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How to Reset Your Yoosee CCTV

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If you have a Yoosee CCTV system and you need to know how to reset it, this blog post is for you. We’ll go over the different methods of resetting your system so that you can get it back up and running again.


Resetting your Yoosee CCTV can be a useful tool to restore your system after facing any issue. Performing this reset should be done only if absolutely necessary as it returns all settings to their default states. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps of properly resetting your Yoosee CCTV and restoring it to its original settings. Please note that resetting the system will erase any recordings stored in the memory card or cloud storage and it will be necessary to reconfigure the settings, either manually or using a mobile device, before taking any further action. Follow these steps carefully in order to successfully reset your Yoosee CCTV:


If you want to reset your Yoosee CCTV, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare. Firstly, make sure you have the correct type of Yoosee CCTV camera for your needs. Besides that, you’ll need to find the user manual so you can familiarize yourself with the setup. Additionally, make sure you have a pen and paper handy to write down any new settings or configurations you may need to apply during the reset. With these preparations in place, you’re ready to reset your Yoosee CCTV.

Check Your Camera Model

When setting up a Yoosee CCTV camera, it is important to check the model of the camera. This is because some of the settings and procedure may vary according to different models. The model information can be found on the device itself or in its manual. Knowing your camera’s model will help you navigate the setup process and make sure that you are following the correct steps.

Once you have identified your model, it is important to check that your cable connections are properly set up and that your network equipment, such as routers or access points, are working correctly. When configuring a wireless connection, check that you are connecting to the right type of Wi-Fi (2.4GHz or 5GHz) for your camera and that both Wi-Fi signals have strong reception strength where your device will be placed. Additionally, ensure that security protocols such as password protection or encryption are properly enabled for extra network security.

Prepare Your Network

To reset your Yoosee CCTV, you must first identify and prepare your network. Gather the following:

An Ethernet cable to connect your Yoosee camera to your router or modem
Your WiFi’s SSID and password
A laptop or computer connected to a stable internet connection
Once you have these items in place, you can start the process of resetting your camera. Connect the Ethernet cable from your router or modem to the camera’s LAN port, then connect the other end of the cable into a laptop or computer with an active and stable internet connection. On the same device, open and log into a web browser (e.g., Firefox or Chrome). Once logged in, type “” on the address bar then press enter. You should now be prompted to fill out a few information fields regarding WiFi details such as SSID and password as well as security protocols (if any). Finally, press apply to save all settings. Afterward, you will receive confirmation that your Yoosee CCTV has been successfully reset!

Resetting Your Camera

Resetting your Yoosee CCTV camera is a great way to troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing, as well as wiping any data for a fresh start. It is also a good idea to reset your camera regularly to ensure that it is running optimally. In this article, we will discuss the proper steps for resetting your Yoosee CCTV camera.

Resetting via the App

Resetting your camera through the Yoosee app is a simple and straightforward process. First, make sure you have an active internet connection. Next, open the Yoosee app on your device, select the corresponding camera and log into it with your username and password. Once connected, click “More > Settings” to access all of your camera’s settings. From there, select “Reset > Reset All Settings” and confirm that you want to reset your camera. The system will begin the resetting process which will erase all settings including Wi-Fi connections, motion detection settings, and any other customizations you may have made before. This process may take several minutes to complete depending on the type of camera you are using. Once finished, it is recommended that you check the status of your camera or reboot it if necessary in order to ensure that everything is working properly before reconnecting it to Wi-Fi network

Resetting via the Web

Resetting your camera via the web is a simple way to restore it to its original factory settings. This process involves accessing the camera’s web interface on any computer, tablet, or smartphone and performing the reset. Placing your Yoosee CCTV in reset mode will remove your custom settings along with any passwords and restore it to its original condition.

To begin, plug in your camera and locate the Unique ID (UID) that is associated with it. Typically this number can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the device, near where you plugged in the power supply. Once you have obtained your UID number, install and run Yoosee Lite app, or log into using a web browser on any computer device connected to your network. Agree to any terms that may be listed and proceed to sign in with appropriate credentials. Make sure you are providing an account that has administrative rights as this will allow you full access when making changes via web control panel interface.

Once logged in, select ‘My Account’ icon at top of screen followed by ‘Device Management’ tab located under ‘Cameras’ option from left pane menu tree selection list – select associated UID numbers for proper device connection along with corresponding access rights for successful device reset operation process initiation dialogue acceptance dialog box processing for completion of desired factory defaults return restore procedure.-

Connecting Your Camera

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an experienced CCTV professional, resetting your Yoosee CCTV can be a daunting task. Fortunately, with the help of a few simple steps, you can easily reset your Yoosee camera. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your camera to your network and reset it. So, let’s get started.

Configuring the App

To finish connecting your camera, you need to configure the Yoosee app. This will allow you to view footage from your camera remotely on your mobile device.

Launch the Yoosee App on your mobile device and tap “+” in the top right corner of the main screen. This will open up a window with four tabs: Wifi Smart Link, AP Mode, Remote Access, and Offline Scan. Choose Wi-Fi Smart Link or AP mode to start connecting your camera.

If you’re using Wi-Fi Smart Link, simply enter the SSID name of your WiFi network and password into the boxes provided and press next. The app will check that you have entered all information correctly before prompting you to reset the camera by pressing down on its reset button for 7 seconds until it beeps twice. Once it beeps twice, click “OK” on your app which should now detect your camera when searching for devices nearby. On successful detection of your camera, click ‘next’ to enter a password for your CCTV device/camera. After entering this password two times, click ‘finish’ to complete setup of connection between Camera and Mobile App.(Be sure that you remember this password since it will be required everytime in future when logging into App)

Now that the connection is established between Camera and Mobile App, click “OK” in application . Your live footage is now available in app directly which can be accessed anytime by opening Yoosee Application on phone or tablet they are connected to!

Setting up the Web Interface

Once your camera is properly connected to the internet, it’s time to set it up for remote access. To do this, you need to access the web interface of the camera. This can be done by entering the IP address of the camera into your web browser or via a configuration software that comes with your camera. The configuration software will either provide a QR code or key that can be used to quickly connect the camera and make changes while keeping it secure.

Once connected, you will be prompted to enter a user name and password; this should have been provided with your camera and may also be found in its manual. If you have lost this information go to your manufacturer’s website where they should have detailed instructions on how to reset them. Once logged in, a window should appear with several navigation buttons on the left-hand side; click on Network/WiFi Settings and enter your WiFi network details (SSID, password, encryption type) into their corresponding fields. Then click “save” and if you are successful in connecting the camera to your Wi-Fi network, then it is now ready for remote access from anywhere in the world!


Resetting your Yoosee CCTV is a simple process that can help ensure the security of both your home and your personal information. The quick steps involved in learning how to reset your camera can help save you valuable time and money, as well as protecting your home’s security. By following the above steps, you’ll be able to ensure that there are no loose ends when it comes to resetting your system. Additionally, if you ever experience any issues with the Yoosee system, make sure to contact their customer service team immediately for assistance.

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