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How to Replace the Battery in Your ADT Home Security System

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Learn how to replace the battery in your ADT home security system with these easy steps.

Gather the Necessary Tools

Replacing the battery in an ADT home security system can be a tricky process, so it’s important to have the right tools and materials on hand. To replace the battery in your ADT home security system, you’ll need a Phillips-head screwdriver, a flat-head screwdriver, pliers, and a replacement battery. Make sure to have all the necessary tools before beginning the process.

Unplug the power supply

Before you can begin replacing the battery in your ADT home security system, it is important to make sure that you have gathered all of the necessary tools and have unplugged the power supply from both your wall socket and from the relevent panel. It is essential to unplug any form of power before attempting to make repairs or replacements in order to ensure that no electrical surges occur. Once you have made the necessary preparations, then you may proceed with replacing the battery in your ADT home security system.

Gather the necessary tools

To replace the battery in your ADT home security system, you need to collect the necessary tools and supplies. Most systems will require a few pieces of equipment. Be sure to check your installation instructions for the specific items you need. The items necessary for most systems typically includes the following:

-Screwdriver set: You will need a set of screwdrivers that includes both Phillips and flathead sizes to fit all types of screws, as well as replacement Phillips head and standard head screws
-Multi-meter or voltmeter: In order to properly test and confirm electrical connectivity, you may need a multi-meter or voltmeter.
-Wire cutters/strippers: To remove wires from old batteries or replace wiring entirely if necessary, you may use wire cutters/strippers.
-Worklight: Working in tight spaces can be difficult; having an LED worklight handy helps to make sure you can see every detail.
-Replacement battery: Be sure that you get a battery that is compatible with your system – this information will be sent with your security panel or printed on the existing battery unit if it is removable.

Locate the Battery

Finding the battery in your ADT home security system is the first step in replacing it. The battery is typically housed in a metal box and is usually easy to locate. Depending on the model of ADT system you have, the location of the battery will vary. Some models may include multiple batteries. This section will guide you on how to locate the batteries in your ADT home security system.

Remove the cover

Before you can access the battery in your ADT home security system, you must first remove the security system’s cover. In order to do this, locate the cover latch at the center of the cover. You may need to use a flat head screwdriver to push it down. Once depressed, use your fingers or another tool to pull out and remove completely. Usually the latch is easy to access and will not require any heavy-duty tools. Be gentle with this part of the process, as force can cause permanent damage to your system.

Locate the battery

Before you can replace the battery in your ADT home security system, you need to locate it. The battery in an ADT system is usually located inside the control panel near the main power cable. The location may vary depending on the model of your system, but typically it will be found behind a removable side panel. If the control panel of your system is mounted on an outside wall, you should check for an access door at the bottom or rear of the unit before opening any side panes.

Once you have identified and located the battery inside your security system’s control panel, take a look at its condition to determine what type of replacement battery will be needed for your unit. Most ADT systems use either two 12-volt batteries or a 12-volt sealed lead acid (SLA) battery, so double-check with your local hardware store if you are uncertain about which type is required for your unit. Once you have replaced the old battery with a new one (high-quality lithium batteries are recommended), make sure to activate it by pressing down on both sides until you hear two clicks – this will ensure that power has been restored to all areas of its security grid!

Remove the Old Battery

Replacing the battery in your ADT home security system is an important task that must be done regularly in order to ensure the system is functioning properly. The process is relatively easy, but it requires some caution because the battery is connected to the system and can cause sparks if not handled properly. Here, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to successfully remove the old battery from your ADT home security system.

Disconnect the old battery

Before you disconnect the old battery, ensure that your ADT home security system is powered off. To do this, locate the power switch typically found at the base of the control panel. Slide it to the “Off” position so that all power to your home security system is removed. Then you can safely remove your old battery from its compartment.

There is likely a cord attached between the battery and control panel. Carefully unplug the connected end from inside of the control panel’s terminal then unplug it from the other side of the old battery, which should now be freely hanging out of its compartment in the wall or floor if installed in a basement or crawl space. This could be an electrical resistance wire; use caution to avoid any electrical shocks when working with exposed wires. Once removed, downward pressure on a latch may open up an enclosure in which you can mount your new battery.

Remove the old battery

Before you begin the battery replacement, it is important to take a few moments to review the instructions and prepare the necessary tools:
-Locate and turn off your ADT home security system’s main power source. Refer to your security system’s operation manual for instructions on how to do this.
-Put on safety glasses, as batteries contain hazardous acids that may splatter during installation.
-Gather a pair of insulated pliers and a Phillips head screwdriver before beginning.

