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How to Remove a Honeywell Home Security System

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This blog post will teach you how to remove a Honeywell home security system.


Before attempting to remove a Honeywell home security system, there are a few steps you need to take in order to ensure a successful process. First, you need to make sure that the main power supply and backup battery are disconnected. This will help you avoid damaging any of the system components while you are uninstalling it. Additionally, you should make sure that you have a copy of the user manual and the necessary tools ready before getting started.

Check your alarm system’s manual

Before you begin the process of removing a Honeywell home security system, it is important to check the manual included with your system. This is because some models require specific steps that must be followed in order to safely and properly remove the unit. Depending on the model, you may need to disable certain features or turn off power to set up or disconnect components from your system. Be sure to consult your user guide for instructions on how to remove your particular model of security system.

Disconnect the power supply

Before beginning the process of removing a Honeywell home security system, it is important to make sure you have a means of disconnecting the power supply. There are two primary ways to do this: through the circuit breaker or removing the battery.

If you are using a circuit breaker to disconnect power, locate it in your house and turn off the appropriate switch. This will prevent any current flow through your system while it is being disconnected. If you are relying on batteries, they should be disengaged and removed before continuing with the process of removal. Once both power sources have been deactivated, you can proceed with detaching your system from its mounting surface or wall.

Notify your monitoring center

Before you disconnect your Honeywell home security system, it is important to contact your monitoring center to inform them. Generally, the monitoring station will provide a specific procedure for deactivating a monitored system and may provide additional details on how to proceed with removal. Your security provider has the authority to disable monitoring of your Honeywell panel, and should do so once they receive notice of your desire to remove the system. In some cases, local laws may require that the police department or other official agencies be notified before any changes can take place. Make sure you know the particulars of any such regulations, even if they are only applicable in certain jurisdictions.

Removing the Keypad

Removing a Honeywell Home Security System is a fairly simple process. The first step is to remove the keypad, which is the main control unit of the system. To do this, you’ll need to turn off the power to the system and then locate the keypad. From there, you’ll need to carefully unplug the keypad from the wall and disconnect it from any other components of the system. Now, let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to get this done.

Locate the keypad

Installing a Honeywell Home Security System is an easy way to help protect your home and family. Removing the system requires disabling the unit and then uninstalling the keypad. Before you start, make sure you’ve notified your monitoring company that you are removing the system.

Locate the keypad: First, find the keypad on your security system and double check which type of connection was used to install it. If it was wired with a hard-wired connection, there will likely be screws used to hold it in place behind the wall mounting plate. If it was installed wirelessly, simply unplug any cables connected to it and lift out of its mounting plate.

Disconnect the keypad from the wall

It is important to disconnect the keypad from the wall before attempting to remove it. To do this, first turn off the power and/or disconnect any backup batteries if necessary. Then, locate and remove the screws of the keypad’s wall plate, remove the plate and then gently pull the keypad out of the wall. If your Honeywell Home Security System requires an electronic password when moving or relocating your keypad, it must be re-set to factory default settings without an electronic password. This is done by pressing and holding down both pin numbers (1-6) on your keypad for around 10 seconds. After doing this all set passwords in memory are erased, so you can proceed with relocating or replacing your existing Honeywell Home Security System Keypad.

Remove the keypad from the wall

The Honeywell Home Security System includes a keypad for arm and disarm control, as well as access to more advanced security settings. In addition, the keypad can be used to generate alarm activity and alerts. If you need to move or remove your Honeywell Home Security System’s keypad, follow the steps below for complete removal.

1. Locate the screws that are holding up the unit on either side of it. Use a Phillips head screwdriver or another appropriate tool to unscrew the screws until they are loose enough to remove.
2. Carefully pull the keypad housing away from the wall exposing both any attached wiring as well as whatever surface it has been adhered too (e.g., drywall).
3. Unplug any connections between the home security system and keypad unit, then proceed with disconnecting wiring and coax cables shown in previous step if applicable
4. Remove any painter’s tape or wall putty used to secure the unit using a utility knife if applicable
5. Finally, remove all remaining items such as anchor plates in order for complete removal of your Honeywell Home Security System’s Keypad Unit from your wall/surface in question

Removing the Alarm System

If you’re looking to switch up your home security system and get rid of your Honeywell system, the process of removal is fairly straightforward. While there may be different steps depending on the type of Honeywell system you have, here is a general outline of how to remove a Honeywell home security system.

