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How to Turn Off the Beep on a DSC Alarm System

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DSC alarm systems are designed to provide security and peace of mind, but the beeping can be a nuisance. Here’s how to turn it off.


Many homeowners find they need to turn off their DSC Alarm System beeping. This can be due to an incorrect code entry or a sensor that has gone bad. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off the beeping of your DSC Alarm System with a few quick steps. The following instructions will help guide you through the process turning off the DSC alarm system’s beep. Make sure to follow all instructions carefully for optimal security and peace of mind.

There are two ways to turn off the beep on a DSC alarm system: manually from the panel, or remotely from your smartphone using the relevant app for your system model. Here, we’ll explain how to do both:

1. Enter your user access code into your panel and proceed to enter programming mode by pressing *2 followed by 8.
2. Press *7 followed by 6 to view Status Code Descriptions/Table 1 & Status Code Table 2 as available in some panels such as Power series (1987-1994). In other panels such as PC1500 & PC1550 series (1994-1999) press **6 instead of **7 & select table 8.
3. Locate 47 Beeps ON/OFF option and press # then set ON or OFF accordingly via the keypad buttons 1-9, 0 or *. Note that ON is represented with 0 while OFF is represented with 8 on most systems except ADT Safewatch where ON is 4 and OFF is 5. Then press # again; this should effectively disable all audible notifications from your panel on codes entered, opens & closes of doors etc., Unless when bypassing a zone you still might not hear any chimes if 02 Exit/Entry tone set is OFF too which can also be done following same method described above for 47 Beeps ON/OFF option only instead choose 03 Exit/Entry tone ON/OFF option this time (position 03). Then press # again when done just as described above for 47 Beeps ON/OFF option before this one in same step 2 paragraph above this one here..

1 Go into MyDSC app> settings >Advanced >System sound settings and adjust accordingly then save changes..

Check the Manual

If you’re trying to turn off the beep on your DSC alarm system, the simplest solution is to check the manual that comes with it. Different models will have slightly different instructions, but the manual should provide all the necessary information. However, if the manual doesn’t help, don’t worry – there are still other solutions available.

Understanding the features of your DSC Alarm System

Before attempting to turn off the beep provided by your DSC Alarm System, it’s important to understand the features of this device. The DSC Alarm System is a popular choice for home safety and security and comes with several different features that provide convenience and ease of use. It is also a very versatile system offering options from basic protection capabilities to advanced integration with other devices like cameras and door locks.

By taking the time to read through your DSC Alarm System user manual, you will gain a better understanding of the system and its capabilities. This knowledge can be used to customize the alarm settings and make sure you have everything set according to your personal preferences. For instance, the user manual should include details about how to adjust volume levels, or reset default settings if needed. You can also find instructions on how to activate and deactivate specific alarms depending on what type of protection is desired. Additionally, some models even offer notifications via text message or email on certain events such as door or window openings/closings.

This valuable information can be used not only for setting up your alarm but also for troubleshooting in case something goes wrong. By understanding the features offered by your alarm system, you will have more control over its operations, allowing you to better manage any safety-related issues that may arise in the future.

Locating the user manual

Locating the user manual for your DSC alarm system is the first step to silencing your system’s beeps. Your manual may be found online, in the manufacturer’s documentation, or printed directly on the back of your alarm panel face. To locate this information online, visit and search for information related to your specific model number or name of panel. The search feature will help you find a link to download a PDF version of the user manual that will provide detailed instructions on how to silence or disable the audible sounds coming from your system.

Once you have located and downloaded a PDF version of the user manual, it is important to take note of specific pages that contain instruction related to disabling any announcing tones from the keypad display panel. In some instances, manuals do not include this topic but do describe similar processes which may help guide you in finding solutions related to turning off beeping sounds coming from your DSC alarm system control panel.

Turning Off the Beep

DSC alarm systems are one of the most popular home security systems. They provide maximum protection with features such as motion sensors, panic buttons and more. One of the features of DSC alarm systems is they beep when they receive a notification. While this is a useful feature, it can be quite annoying. In this article, we will discuss how to turn off the beep on a DSC alarm system.

Accessing the system settings

When it comes to turning off the beep on a DSC alarm system, the first step is to access the control panel. To do this, you will need your user code and the master code which can be found in your owner’s manual or provided customer service representative. In some cases, these codes may also be printed on an alarm system keypad.

Once you enter the user code, press ‘#’, followed by the master code. This will bring you to system settings where you can turn off the beep and make other modifications to your system. Depending on what type of panel your have, here are some of options that if available:
-Silence button/keypad: For pushing a button or entering a specific key combination will silence or activate alarms for a short period of time.
-Chime On/Off: For turning on and off chimes during opening or closing of doors/windows
-Exit Delay: Timer that allows for anyone to exit before the alarm triggers
-Audible Alarm: You may switch audible alarms on and off

Once you have located your desired settings, follow steps from owner’s manual or confirm with customer service representative before making any selections that could permanently alter programming. Once confirmed, use up/down keys on device interface and press # when finished making changes. Finally remember to test monthly after any modification is made in order to ensure proper functioning of system.

Disabling the keypad beep

If you’ve ever experienced the incessant beeping from your DSC alarm system, you know how annoying it can be. Fortunately, disabling the keypad beep is relatively easy, regardless of the model you have in your home. To turn off this feature, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the door to the keypad and locate the volume button. It will likely be marked with a small padlock icon and could be labelled “Volume” or “Beep” depending on your model.
2. Press and hold down this button for several seconds until the keypad stops making a sound.
3. If prompted by an on-screen message, use either toggle keys ( or ) or enter a three-digit Master Code to confirm that you wish to turn off the beeping sound from your system. This code should appear in your user manual provided with initial installation of system, but if it doesn’t – try entering *29*.
4. Test by seeing if there is any sound coming from the keypad when certain items are pressed on it – if not, then you have successfully disabled this feature!

Disabling the siren beep

When arming and disarming your DSC alarm system, the siren may beep to alert you that your system is armed or disarmed. While this beep can provide peace of mind, it may also become an annoyance. Fortunately, the process for disabling the siren beep is simple.

To start, press *2 while on the main screen of your system’s keypad. This will bring up the programming menu and require you to enter a four digit security code. Once inside programming menu options 8 (troubles) and 11 (tone & pulse) will allow you to disable or enable the siren beep depending on your preference. Menu option 8 fully disables the siren beep at all times so use with caution if you want local police responding to alarms from your system.

If you are having trouble locating a four digit security code or if attempts made with any codes are unsuccessful, please contact a professional alarm technician as soon as possible; they will have access to more information regarding setting up and disabling features of your DSC alarm system.


Turning off the Beep on a DSC Alarm System is a simple process. All it requires is a few steps to get the system up in running without any hassles. After completing all the steps given above, your alarm should be silently keeping your house safe and secure! Having an uninterrupted night’s rest without annoying beep sound from the alarm system is a fantastic thing. Make sure you follow these steps properly, and in case you need help understanding anything, contact an expert to help you out with this task.

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