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How to Turn Off Your Brinks Home Security System

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This guide will show you how to deactivate and disable your Brinks home security system .


If you own a Brinks Home Security System, you may need to know how to turn it off. This could be necessary during a power outage or if there has been a false alarm. Regardless of the reason, knowing how to deactivate and then reset your Brinks system is important. In this guide, we will explain the process of turning off and resetting your security system, as well as provide some tips that can help keep your home safe no matter what type of system you have installed. If the main power source has been disrupted, it is important to deactivate the system before attempting to reset it. By following these steps and advice, you can ensure that any intrusion or accident does not put your home at risk for an unnecessary break-in or costly repairs.

Understanding Your Brinks System

Before you can turn off or disarm your Brinks Home Security System, it’s important to understand how the system works. Brinks offers several types of systems, and each system is slightly different but all have the same basic concepts. This section will discuss the different components and features of the Brinks Home Security System , as well as how to turn off the system when you need to.

Identifying the Control Panel

The control panel serves as the brains of the Brinks Home Security system. It is responsible for receiving signals from the individual sensors and sounders, connecting to a monitoring center or calling police in response to an alarm incident. Most modern Brinks security systems will come equipped with one of two types of control panels: an LCD-based panel designed for a simpler installation and setup process, or a traditional hard-wired keypad actuated panel which requires additional time and effort to install but provides additional user control.

Identifying which type of control panel has been installed in your home is important in order to understand how to turn it off, so let’s examine the differences between them further.

The LCD Panel: This sleek modern style panel typically features bright blue graphics on an easy to read LCD display with large easy buttons for entering information such as codes or zones. Usually installed near a main entryway, these panels are easily identifiable by their compact size and clearly labeled “ready” light at the top.

The Hard-Wired Panel: These larger panels are uniform black in color with white engravings for each set of buttons with clear labeling beneath them showing their uses. Unlike the LCD models, these typically require access from within an electric junction box often located near your fuse box in order to program features such as system codes or access levels. They are also often referred to as “security grade” models due to their trusted reliability and attractively sturdier construction than that found on the more modern LCD type panels.

Identifying the Keypad

One of the key components of your Brinks Home Security system is the keypad. This is used to program and control the system. It is the interface between you and your home security system, providing all the status information, warnings, and other messages necessary to keep you safe and secure.

Identifying your Brinks keypad will vary depending on the equipment model being used in your home. Generally speaking, most of these devices are about 7 inches wide by 5 inches tall, with a display panel at the top of the device and a variable number of buttons positioned beneath it. Depending on your specific model there may be additional features such as an LCD display or a connection for an alarm siren or strobe light.

When operating correctly, pressing any key on the Brinks Keypad will cause its back-lit light to turn red for two to three seconds before changing to green or yellow depending on certain conditions such as whether or not an alarm is active when pressed. Pressing any button while a green/yellow backlight is present should produce a beep or other sound from the device indicating that it has been pressed successfully.

Turning Off the System

Turning off your Brinks Home Security System is a simple process that can be done in the matter of minutes. This section will cover the general steps and instructions for turning off your Brinks Home Security System. With the correct information, you will be able to turn off your system with ease.

Entering the Master Code

To turn off your Brinks Home Security system, you will need to enter the master code. This is a personal code that you must set up when first installing the system. The code should be between four and eight digits long and should not be shared with anyone because it will allow full access to the system.

Once the master code has been entered, an audible alert will sound and then the control panel’s light should blink green three times, followed by one long beep. At this point, the security system is disabled. You may need to exit or press a signal keypad depending on your system’s model; refer to your Brinks Home Security user manual for specific instructions.

It’s important to reset your Brinks Home Security system after turning it off in order to make sure it remains secure. Enter your master code again and then hit the “Trouble” button followed by pressing “Off”. Once this is completed, take note of any lights or signals indicating if there are any issues with sensors in your home’s security network.