Locate the main control panel

In order to remove a Honeywell home security system, you must first locate the main control panel. This is usually mounted on an interior wall of your home and is used to program and control all elements of the alarm system. It is typically located near the entryway or living room, where it will be accessible for arming and disarming functions. The main control panel may also be in a closet or similar concealed area for better protection from external damage. Once you locate the main control panel, make sure that it is turned off to ensure that the alarm system does not activate during removal.

Disconnect the alarm system from the wall

Removing a Honeywell home security system is a straightforward process which should be done in the same way you installed it. To begin, ensure the system is disarmed and power is switched off before disconnecting it from the wall. You may need to remove the cover plate or pull the main unit away from its mounting bracket to locate the wall outlet connector. Pull each wire gently and don’t forget to take pictures as a reference while you disconnect each line. If your device requires an adapter to connect from the alarm panel to your wall line, make sure it’s safely stored away for future use if needed. Additionally, for hardwired systems, check for any other wiring that might be connected and carefully remove these one at a time as well.

Remove the alarm system from the wall

Removing a Honeywell home security system from the wall requires some basic tools and steps. To begin, the power must be turned off to the alarm system. Depending on your setup, this could mean shutting off power to the entire house or just to a single circuit panel dedicated to powering the alarm system components. Once you have shut off the power, you should locate and remove the alarm control panel from your wall. This can typically be done by either unscrewing it or by unscrewing and lifting an access plate connected to it. If your security system is connected directly into your home’s electrical circuits, these connections should also be disconnected at this time.

In most cases, the next step will be to remove additional components such as sensors and motion detectors attached directly to the walls of your home. These items should be gently unscrewed from their positions in order to avoid any damage or tearing of paint on walls that may have been caused during installation of these components. If any wiring has been used throughout your home for interfacing with other devices such as sirens or window connections, this may need to be carefully disconnected as well if being removed along with the main alarm control panel unit. Once all components have been removed and disconnected in accordance with safety standards then you should have successfully removed most of your Honeywell security system from your home’s walls.

Final Steps

Once you’ve disconnected all the components, it’s time for the final steps to remove your Honeywell home security system. These final steps will ensure all traces of the system are removed from your home and that your property is secured from any further tampering or damage. Let’s get started and learn how to remove a Honeywell home security system.

Dispose of the alarm system properly

Once you have successfully uninstalled your Honeywell Home Security System, the final step is to dispose of the system properly. To do so, you will need to ensure that any door/window contacts, motion sensors, security pads or other accessories associated with the system are disposed of safely, such as by recycling or donation. Additionally, the main control panel and its associated components should be separated and disposed of individually in accordance with your municipality’s waste disposal regulations. Do not mix all components together when disposing; this could lead to environmental damage should any hazardous materials be present. Be sure to remove all batteries and power sources from each device before disposing of them individually. Finally, it is important that you contact your local recycling centre or waste disposal company in order to make arrangements for the safe disposal of your electronics-based components before leaving them at designated recycling points. By taking these precautions prior to disposing of the alarm system effectively, you can rest assured that no residual risk will remain and that those materials which can reasonably be recycled will be correctly processed for their new purpose.

Clean up the area

Now that you have successfully removed your Honeywell Home Security System, it is important to clean up the area where the components of your system were previously installed. Begin by thoroughly cleaning any leftover adhesive or screws used to secure the components to the walls. If new holes have been created, use a spackle knife and drywall patch kit to fill them in. Make sure that all wires are safely tucked away and not visible so that no one trips over them or accidentally unplugs a component. Depending on the number of components in your system and location, it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete this stage of removal. Once you are finished, double check around the area for bits of debris or metal pieces before moving on to the final step.

Reset the area

Resetting of area is the last step in successfully removing a Honeywell security system. Ultimately, you’ll have to enter a code on your keypad in order to reset the alarm and properly disable it. It’s important to make sure that all of your sensors are mounted in their proper positions, as an unattached sensor can prevent the system from resetting.

Once you’ve mounted all the sensors and checked that each one is working, you can enter a four-digit code into the control panel to complete the reset process. Depending on your specific Honeywell security system, this code may be either 1077-4040 or 1077-9955; if neither of these works for your system, contact us and we’ll provide further instructions for resetting it. After you’ve entered the code correctly, your security system will be completely disabled and ready for removal.

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