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How to Power Down Your 2gig Alarm System

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In this post we’ll show you how to power down your 2gig alarm system . This is a quick and easy way to disable your system when you need to.


This tutorial will give you an overview of how to power down a 2gig alarm system. This process involves disconnecting the system from the electrical system and powering down the unit itself. Knowing how to power down your alarm system is important in order to reset any software issues that may occur, as well as when making changes or repairs to the unit itself. Follow this procedure in order to safely complete your task.

The first step is to locate the Detection Module (DM) for your alarm system and identify the AC Power terminal block on its side. This is located on a circuit board in your 2gig control panel that connects it to electrical power via a grounded 120VAC vessel plug or hardwire connection. Disconnect this lead by using a screwdriver and setting aside the plug before removing it from its terminal block connection points.

Once you have done this, you should locate your Back-up battery (BB). This component is usually located inside of your main control panel housing and must be properly removed before powering down. Use a small Phillips screw driver and gently remove the screws securing it into place, then remove it carefully and completely for safe storage or disposal after powering down has been completed.

Next, you should turn off all sensors connected to your 2GIG Alarm System including motion detectors, door/window contacts, sensors used for smoke/heat detection, etc.. Then make sure that any connected keypads are turned OFF as well (if not already powered off). If possible, disconnect their cables from their connections points until powered back up again.

Finally, check carefully for any debris around each component such as dust or corrosion which can cause damage due to failure when powering up again later on if not properly checked beforehand.. Once everything has been inspected and cleared of debris then power down each component individually by pressing their own individual Power OFF switches before completing one final final check of each device being powered down then proceed with caution when reconnecting them again later once needed due continued use/maintenance work is done properly afterwards as directed per procedure following afterwards afterwards without failure indicating dangerous problems causing risk if not paid attention towards carefully . Fortunately all maintenance work needed can provide successful results if done correctly regarding all operations belonging belonging belonging belonging throughout entire process so good luck!

Powering Down Your 2gig Alarm System

The 2gig alarm system is a great way to stay secure in your home. It provides a level of safety and security that many other alarm systems do not. However, if you want to power down your 2gig alarm system, there are certain steps that you will need to follow. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to power down your 2gig alarm system.

Disconnect the power supply

Before you start the process to power down your 2gig alarm system, it’s important to disconnect the main power supply. Unplug the small black adapter from its wall outlet, and disconnect any other power sources that might be powering the system.

If any batteries are connected to the system, make sure they are removed as well. The batteries provide back-up power; without them, your 2gig system won’t be able to arm or disarm itself.

Depending on your setup, you may need to disconnect other auxiliary wires as well, such as cellular phone jacks (GSM/GPRS radios), landline jacks (for landline services), or connections to Ethernet networks. Consult your owners manual for details on how to safely disconnect all auxiliary wires from your system before powering it down.

Remove the backup battery

It is important to power down your 2gig alarm system correctly in order to maintain the integrity of your equipment. Before you can switch off the primary power source, you must first remove the backup battery.

The backup battery is located in the main alarm control panel and will typically have a red sticker indicating that it needs to be unplugged before powering down your system. To remove it, use a screwdriver to unfasten the cover plate of the control panel and take out the battery. Once it is removed, securely store it in an area that is safe from extreme temperatures and humidity.

When removing and storing your battery, make sure not to damage any wires or terminals while doing so as this could interfere with proper functioning of your alarm system when powered on again. When putting away the battery, always follow manufacturer instructions for installation and reinstallation to ensure that your alarm system operates correctly when switched back on again.

Unplug the transformer

Before beginning the process of powering down your 2gig alarm system, the first step is to unplug the transformer from the wall outlet. Once you have unplugged the transformer or have flipped off the circuit switch that controls it, wait for at least one full minute before proceeding with powering down your 2gig alarm system. This will give enough time for electricity to naturally discharge and ensure that no power is left in any components of your alarm system.

After one minute has passed, it is now safe to start moving components of your alarm system like sensors, keypads, relays and other modules. When blindly unplugging devices like the keypad or relay from their respective control boards try not to force plug them if they resist as this might damage ports. To eliminate this issue it’s simpler to check beforehand and make sure every output led on said devices are off before disconnecting them completely.

Resetting Your 2gig Alarm System

Resetting your 2gig alarm system can be a great way to give it a reboot and start fresh. It’s also a great way to test out new settings or make any changes you need. Resetting your alarm system is an important step to take when troubleshooting any issues with your 2gig alarm system. Read on to learn more about how to power down your 2gig alarm system.

Access the system menu

Once you have powered down your 2Gig control panel, you can access the system menu by pressing the asterisk (*) key on your keypad. You will see a prompt asking for your programming code. You will then be taken to the main menu which contains several options. Choose ‘System Status’ to open a list of all enabled zones and area; ‘System Settings’ to adjust dates, times, alarms, etc. or ‘Programming’ to access deeper options such as adding or deleting user codes or setting up other security features like door sensors, motion detectors or smart home features. Depending on what type of alarm system you have installed and the associated features available to you, these may vary. Consult your user manual for more detailed information about available choices.

Select the reset option

Selecting the reset option on your 2gig alarm system involves several steps. First, you will need to turn off the power supply to your system by unplugging the transformer or removing the batteries from the control panel. Next, press and hold down a specific set of keys in a certain sequence. For most 2gig systems, this means pressing and holding down [Status] + [#] + [+], then releasing them in that order after 10 seconds. If this step is completed successfully, an installer code will be displayed on the alarm keypad. To reset all pre-programmed settings, type in code 0 followed by [*] to access the reset command menu. From there you can enter a command to reset all pre-programmed settings or simply backup those settings if desired. Once you have completed this process, re-attach your batteries or plug in the transformer to restore power and turn your alarm system back on for regular use.

Follow the on-screen instructions

To reset your 2gig alarm system, follow these steps:

1.Power down the system by unplugging the transformer from the wall outlet and wait 15 seconds. Alternatively, shut off the power at the circuit breaker.
2.Plug or switch on the power and let the alarm wake up for forty seconds. You should see an ‘Enter Programming’ message pop up on your monitor.
3.Hit any button to enter security programming mode and then enter your installer code (default is 1111).
4.Navigate to ‘Power Down/ Reset’ in menu selections and type in three zeroes (000) padded with a # sign as per instruction codes provided by 2GIG technologies
5.Press * to exit programming mode after waiting 10 seconds on standby mode before restarting your system into normal operation mode once again
6.Before you start operatingyour 2gig alarm system, ensure that all of your door sensors, motion detectors and other key functions ofthe system have been activated for desired performance security measurement

By following these simple steps you will be able to safely reset your 2gig Alarm System without any complications or issues!


In conclusion, powering down your 2gig alarm system is relatively simple and straightforward. You can either power down your system manually by unplugging both the transformer from the wall and the AC power connection from the control panel, or you can use a power-down command on the alarm system keypad.
When using a power-down command, it is important to remember to enter your code first before entering the command – this ensures any settings changes you make during that session are saved. It is also important to know both how to properly power up your system afterwards as well as what type of battery backup you have installed, so that you can ensure your security settings are enabled when the system powers back on.

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