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How to Remove an Old ADT Alarm System

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If you’re moving into a new home that has an old ADT alarm system, you’ll need to know how to remove it. This blog post will show you how to do that quickly and easily.


Before you begin the process of removing your old ADT alarm system, it is important to be properly prepared. Make sure you have the necessary materials, such as a screwdriver, wire cutters, and any other tools that may be required. Additionally, it’s important to turn off the power to the alarm system to prevent any unexpected shocks or damage. Once you have everything you need, you can then proceed to the next step.

Gather the necessary tools and supplies

Before you start attempting to remove an old ADT alarm system, be sure to gather all the necessary tools and supplies. Depending on the type and model of alarm system, you will likely need various screwdrivers, a circuit tester, a drill, wire cutters or a pair of pliers. Additionally, any materials needed to repair drywall or plaster will be required. Once you’ve gathered all the pertinent tools and supplies, you’re ready to begin removing the old ADT alarm system.

Make sure the power is off

Before attempting to remove your old ADT alarm system, it is essential to ensure the power is off. This will allow you to work safely and avoid any potential electrical hazards. Your ADT system should have a main power switch located near the control panel. Turn off the switch before continuing with removal procedure.

Additionally, if you are replacing your alarm system, you will also need to turn off the circuit breaker for that area in order for the new system to be installed properly and safely. Make sure all electrical connections are secure after powering down and disconnecting from the wall outlet or breaker box.

Disconnect the alarm system from the wall

Before disconnecting an existing ADT alarm system, you should always enter your deactivation code into the control panel. This will prevent any false alarms or unnecessary alerts when disconnecting the system. After entering the code, turn off your alarm system by pressing and holding the “off” or “disarm” button on the control panel.

Next, locate and unplug the power supply that is connected to your wall outlet. This will sever any connection between your ADT alarm system and its power source. Once this is done, you can unscrew or unbolt any mounting plates that are holding the components in place and remove them all from the wall. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of every step so you have a visual reference if needed in case you ever need to reinstall your alarm system again in the future.

Removing the Alarm System

Removing an old ADT alarm system can be a challenging task, but it is necessary in order to replace it with a newer model. This process will involve turning off the power to the system, disconnecting the wiring, and uninstalling the panel. Once this is complete, you will be able to safely remove the old alarm system from your home. Let’s walk through the steps of how to remove an old ADT alarm system.

Remove the alarm system from the wall

Removing an old ADT alarm system requires a certain amount of expertise and understanding of the system. This can be especially tricky when the alarm system has been hardwired into the wall. Fortunately, with some patience, you can learn to remove the alarm system from the wall relatively quickly and easily.

Before you begin work, you will need to deactivate or disable your ADT alarm system so that it cannot be triggered. Contact your local ADT customer service center for instructions on how to do this. The customer service representatives will inform you about any special steps that need to be taken and will provide helpful tips for successful removal of your alarm system.

Once your ADT alarm has been disabled, it’s time to start work on removing it from the wall. Start by making sure that all power sources are turned off and disconnected from the unit before attempting any physical removal. Next, identify which wires are running in and out of the unit and unplug each one firmly by hand. After all wires have been unhooked, unscrew any mounting hardware that is affixed around or on top of the unit.. Carefully lift up and away carefully straight until fully removed from its perch in the wall. Once this is done, all components should come away easily with a few gentle wiggles or shakes of the entire assembly before further energy would ever be exerted causing unwanted damage or breakage of any kind thus leading safely fulfilling completion of removing an old ADT Alarm System successfully!

Disconnect any wiring from the alarm system

When removing an ADT alarm system, the first step is to disconnect any wiring from the alarm panel. This includes both power and phone wires. Whether it is a wired or wireless system, power should be removed from the panel in order for it to be safely removed from the wall. Be sure to disconnect all wires in the area where you will be working so you can safely remove the alarm panel. Once all wiring is disconnected and moved away from the work area, you should place a note on the alarm system in case anyone attempts to use it in its current state. This will protect both yourself and those who may attempt to operate it without knowledge of this work taking place.

Remove the alarm system from the mounting bracket

Removing the alarm system from its mounting bracket is often the first step in taking down an old ADT alarm system. There may be screws that hold it in place, so use a Phillips head screwdriver when loosening them. The number of screws depends on the model of your alarm, but once these screws are loosened, you should be able to slide the alarm out of its mounting bracket. Taking down a hard-wired alarm system may also require shutting off power by turning off the circuit breaker responsible for powering it. Unplugging any batteries or other power sources will also help prevent short circuiting or electrical shock while you work. Be sure to keep track of all attached wires and components; this will make wiring up your new security system easier later on!

Cleaning Up

Removing an old ADT alarm system is not as difficult as it may seem. The process of removing a system can be broken down into steps that you can follow to assure that all components of the system are removed and cleaned up properly. From taking out the control panel to cleaning up wiring, a homeowner can feel comfortable in knowing that the job is done right the first time. Let’s take a look at what it takes to properly remove an old ADT alarm system.

