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How to Reset a Napco Alarm System

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If you have a Napco alarm system in your home, it is important to know how to reset it in the event of an emergency. Follow these simple steps to reset your Napco alarm system.


If you own a Napco alarm system, it is important to know how to reset the system when needed. Depending on the model and features of your particular system, resetting can be achieved in a variety of ways. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to reset your Napco security system.

First, it is important to identify the model and features of your Napco alarm system. You can usually locate this information either by checking the user’s manual or by looking at the product label on the back of the control panel or keypad device. Having this information will help you determine which resetting procedure is required for your particular setup.

In general, most Napco alarm systems can be manually reset using a master code or with a special key switch located either inside or outside of your home. Furthermore, many newer systems have the option for remote resetting via an internet connection or phone line, allowing you to easily access and work with your security system from anywhere in the world.
No matter which model and/or features you have, it is important to take note of possible arming delays that could prevent successful resets if not taken into account beforehand. By following these instructions listed below, you should be well on your way towards successfully resetting your Napco Alarm System:

Understand the System

Resetting a Napco alarm system requires a thorough understanding of the system’s components and how they interact. In order to properly reset your system, you must first familiarize yourself with the parts of the alarm, the power source, and how to disable and reconnect the sensors, panels, and keypads. This article will guide you on how to reset your Napco alarm system.

Identify the Panels and Keypads

When resetting a Napco alarm system, it is important to identify the different panels and keypads you have connected to the system. These pieces of hardware may be located in either a single central location or distributed throughout your home or business. They are typically labeled with the manufacturer’s name. The main panel for your Napco alarm system will have a LCD display and should have both an AC power connection point and a battery backup connection point.

The other components necessary for resetting a Napco alarm system are called “keypads” – these are usually wall-mounted control points that allow users to enter their code to disarm or arm the alarm system. All keypads contain buttons that correspond to one or more of the functions necessary for resetting a Napco alarm system, such as “Function”, “Disarm”, “Arm” and “Menu”. There may also be indicators on the keypad indicating different statuses, such as Power (with green light), Armed (with yellow light) or Active Alarm (with red light). Keypads can vary in complexity depending on how sophisticated your own ext environment is – some can provide more customization than others, and support additional features such as multiple user codes, entry/exit delays and fire/burglary mode selection.

Know the System’s Disarm Code

Knowing the alarm system’s disarm code is essential to resetting it. If you are the owner of the system, most likely you obtained its disarming code at the time of installation or when the service technician changed it for safety reasons. The disarm code is a unique combination of numbers that, when entered correctly into your Napco control panel, will disable it.

If you are not the homeowner or if you have recently moved into a home with an existing Napco alarm system, there are several ways to obtain the disarm code. Most often, manufacturers leave access codes printed on paper inside control panel equipment doors. In many cases, door hinges can be opened and reattached without tampering with their locks; so it’s important to look in all prominent positions where an installer may have left access codes while they were setting up your system.

If no codes can be found in or on your control panel and resetting your alarm is extremely urgent, some alarm service providers may be willing to provide you with a temporary access PIN over the phone or online. Having said that, we caution that entering this PIN incorrectly more than three times will cause your system to permanently lock and require professional assistance for unlocking it again.

Resetting the System

In order to reset your Napco alarm system, you’ll need to follow the instructions carefully. The reset process requires you to access the control panel by entering a code, reset the system, and then enable back the system with a new code. To ensure a successful reset, it’s important to know the proper steps and be familiar with the system’s features. This section will provide detailed instructions on how to reset a Napco alarm system.

Enter the Master Code

If you’re having trouble with your Napco alarm, the first step is to reset it. Below are the steps you need to take to reset a Napco alarm system.

Enter the Master Code: First, locate your Master Code, a four-digit access code that allows only trusted users access to make changes to the system. Enter your Master Code into the keypad; there will be 4 beeps followed by one long beep. If the code was entered incorrectly, an error tone will sound and you will need to try again. Once the code is accepted, you will see “Ready” on the display screen. Your system has now been successfully reset and any previously set codes are now disabled.

You can also use additional security codes if desired – these allow additional users such as family members or coworkers secure access without compromising total security of your primary master code.

Reset the System to Default Settings

In some cases, it may be necessary to reset your Napco alarm system to its default settings. This is usually done when the user has changed something that makes it impossible for the system to function correctly and all other attempts at correction have failed. Resetting the system with a reset switch can sometimes fix these problems, and the following steps will walk you through how to do so in a few easy steps.

Before beginning, you should write down all current settings and codes such as: Panel Walk Through Mode Access Code, Default Arming Options, Default Exit Delay Times and any programmed Auto Arm/Disarm features (if applicable). If there is a virtual keypad you should also make note of any custom credentials stored.

To reset the system to default settings:
1. Power off your system by either turning off its main circuit breaker or unplugging its backup power supply if one is present.
2. Once power is completely off press down on both *7 * 8 * keys at the same time then power on your system.
3. Skip over Zone Tests by pressing * 2 then 5 # . When asked “Reset System?” press 0 for yes or 1 for no then # .
4. When asked “Enter ECP Password” enter code 1561 then # . You can now view the ” Quick Start Menu ” where you will see two options – Programming (1) or Exit Without Changes & Rebuff System:(0). To go back into programming select option 1 then 604 followed by # ,you will be placed back into programing mode with all options set to their original factory standard defaults – re-enter any custom credentials as needed before exiting out of programming mode entirely using *99# confirm exit when prompted. The system will now reboot itself and ready for use after entering walkthrough mode access code etc as needed upon boot up – none of which have been affected during this reset process via the reset switch!

Re-enter the System’s Disarm Code

Once the system is reset, you will need to Enter the master disarm code to re-activate the system. You can Enter the master disarm code at any single keypad or at the system’s control center. To Enter the master disarm code do the following:

1. Press “#” to enter programming mode.
2. Enter your four-digit Disarm Code followed by “#”.
3. The keypad will beep twice when this is entered correctly.
4. Exit programming mode by pressing “#” two times and check that alarm is active and ready for use again – this will be indicated with a green status light on the control panel or keypad entry point depending on which version of Napco Alarm System you have installed in your property;
5. Entering an incorrect code will result in an alert beep – try Entering the master code with intentional pauses between characters pressing each character one at a time and wait for confirmation until all digits are entered correctly before leaving programming mode.


In conclusion,reset a Napco Alarm System is not overly complicated and can be done relatively quickly. To reset the system, follow these steps:

1. Disarm the system and input your code.
2. Find the ‘System Reset’ option on the menu and select it.
3. Enter your master code to confirm the reset.
4. The panel will display a confirmation of the reset when complete.
5. Reboot or reset any keypads you have connected to the system as well for full effect of the reset process.

By following these steps correctly, you will have successfully reset your Napco Alarm System to its original factory settings without needing professional assistance from an alarm technician or engineer.

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