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How to Turn Off the Chime on a DSC Alarm System

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DSC alarm systems are equipped with a chime feature that can be turned off if desired. Follow the steps in this blog post to learn how to disable the chime on your DSC alarm system .


The chime feature of your DSC alarm system can be a helpful tool when you need to know when someone is entering your home. However, it can also be a source of annoyance and distraction if the sound occurs too often or at inopportune times. Turning off the chime on your DSC alarm system will prevent it from sounding any time you enter and leave the premises, while still allowing it to work properly if an intruder tries to gain access.

In order to turn off the chime feature of your DSC Security System, you must first gain access to the System’s programming features by using a special Installation Code. Once you’ve gained access, you can search for the “Chime On/Off” option in order to disable or enable the Chime sound on your security system. You should also make sure that other settings related to Chimes are correctly adjusted as well so that they don’t accidentally get set back on in case of a power outage or similar event. If done correctly, turning off the chime will not affect how your DSC alarm system protects your home from intruders; however, it will help remove distractions and noise pollution related to normal everyday activities such as entering or exiting rooms in which movement has been detected by sensors installed throughout the property.

Steps to Disable the Chime

Disabling the chime on your DSC alarm system can be done with a few simple steps. The chime is a loud sound that is triggered each time the alarm is activated or when the system is armed or disarmed. If you’re looking for a way to turn off the chime on your DSC security system, this article will provide you with the steps for doing so.

Locate the Chime Button

On a DSC alarm system, locating the chime button is a vital first step in disabling the chime. The system must be disarmed before the Chime button can be located. Once disarmed, look at the unprotected zone section of the keypad. On most systems, this is the left-most column and will display open zones 1 – 8. Find the Chime Button at this section. If it is not located in this area, consult your user manual for your model instructions. The Chime Button will often have a bell icon on it and may also be labeled “Ch” or “Chime”. Once located, pressing this button will activate or deactivate the chime function on your alarm system depending on its current state.

The steps for disabling or enabling other features of a DSC alarm system may vary depending upon your model and are detailed in each user manual’s “Functions Diagram” section. Consult your user manual for specific instructions regarding any additional functions you may need to adjust on your model of DSC security system.

Press and Hold the Chime Button

Press and hold the chime button until the chime tone turns off. The chime button is a dedicated zone button typically located on the left side of the keypad that is below your Master code. This activates or deactivates the chime feature and will also disable voice prompts. Note that this will not turn off other tones associated with alarm waves, such as bell sounds when alarm thresholds are exceeded.

The Chime Button also has two special functions: It allows you to turn on or off all sensors from one spot and prevents an alarm from being triggered by an activities that occur in your home. When you press the Chime Button and enter your Master Code, it temporarily disarms all motions sensors while still monitoring other sensors such as window/door contacts and smoke alarms.

If you would like to re-activate your system’s chimes so that you are made aware of activity happening in your home, simply press and hold the Chime Button again until you hear a beeping tone indicating that the system has returned to normal mode.

Press and Hold the [*] Button

Once you have Access the Control

To Access the Control of your DSC Alarm System, press and hold the [*] button for around five seconds. During this time, your system will power down gradually and the chime will start to diminish. When you hear the prompt from your system that indicates it has been powered down, release the [*] button. At this point, your chime should be disabled and you can exit out of the system menu.

If at any point during the process you are having issues, you can press the [*#] button combination to reset your system back to its original factory settings. This button Reset combination will trigger a warning tone so be sure to pay attention when Accessing the Control of your DSC Alarm System to avoid any cause for alarm in an emergency situation.

Enter Your Master Code

Once you have entered Installation Mode and pressed [*] + [#], you are prompted to enter your Master Code. This code is set to a factory default of 1234 or 4321 when the alarm system is first installed. If the factory defaults have not been changed, then it should be one of these two codes.

The prompt will indicate that you have [0] attempts left, meaning that you can only enter a 4-digit combination twice before being completely locked out for 10 minutes. In this case, the display will return to the home screen, and you must reenter Installation Mode and try again from the start. However, if a valid code (or program sequence) has been entered, the system will move on to Step 2.

Release the [*] Button

To turn off the chime on an ADT Alarm system, you must first enter programming mode by pressing the [*] key five times in rapid succession. Once you’ve entered programming mode, use the keys to navigate to zone type 08 and press [#] to select it. After selecting zone type 08, use the keys again to navigate to zone 01 and press [#] once more. After doing this, you should be ready to begin the disabling process.

Next, press the [*] button twice and then release it quickly. The display will show “chime off” if the feature is successfully disabled or “chime on” if it remains enabled. Press an unassigned key three times, re-enter [*] five times in rapid succession, then enter an unassigned key three more times in order for each of your changes to be saved properly on your ADT Alarm system. Your system should now be silent!


If you want to make sure that your DSC alarm system is working properly, it is important to troubleshoot any issues that you may be having. One of the most common issues that people have with their DSC alarm systems is the chime. This can be annoying if it is constantly going off, so here are some tips on how to turn off the chime on a DSC alarm system.

Check the Battery

In order to troubleshoot your DSC alarm system and turn off the chime sound, the first step is to check the battery power of your ADT alarm system If your alarm has adequate battery power, then you will need to check other settings on the panel. Generally speaking, most alarms allow users to alter settings regarding whether or not they wish to be notified of certain events; in this case, activating/deactivating a chime sound. Check the power through all of your panel settings and look for any which might relate to notification sounds (chimes). If you cannot seem to find any appropriate settings that would help you silence the chime sound on your DSC alarm system. Identifying Your System can be done in a few different ways. It may be auto-configured into your panel by default or you may need to contact DSC’s customer service department for more professional assistance. They should be able to provide specific instructions/recommendations on how best to alter or reset the necessary features of your ADT alarm system..

Check the Wiring

It is important to check the wiring of the system before attempting any kind of troubleshooting. Before you start, make sure that all connections are secure and that no wires have come loose or become frayed. Be sure to double-check any connections between the alarm’s control panel, power source and siren as well. It pays to know the model number of your system, as some manufacturers may use different wiring configurations or components than others.

If all of your connections look secure, turn off all other non-essential electrical items in the area in which your DSC alarm system is set up and then power it up again. If this doesn’t stop the chime from occurring, it could be a problem with a zone on your system such as a door/window sensor that isn’t making proper contact or faulty wiring from one end to another; these issues will require further investigation in order to be resolved.

Check the Chime Volume

Before attempting to turn off the chime on a DSC alarm system, it is important to check the chime volume of your system. If the chime volume is set too loud, this could be the reason why you are hearing the sound each time you expect it. Depending on your model, it is possible to adjust this setting yourself by entering your system’s programming mode and using a chime control switch. To do so, you must type in your system’s master code and then access its functions via special commands.

To make an adjustment to the chime volume level of your DSC alarm system using the chime control switch:

1. Enter your master code.
2. Select “Function” followed by “Program Field”
3. Enter 20 (Chime Volume Level) in order to access that field and ensure that it corresponds with what you want
4. Press “Quit” or “Esc” when complete
5. Enter “00” followed by “Stay/Away” (to exit programming mode) to return your system back to its normal functioning state
6. Test out the chime volume level with a controlled motion detection and verify that it meets your expectations


Once you have successfully silenced the chime tone on your DSC alarm system, it should remain in this state until you turn it back on or an alarm is triggered within the system. To help protect against false alarms, keep a copy of your user manual handy so that you can easily identify which door contacts are active and know how the system operates. If you need to make changes to the settings of your system or need additional assistance, contact a certified representative. With these steps, you now understand how to silence or turn off the chime tone of your DSC alarm system.

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