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How to Reset Your Hills Alarm System

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If you’re having trouble with your Hills alarm system , resetting it may be the answer. Learn how to reset your Hills alarm system with these simple steps.

Understand Your System

Understanding the components and setup of your Hills alarm system is essential if you are looking to reset it. You need to know the type of control panel you have, the type of sensors and parts you have connected, and the different functions of your alarm system. Taking the time to familiarise yourself with the alarm system will help you better understand the process of resetting it. Let’s dive in and look at the components of your Hills alarm system.

Identify the type of alarm system you have

Before attempting to reset your alarm system, it is important to identify the type of alarm system in use. This can generally be done by checking the model number or series of your alarm system. Many homeowners hire a professional to install their alarm systems, so it is also helpful to contact that company and check for available information on how best to reset your particular system. Alarm systems can be wired or wireless, may contain one or more control panels that monitor multiple zones, and may be connected with a landline for additional security. Understanding the kind of system in your home will help you determine how best to reset the system when needed.

Check the manual for instructions

Before attempting to reset your Hills alarm system, consult the manual for guidance on the specific makes and models you are working with so that you are aware of resetting procedures. Some models may require specific codes, while others may require a simple power reset. Pay close attention to the steps in order to ensure that you do not inadvertently cause further damage to your system. Take note of all manufacturers’ warnings and safety precautions which may apply during the reset procedure. If in doubt, contact a qualified technician for assistance before proceeding with any type of reset.

Reset the System

When your Hills alarm system needs to be reset, you should take the proper steps to ensure that it is done correctly. Resetting your Hills alarm system is easy, but it is important to fully understand the process before you begin. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to reset your Hills alarm system properly.

Disarm the system

Before resetting your Hills alarm system, you must disarm it and make sure that all doors and windows are closed. Depending on your alarm panel, disarm the system by entering your security code, turning off the power switch or pressing a designated reset button. After successfully entering your code or pressing the reset button, the system’s indicator light will turn green signaling that it has been successfully disarmed.

Once you have successfully disarmed the system and closed all necessary doors and windows, press the TEST/RESET button on your alarm panel to begin resetting the system. If a voice announcement is enabled on your Hills alarm system, you may also hear a verbal prompt which will walk you through resetting it as well.

If nothing happens after pressing TEST/RESET, re-enter your security code and press TEST/RESET again. If this does not work, some panels require being unplugged for 10-20 seconds before resetting takes effect. Contact an authorized Hills installer if restarting has no effect in order to have any issues resolved with the alarm system.

Access the system’s programming mode

To reset your Hills alarm system, you need to access its programming mode. This can be done through the control panel or, if your system is compatible with an app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to access the programming mode. Refer to your specific model’s user manual for detailed instructions on how to access the programming mode on either type of interface. If you are still unable to access the programming mode, it may be necessary to reset the system hardwired underlying electronics.

Reset the system’s settings

Resetting the settings on your Hills alarm system is a relatively easy process. To begin, locate the panel for your alarm system and press the Reset button. If there is no visible reset button, try using a thin object such as a paperclip to push the resealable area of the panel. This will likely reset all settings associated with your Hills alarm system.

Once you have reset the system’s settings, you will need to program them in again depending on how you want your alarm to behave. Programming can be done manually through entering codes assigned to each entry and exit point or setting up motion sensors are potential triggers that may be associated with certain events or devices within our preset parameters.

It may also be wise to consult the manual that came with your Hills alarm system if you are uncertain of any setting or feature within it before attempting to program it in again. This way, you have assurance that every setting is set up correctly and that they are all compatible with one another so as to create an efficient, secure and effective security network designed for your home or commercial establishment.

Test the System

Testing your Hills Alarm System is an important part of routine maintenance and ensures that it is functioning properly. Testing the system regularly also helps you detect any potential problems quickly and decreases the risk of false alarms. To test your system, you can use the test button on the control panel or use the remote control to do an arming and disarming test.

Activate the system

Activating your Hills Alarm System is the first step to making sure your property is adequately secured. Follow the steps below to quickly and easily activate your system.

1. Make sure all doors are closed and the arming volume is set low.
2. Ensure that all windows are locked and any easy access points are secured.
3. Activate the alarm by pressing the alarm icon on your keypad or mobile device app, or by using voice activation commands.
4. You will receive a notification confirming that you have successfully activated the system.
5. Exit the property, making sure not to trip any motion sensors while you leave, then close and lock all external doors before leaving completely to ensure maximum security protection from intruders or theft attempts when you’re away from home for extended periods of time..

Test the system to ensure it is functioning properly

Testing your system regularly is essential to ensure that it is functioning properly and that it is ready to respond should the need arise. To test the system, first arm the system. The control panel will display an armed event. Then, trigger each device you have installed to confirm that an alarm is reported on the control panel for each device. Once all devices have been activated, quickly enter your access code within the allowed timeframe to disarm your system and clear any recorded events from memory. You should also check any wireless settings or connections you are using with your alarm, as these can sometimes become disconnected and inadvertently trigger false alarms. Lastly, perform a full system reset by power-cycling the alarm’s control module or unplugging its power source for 1-2 minutes. This ensures all components are in sync with each other and running without any conflicts or errors which can cause interference with its functionality. Once rebooted, test all components of the system again as per normal procedure as outlined above to ensure they are functioning correctly.


Resetting your Hills Alarm System can be a daunting task, but it is important to ensure that it is working properly. Troubleshooting the system can help you identify any issues and how to go about fixing them. In this section, we will discuss the common issues and how to reset your Hills Alarm System.

Check the batteries

If you are having trouble resetting your Hills Alarm system, the first thing to check is your batteries. While not all Hills alarm systems run on battery power, many do. If your alarm system runs on battery power, check the battery levels and replace any low or dead batteries. If after replacing low or dead batteries you are still having difficulties in resetting the system, move onto the next step in troubleshooting.

Check the wiring and connections

Before you attempt to reset your Hills alarm system, it is important to thoroughly check the wiring and connections on all sensors and devices. Ensuring that all components are in good working order can prevent many potential issues and will help ensure a successful reset of your system. Begin by inspecting the power cable from the wall socket, as well as the connection point where any computer or monitor cables are attached.

Next, check the connections for any Hill Security Detectors (HSDs) installed in the home – these units sense motion or open/close events and send signals to activate or deactivate alarms. Make sure that each HSD has a secure connection point to its own base unit. Check all transmitter/receiver systems installed in window frames or doorjambs for loose plugs or wires. Finally, confirm that alarm batteries are working properly so that any alerts sent by detectors are received completely and correctly by monitoring devices such as a keypad or smartphone app. After this step has been thoroughly completed, you can move onto attempting to reset your Hill Alarm System.

Contact customer support if necessary

If troubleshooting your Hills alarm system fails to restore its functionality, you may need to contact customer support. Before doing so, please check that any batteries installed in the system are working correctly and all connections are secure.

When contacting customer support, make sure you provide information about the exact model of your alarm system and describe the specific issues being experienced. This will enable customer service representatives take steps to resolve the issue more quickly. If a technician is dispatched it is important that you have read through all of the safety and maintenance instructions in your user manual prior to their arrival.

If external assistance isn’t required, our customer support team can also provide helpful advice sold as an alternative resolution to any problems that might be encountered with your alarm system – either over the telephone or via email.

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