Disarming the System

Disarming the system allows you to turn off all alarm functions while still maintaining the motion sensors and other security features you have set up. To turn off the system, enter your code into your Brinks Home Security control panel. When you enter in the correct code, a ‘system disarmed’ message will appear on the display and all alarm functions will be disabled.

If you want to check that your home security system is safely turned off, press the test/status button on top of your control panel. The status light should indicate if it’s in armed or disarmed mode, with green representing an inactive system. Make sure to also verify that all doors and windows are locked before leaving your home by using smart technology such as doorbell cameras, keyless locks and motion sensors.

If there is an emergency in your home while the Brinks Home Security system is active, press the panic button on top of your control panel or press it three times within three seconds to trigger Silent Panic Mode – perfect for when you don’t have time to disarm it manually but need help quickly.

Resetting the System

If you would like to reset your Brinks Home Security system, it’s important to understand the steps required to do so. Resetting your system will help keep your home secure and safe. This section will focus on what needs to be done in order to reset your Brinks Home Security system.

Resetting the Master Code

To reset the Master Code on your Brinks Home Security System, you will first need to find the control panel where your master code is stored. This is typically located in a secure area of your home. Once you have accessed the control panel, follow these steps to reset the code:

1. Press and hold the “Reset/Program” button for three seconds until the power light begins blinking.
2. Enter your current six-digit master code or Personal Identification Number (PIN).
3. Enter a new six-digit code of your choice and press “Enter” or “OK”.
4. Re-enter the new master code twice to confirm it was properly entered and press “Enter” or “OK” again after both entries have been made.
5. Your new master code is now set, however it is recommended that you test it by entering it from the keypad before leaving to ensure correct operation.
6. Lastly, be sure to store this information in a secure place such as a fire proof lock box or safe for easy retrieval in case you ever forget your Master Code configuration again in the future!

Resetting the Keypad

Resetting your Brinks Home Security System keypad can help restore it to its factory settings and/or reset your Master User code. This should be done if you have made recent changes to the system that have caused issues and need to revert back, or if the keypad is not responding at all. To reset your system’s keypad, follow the instructions below:

1. Disconnect power from the control panel by either unplugging it or flipping the breaker that feeds it.
2. Press and hold down the [#] button as you reconnect power to the control panel
3. When “Enter Code” appears on your LCD, release the [#] button
4. You will now see “Program Mode” on display which gives you access to reprogramming or displaying any particular feature (This implies all previous programming will be erased.)
5. Input 1-99-7 once more to completely reset 3200 keypad, SD3000 master console, or 2×103000 into factory default setting overall functions in session.
6. Once it is finished, press and hold down all buttons simultaneously until “Away Mode” appears on screen (for 3200 systems)
7. The display will stay illuminated if input was accepted correctly otherwise a system error may have occurred..

Resetting the Control Panel

To reset the Control Panel, power it down and then restart it. To do this, you will need to gain access to the control panel by opening the metal box that houses it. Depending on your control panel, you may either have to unscrew four screws or insert a small flat object (e.g. screwdriver) into holes on either side of the box and gently pry it open.

Once open, disconnect the power cable by either unplugging or unscrewing it from the control panel. Wait at least 15 seconds before reconnecting it. Once reconnected, press and hold down both keys on the top of your control panel until all lights become illuminated (on most models this takes approximately 10-15 seconds). Once all lights are illuminated, release both keys and wait for 15-30 beeps. This confirms that your system has been successfully reset to factory settings.


It is important to take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the components of your Brinks home security system. This ensures that you know how to properly use your system and have an understanding of when it is necessary to turn it off. Being prepared can help you respond effectively and keep your home secure even when you are away.

Remember, if you find that you need assistance in turning off or troubleshooting your Brinks home security system, contact a technician service or a customer service representative for help. They should be able to guide you step-by-step through any issue you may be experiencing so that your home remains safe and free from security threats.

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