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How to Set the Date and Time on Your ADT Alarm System

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ADT security systems are equipped with a digital keypad that allows you to set the time and date for your system.


ADT is one of the leading security companies, providing customers with home automation, energy management and home security features. With the ADT alarm system, you can easily control your home and monitor it remotely, via the app or web interface. To make sure all systems are synchronized, you need to set the date and time on your ADT Alarm. This guide will give you complete instructions to set the date and time on your ADT Alarm System.

First off, access the system by pressing * and # keys on your keypad at once. After that enter ‘8 0′ followed by a two-digit code to get into programming mode. There is a specific two-digit code assigned to each of these particular systems that should be provided when installing it. In case this code has been forgotten or misplaced enter ’80 1 2 3 4’ (default Master Code).

Once you have entered programming mode of your ADT Alarm System then scroll down until getting to [4], “System Time & Date”. Set your desired date for example 03/27/2020 (format is MM/DD/YYYY) and then select [5] “Change Time”, next choose an hour (military time / 24 hours format) for example 13:00 – 1pm; finally press [*] as an indicator that you have completed setting up the time in a correct format.

Finally when programming mode is finished press [*] so that settings are saved successfully in memory and alarms are armed properly for 24hrs period of time.
To exit the programming menu just press # be aware that since this menu gives access to many sensitive functions it is recommended to change passwords frequently.

Understanding the Date and Time Settings

Knowing how to properly set the date and time on your ADT Alarm System is essential for making sure that all alarms are properly triggered when necessary. The ADT system comes with instructions on how to set the time and date, but it can be confusing for those not familiar with the process. In this article, we’ll go through the steps necessary to set the date and time on your ADT alarm system correctly, so you can be sure your alarm will alert you when necessary.

Changing the Date

When setting the date, it is important to remember to enter the values in the proper format. On most ADT systems, you must enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy (month/day/year) format. It is also important to note that your entry should be exactly two characters for both the month and day fields. You will also need to select a military format (24-hour) for time entries.

To begin changing your system’s date and time settings:

1. Go to “Installer Settings” on your main menu screen
2. Go to “System Settings”
3. Choose “Date & Time”
4. Carefully enter the correct date – make sure you use a leading zero for single-digits on any of your entries!
5. Carefully enter the correct time – again, use a leading zero for single-digits!
6. Select “Save” or “Submit” when finished
7. Verify you have entered all information correctly before exiting out of menus

Once set, some systems will automatically update their dates and times with daylight saving or other required changes; this feature may require additional setup depending on your system’s individual programming options so be sure to refer to the user guide provided with your hardware before attempting any changes or alterations to these settings.

Changing the Time

Accurately setting the time and date on your ADT Alarm System is an integral part of its security and operation. You can easily change the time and/or date for better accuracy or to account for Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustments, as well as any other time zone changes.

The procedure to change the time and/or date on your ADT alarm system is quite simple. First, press “Menu” with a pencil or pen point. Navigate to “Time & Date” then press the left-arrow key until the hour digits are highlighted on your keypad. Use the number keys to enter the current hour, then press “>|” to move to the minutes digits field; use number keys to enter minutes current minute then press “>|” again two times in order to navigate back to HH:MM (hour:minute).

Now you can use and arrows for scrolling up and down or enter a correct day, month, or year manually using the number keys on your keyboard. If you do not make any changes after entering data, it will not be accepted. Thus be sure that all data entered is relevant and correct before pressing (accept) key which confirms all changes made.
This procedure should have successfully set your alarm system according to DST guidelines if required or as informed into respective fields that have been changed previously by navigating with arrow keys up/down arrows or using left/right arrows for different fields across menu levels .

Setting the Time Zone

When setting the time and date on your ADT alarm system, it is important to make sure you enter the correct time zone of your location. The available time zones are:
-Pacific Time
-Mountain Time
-Central Time
-Eastern Time

Entering the wrong time zone can cause issues with scheduling and notifications. To configure the correct one, go to Settings and select Date/Time. Choose Region/Time Zone from the drop down menu, then select your location from the available options. Once you have chosen your preferred setting, hit “Done” and confirm that the clock is showing the correct time.

Setting the Alarm Clock

Setting the date and time on an ADT alarm system is a relatively straightforward process. By following the instructions in this guide, you’ll be able to easily set the clock on your alarm system and ensure that your alarm will go off at the right time. In addition, you may be able to use the clock settings to create schedules or scenes that make your alarm system even more useful. Read on to learn how to set the date and time on your ADT alarm system.

