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How to Reset a Vivint Door Lock

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You may need to reset your Vivint Door Lock for a variety of reasons. Find out how to do so by following these simple steps.

Preparing to Reset

Before you can reset your Vivint door lock, you must first prepare the device by powering off the lock. If you have a standard keypad door lock, this means unplugging the device. If you have a touchscreen lock, it means pressing the small reset button on the rear of the device. Follow the instructions to successfully power off the device and complete important preparations before resetting your Vivint door lock.

Ensure the lock is powered on

Before attempting to reset a Vivintdoor lock, you should make sure that it is powered on. This is done by checking the lock’s LED lights which should be lit up when you open and close the door. If the LED lights are not lit up, then power may be an issue and you should ensure that the batteries are still functional or that your alarm system is receiving a good signal. If power is not an issue, it is possible that the door lock is in a low battery mode so ensuring it receives a solid signal from your alarm system will usually resolve this issue before attempting a reset.

Gather the necessary tools

Before you reset a Vivint Door Lock, it is important to gather all the necessary tools. You will need: a flat screwdriver, two double-A batteries, a Phillips screwdriver, tweezers and potentially a cutting machine. You may also need some oil to lubricate the lock, depending on how long it has been installed without being reset or if it has been exposed to harsh weather conditions. Once you have all the tools ready, you can proceed with the reset process. Make sure that you take extra care with the screws when removing them as these parts are delicate and can be easily damaged, especially if using a cutting machine.

Resetting the Lock

Resetting a Vivint door lock is a simple process. Knowing how to reset it will help give you peace of mind when it comes to your home’s security. There are two methods to reset a Vivint door lock. You can either do it manually or with the Vivint Smart Home App. Let’s explore these methods and understand how to reset a Vivint door lock.

Access the lock’s programming menu

Vivint door locks use electronic and digital components to secure a home and have the ability to be programmed with a few button presses. Programming allows you to reset combinations, check battery levels and other small tasks that are necessary for maintaining the locks. To access the programming menu, you will need specific keypress sequences entered within 30 seconds of one another.

First, press and hold the ‘Lock’ button on your Vivint Door Lock keypad. Now press 7 3 3 within 30 seconds of pressing the ‘Lock’ button. If successful, you will hear a single beep inside your lock signaling that you are now in programmed mode.

The default combination used is 12345678910 but can be changed to any 10 digits according to your needs by typing ‘Reset Combination’ into the programming menu. After typing the Factory Reset code in place of the old combination, tap ‘OK’. You will see an on screen message confirming that your new combination is now active.

Enter the reset code

To reset your Vivint door lock, you’ll need the 6-digit reset code that came with your lock when it was initially installed. This code must be entered in sequence to activate the reset process. It is important to remember that entering any incorrect number may cause the lock to become stuck or disabled. To avoid this issue, make sure each number is entered precisely.

Once you have entered the 6-digit reset code, press and hold the Program button until all five indicator LEDs illuminate and your Vivint door lock beeps twice. After this occurs, your lock will now be in its default factory settings.

Confirm the reset

Before initiating a reset, however, double-check that it’s the right option for you. In some cases, a restart will be sufficient to solve the problem if the door won’t respond to your commands.

To initiate a full reset on your Vivint Door Lock, first make sure that all of the components are powered off. This includes the power supply connection at your main panel and any connecting wiring between the main panel and controller. Additionally, make sure to use proper precautions such as turning off power or flipping a breaker for safety when working on any electrical components that require resetting.

Next, press and hold down both of the “Lock” and “Unlock” buttons on your Vivint Door Lock key blank for approximately 20 seconds. You will then hear a single chime which indicates that you have successfully initiated a reset.

Testing the Reset

After you have reset your Vivint Door Lock, it is important to test the reset was successful. In order to ensure that the reset worked, you should perform a few simple tests. This section will provide step-by-step instructions for testing the reset of your Vivint Door Lock.

Test the reset code

Before setting your new code, it is important to test the reset code to ensure that it works properly. Using the keypad on your Vivint door lock, enter in the reset code you created. Once you press enter, you should receive an audible beep and flashing LED lights which indicates the reset code was accepted.