Remove any remaining adhesive from the wall

Removing any remaining adhesive from the wall is an important step when uninstalling an old ADT alarm system. Over time, the adhesive may begin to harden and become difficult to remove.To remove the adhesive, start by wetting a clean rag with warm, soapy water and gently scrubbing away at the area until all of the adhesive comes off. You can also use a razor blade or scraper, but be sure to be gentle so as not to damage the wall surface in any way. Once you have removed all of the adhesive, rinse off any residue that may remain on the wall with clean water and pat dry with a towel or cloth.

Vacuum any dust or debris from the area

In order to clean up the area that the old ADT alarm system has been removed from, you must start by vacuuming any dust or debris that may have collected during removal. This is especially important if the alarm was located in a densely packed area since there may be small items such as wires or connectors that are difficult to see and can cause potential hazards if left around. When vacuuming, make sure to direct the nozzle of the vacuum over any crevices and areas that are hard to reach with a brush. Once all possible debris has been removed, it is time to clean up any residue left behind.

Clean up any wiring or debris from the area

Once the ADT alarm system has been successfully disconnected, it is time to clean up any loose wiring or debris left over from the removal process. Any unused wires should be removed and disposed of with care. To Locate the main wires that must remain in place for other devices, such as hard-wired smoke detectors, it is important to identify where they have been attached in relation to studs and joists. An electric drill can also be used to remove the nails or screws from each wall-hanger bracket.

Once all loose wiring has been safely disposed of, carefully inspect all holes in the walls or ceiling that may have been created by drilling into ATT-supplied wire hangers prior to removing them. The holes should also be patched and painted before a new alarm system is installed. Finally, look over the area where the alarm panel previously resided to make sure all remnants of its previous existence are removed or discarded before reinstalling a different model at a later date. To ensure proper reattachment if an alarm system is reinstalled at a later date, it is important to Locate the main wires that were attached.


Once you have decided to replace your ADT alarm system, it is important to properly dispose of it. Proper disposal of the alarm system components is necessary for safety reasons, as some parts may contain hazardous materials. Additionally, it is important to take measures to ensure the system cannot be reactivated. In this section, we will discuss the steps you should take when disposing of an old ADT alarm system.

Dispose of the alarm system according to local regulations

When removing an old ADT Alarm System, it’s very important to dispose of the alarm system according to local regulations. In some areas, old alarm systems must be taken to an appropriate disposal facility in order for them to be recycled or disposed of safely. These disposal facilities can accept all types of consumer electronics including old ADT alarm systems and components.

In other areas, you may need to contact local recycling centers near you in order to find out what specific steps are required for disposing of such items as an old ADT alarm system. Local recycling centers and/or drop-off centers can provide information on any local regulations that may apply as well as proper procedures for disposition and recycling. Additionally, if you purchase a new ADT home security system or similar product, some companies offer trade-in incentives you may be able to take advantage of when disposing of the equipment. If this is not the case with your particular set up however, it’s still important to properly discard your equipment according to your area’s rules and regulations in order to help keep the environment safe.

Recycle any components that can be recycled

Disposing of an ADT security system is easier than you think. Many of the components of the system can be recycled or reused, making it easy for you to do your part for sustainability and reduce your environmental footprint. Whether you’re upgrading to a new security system or decommissioning an old one, here are some tips on how to safely and responsibly remove and dispose of your ADT alarm system.

Recycle any components that can be recycled: The plastic housings on many components of the ADT security system (such as the motion detectors) can be recycled where local laws permit. Be sure to check with your local recycling center for detailed information about their policies and what type of plastic housing they accept.

Separate out rechargeable batteries: Batteries should not be disposed of in garbage cans or landfills as they may contain hazardous materials that are bad for the environment. Rechargeable batteries should be recycled through facilities certified by either the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation or Call2Recycle (see

Stop service with ADT: Before removing any parts from the alarm panel, call ADT customer service at (800) 238-2727 to have the system disconnected from their monitoring service so that no future false alarms occur as a result of incorrectly removing parts from the wiring connections in the panel box cover.

Dispose of any batteries safely

When it comes time to replace an existing ADT alarm system, it is extremely important to dispose of any batteries safely. Batteries contain hazardous materials, including lead and acid, which can be dangerous to people and the environment if not disposed of properly. It’s best to take all batteries to a local recycling center or hazardous waste disposal site. Be sure to follow all safety regulations and procedures when handling/transporting these items as they may possess a risk of fire or explosion. Other key components such as sensors and keypads should also be recycled in compliance with local regulations for electronic waste recycling (e-waste). Doing this will ensure that proper disposal practices are adhered to and that our planet is kept safe from harm.

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