more help in opening your push-button door lock from outside.


Opening a push button door lock from the outside can be a tricky task, but with the right guidance and tools, it can be easily done. This article has provided you with an overview of the steps and techniques needed to successfully complete the task. With a bit of practice and patience, you should have no problem unlocking a push button door lock from the outside.

Review the steps for opening a push button door lock

Reviewing the steps for opening a push button door lock is essential to ensure you can access your premises. If you are unable to access your home or business due to a locked door, refer to the following steps:

Firstly, check which type of push button door lock is installed. Some use a key from the outside and require additional steps for opening.

Secondly, locate the reset button mechanism if present. It may be located at the bottom or back of the keypad area and is usually marked with a small symbol such as an R or RESET. When pressed and held down for three seconds it will reset any code that was programmed into it previously, allowing for a new one to be set up.

Thirdly, input the correct combination code one digit at a time if you are using a manual combination padlock system. Once you have entered all digits correctly press enter or release a second button as instructed by the device’s user manual in order to unlock the door.

Finally, insert your key if you are using an electronic system that can be opened with keys on both sides of the door lock in order open it up completely. Turn the key to engage each latch in turn until all locks are released open and then pull or push on handle depending on which type of door lock system has been installed in order to open up your premises successfully!

Summarize the tips for troubleshooting

In conclusion, opening a push button door lock from the outside may seem daunting at first, but with a few key steps, it can be done reliably and without any confusion. First, check to see if the latch is fully extended. If it is not, try tapping on the latch to loosen it up and then attempt to open the lock again. If that fails, then you may want to inspect the exterior of the door for rust or other visual damage that might be preventing the lockset from turning properly. You can also use an allen key or flat head screwdriver to try and manually move the mechanism inside of the lock so that you can gain entry. Finally, if all other methods fail it may be best to call a locksmith who will have specialized tools to gain entry in an efficient manner.

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