If your reset code was not accepted by your Vivint door lock, press both the ‘9’ and ‘3’ buttons at the same time to re-program the lock. This is an easy and fast solution if you find yourself having difficulty entering in your reset code. Once this two-button sequence is complete, re-enter your desired reset code.

After testing out both solutions and still not having success with entering in the new reset code, it may be time to contact a technician from Vivint before continuing further reprogramming steps. In order to provide quick assistance, have all pertinent documents pertaining to the lockset ready for the technician’s convenience – such as model number and serial number information physically found on label that accompanied shipment of lock .

Test the lock’s operation

Once you have completed the reset, it’s important to test the lock’s operation to make sure that it is functioning correctly. To do this, use the following steps:

1. Disengage the lock from your mobile app to be sure that you can open and close the door using your personalized code and thumbturn/knob on inside of door.

2. Try each passage code entered during programming procedure individually to make sure each works as expected.

3. Test all other codes on the list for correct locking/unlocking functionality and make any corrections or changes necessary if needed.

4. Check for smoothness when turning knob from inside only-it must rotate freely without any noticeable sticking points or sticking issues due to an internal misalignment within lock body; this may require service assistance if persists after resetting process has been completed successfully.

5. Check lock cylinder operation by inserting a 3/32 Allen wrench or safety pick into keyhole located at bottom of faceplate (if one exists): You should be able to turn both right & left with no resistance or tight spots-this is normal and indicates properly aligned components within housing assembly; resistant spots indicate parts needing realignment with help from qualified technician or locksmith only!

Test the lock’s programming

Once the new settings are programmed into the lock, it’s important to test that everything is working properly. Start by unlocking the lock with your code and key. Verify that the touchpad is comfortably lit and displays a correct lockout time. While in this mode, manually latch and unlatch the door several times to ensure it works as expected. Then, verify that auto-lock has been enabled: Unlock the door via code, wait the correct lockout time, and verify that latch was locked automatically. Test a few other settings if needed – low battery indicators, nightlatch, alarm triggering, etc. Once all settings are tested and working correctly, you can be sure that resetting your Vivint Door Lock was successful.


If there is an issue with your Vivint door lock, troubleshooting can help you determine the problem. Most Vivint door locks are easy to reset and can be done without the need to contact the Vivint customer service team. Here, we will cover some common troubleshooting solutions to reset your Vivint door lock.

Check the lock’s power source

When troubleshooting a Vivint door lock, it is important to make sure the lock has a power source and is functioning correctly. Most Vivint door locks are powered by either four AA batteries or a power adapter along with an internal battery backup.

If the lithium ion rechargeable battery is being used, ensure that it is properly installed in the lock and charged. If your batteries are not holding a charge, the lock may need to be replaced or serviced by an authorized service technician.

If you’re using AA batteries in your Vivint door lock, check them to make sure they are fresh and have good voltage. You can do this with an inexpensive multimeter or voltmeter. Replace any weak or dead cells as necessary to get full voltage out of your battery pack.

It’s also possible that a bad power adapter or wall outlet could be causing problems with your Vivint door lock’s power supply so you should check those as well if you suspect there may be an issue. Once you have ensured that all power sources are working properly, reset your door lock by following the instructions in the owner’s manual of your Vivint system.

Check the reset code

When attempting to reset a Vivint Door Lock, it is important to first check the reset code. This can easily be done by locating the four-digit code on the inside of your door handle mechanism. It is important to carefully read this number and make sure you enter it correctly when prompted.

It may also be helpful to ensure that the four-digit number has not changed by simply re-entering it into your device setup. Should you still find that your device is unable to register a successful reset, please consult Vivint’s customer support or your local authorized technician for assistance.

Contact Vivint customer service

If you have followed the steps above and are still having troubles resetting your Vivint Door Lock, then contact Vivint customer service. Their team of dedicated technicians can help you walk through resetting the lock and address any other issues.

To contact Vivint customer service, follow these steps:
-Go to their website:
-Chat with a live representative online or call them directly at 844-214-6029.
-Have your Vivint account number ready before calling
-Have the following information handy to expedite assistance: house address, lock serial number, and account PIN code (if applicable)
-Be sure to share the symptoms you are having with the door lock so they can provide targeted help.

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