Now you are ready to remove the old battery from the security system:
-Locate the battery compartment in your ADT home security system with reference to your system’s user manual. On many systems this is found beneath the control panel at the center bottom of the unit.
-Using an insulated pair of pliers, disconnect both of the wires leading from negative (-) and positive (+) terminals on your existing ADC home security system battery, then remove it from its compartment.
-Be sure that you dispose your old battery in a safe manner according to local regulations.

Install the New Battery

Before you install the new battery in your ADT Home Security System, it is important to follow all safety precautions. Make sure to power off any devices connected to the system, turn off any alarms, and disconnect the power before beginning the replacement process. Once you have taken these safety precautions, you can move on to the installation of the new battery.

Connect the new battery

Now that you have disconnected the old battery you can connect the new one. First, locate the wiring harness terminals on your replacement battery and make sure there is no debris in them. Next, plug the red cable into the positive terminal and plug the black cable into the negative terminal. Make sure both connections are secure; any loose connections can cause system failure. Once all of your cables have been connected, place your new battery into its designated position within your alarm system panel. Don’t forget to secure any connection cables and coverings with zip ties for easy maintenance later on.

Secure the new battery

Once the old battery is disconnected, you are ready to move on with your new battery installation. Before you plug the new battery into place, make sure it is secured. You may wish to use some duct tape or a similar securing device to ensure that it stays in place.

The next step is to connect the wiring from your system’s control panel to the terminals on the new battery. Make sure that the red wire goes into the post labeled “positive”, and black wire goes into post labeled “negative”. Once all wires are properly connected, plug the connecting unit firmly back into position and fasten with screws (if applicable).

Finally, securely attach a safety guard over this connection if necessary and you are done! Your new ADT Home Security System Battery Replacement project is complete!

Test the System

When you’re replacing the battery in your ADT home security system, it’s important to test the system to make sure it is functioning correctly before you finish the installation. This section will cover how to test the system after the battery has been replaced in order to make sure it is functioning properly.

Plug in the power supply

Before you replace the battery, plug in the power supply provided by ADT. Plug the power supply’s wall plug into an outlet. Note that your wall outlet must not be controlled by a light switch. Plug the two ends of the power supply cord into the back of your control panel. This should be done before inserting any batteries – if not, your control panel may time out during setup and its settings will need to be re-programmed. Select a backup battery or other replacement device with proper voltage and capacity that matches what is recommended for your specific system model from ADT’s website as noted in the instructions included with your panel. This ensures that all components of your system such as sensors, keypads, etc., are properly powered when running on battery backup to keep them secured during an emergency.

Test the system

Before you start your work, it is essential to test the system. To do so, disable the alarm by entering your code into the keypad. The panel should briefly submit a message confirming that it has been disabled, after which you should test each of the sensors by applying a pressure or movement to them such as opening a door or window. If triggered correctly, a trouble light will flash on the panel and an audible beep will sound. Once all sensors have been properly tested and checked as functional, you may proceed with replacing the battery.

Replace the Cover

Replacing the Battery in your ADT Security System is a relatively simple task that can be completed in just a few minutes. The first step is to replace the cover. To do this, you must remove the cover from the main unit and remove the old battery. Once the cover is removed, you will need to connect the new battery to the main unit and replace the cover. This will ensure a secure fit and will prevent any potential interference.

Secure the cover

Once all the connections have been made and tested, it’s time to close up your system. Secure the cover with the screws previously removed and make sure the sealant strips are free of dust or debris. This helps to ensure that no water can get into your system and damage anything inside.

If your ADT system includes an interior siren, make sure that you plug the wires back into it before you screws on the top plate. Double-check all of your connections to ensure they are secure and press gently down on each component from the outside to make sure everything is properly secured within its mountings.

Finally, replace any components for which you removed batteries with fresh lithium batteries for optimal performance, then attach them to their mounting points in the same way that they were originally installed. Once everything is in place, gently attach a metal clip across the outside of both halves of this cover and tap them together firmly while giving a slight pressure down until it clicks into place securely.

Test the system again

Once the new battery has been added, the system will need to be tested for proper functionality. To test the system, trigger each one of your security sensors. All of your alarms should sound when activated and then stop when deactivated. If any alarms fail to sound, they may be faulty and need to be replaced or repaired. Additionally, test that all three LEDs on the main Control panel are illuminated. This indicates the system is ready for use and the battery is adequately charging.

If you have trouble testing or using your ADT Home Security System, contact customer service or a professional technician for help. You can also refer to the instruction manual which contains information about any additional steps that may be required during installation or testing.

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