Setting the Alarm Clock Time

When you first set up your ADT alarm system, the clock time is likely not accurate. Setting the time and date will ensure that your alarm system is running properly and that notifications are sent at the right times. To set the clock time, follow these steps:

1. Open up the main panel of your ADT system.
2. Press “Time” on the main panel to enter “Time Settings” mode.
3. Use the left or right arrows located below “Time” on the main panel to set to current hour and press “Enter.”
4. Press “Minutes” on the main panel and use left and right arrows to set current minutes, then press “Enter” again when finished setting minutes of time.
5. Select “Am/Pm” option with arrows, if needed; this should already be correctly adjusted depending on current hour value chosen in Step 3 above.
6. Press “Done” to exit from “Time Settings” mode when complete.
7. The new time will automatically update after completion of these steps and appear with a digital display within 1 minute of setting this function as desired within your alarm system’s settings modes!

Setting the Alarm Clock Day

ADT alarm systems offer a variety of time and date settings for setting your alarm clock. The following steps will walk you through the process of setting the day, month, and year on your ADT system:

1. Press and hold the “Clock” or “Program” button for at least three seconds until the display begins flashing in sequence from hours to minutes to day of year (except leap years).
2. Using the arrow keys, set the clock to your desired time.
3. When the time display is blinking, press the “PM/AM” buttons to toggle between AM and PM times. Keep pressing until you reach your desired setting.
4. When you reach 12PM on a leap year, press “Mode/Advance” until it reaches 1PM Leap Year Setting and then press “Enter” twice.
5 .The display will prompt you for month, day, and year entry in that order- gradually by year-month-day from 2000-2020-by using arrow keys on your control panel as well as “Enter” once for each unit entered: MonthDayYearEnter (i.e., 01-01-20 enter).
6 .Verify all dates are correct by pressing “Clock/Program” again after all dates have been entered in sequence and watch them roll across the LCD screen – if something doesn’t look right simply utilize step 2 above to make desired changes accordingly

Setting the System Clock

One of the most important parts of setting up your ADT alarm system is making sure that the time and date are set correctly. This will ensure that your alarm system is functioning properly, and any motion-sensing or security-related events that occur will be timestamped correctly. In this article, we’ll discuss how to correctly set the date and time on your ADT alarm system.

Setting the System Clock Time

Setting the time on your ADT alarm system is an important step in making sure that all of your home security operations and notifications are accurate. Fortunately, setting the date and time on your system is a simple process that you can learn in just a few minutes. Follow the steps below to ensure that the system clock time of your ADT alarm system is always up to date:

1. Check the current date and time settings on your ADT Alarm System.
2. Access “Settings” from the main menu of your alarm control panel or keypad.
3. Choose “Admin Settings” from the list of options within “Settings”.
4. Select “System Clock Time” when prompted by pressing its corresponding button or keypad number associated with it. Most systems will include a simple 12 hour digital clock display for reference purposes with either AM/PM or 0-23 hour designations.
5. Scroll through each digital number to set both the day, month, year, hours and minutes based on the current local time displayed by another reliable source such as a wristwatch or smartphone application (e.g., Calendar).
6. Confirm that you have successfully set all of your new settings by pressing any corresponding buttons necessary to save them into memory before exiting out of all menus back to the main home screen panel or keypad display for confirmation purposes if necessary…

Setting the System Clock Date

Once you are logged in, proceed with the following steps for setting the System Clock Date:

1. From the main menu, select **System Status/Actions**.
2. Choose **Set Time/Date** by pressing either the *select* or *enter* key.
3. Use the arrow keys to choose your month, date and year and press *enter*. The system must be set with the correct date and time in order to properly monitor your alarm system and receive signal reports from the central station.
4. To adjust the time of day, use the arrow keys to select Hours, then Minutes and press *enter*.
5. Press either the *exit* or *select* key until you are back at the main menu screen.


To change the date and time on your ADT Alarm System, you’ll need to enter your security code, then press and hold the “*” button or “#” button while entering the correct date and time. After you’ve entered the correct date and time, press “STAY/BYPASS” to save. Make sure to always check the maintenance sticker on your alarm panel for any updated information about your system.

It’s important to ensure that the date and time are accurate on your ADT alarm system as this will affect how quickly you receive notifications from motion detectors and other sensors in your home. With an accurate setting, you’ll know that any alerts you get from your alarm system are trustworthy and reliable. Additionally, if a fault code is caused by a change in already programmed times or dates, a professional system installer may need to be called as it could be a sign of another issue such as malfunctioning equipment or improper installation.

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