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How to Turn Off the Sound on Your ADT Alarm System

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It’s easy to turn off the sound on your ADT alarm system. You just need to know how!


ADT alarm systems can provide peace of mind through a variety of features including emergency alerts, video monitoring, and access control. Many ADT alarm systems feature a loud siren sound that is designed to deter intruders and alert you when someone attempts to breach the security of your home or business. However, if you ever need to turn off the sound on your ADT alarm system, here are some instructions that can help.

Before attempting to turn off the sound on your ADT system, ensure that all security indicators on the device are properly set. It is important to note that while an indicator may be set correctly this does not guarantee that the siren will be activated and it may still sound in certain situations. Therefore, it is necessary to manually test the device by setting all indicators off prior to turning off the Sound on your ADT Alarm system. Once all indicators have been tested, proceed with turning off the siren as outlined below:

1) On the display panel for your security system select “Main Menu.”
2) By using either up or down arrows locate and select “Alerts.”
3) Select “Siren Settings” from this menu.
4) Select “Silence Siren” and then press enter. This will enable you to turn off the siren without disabling your alarm system completely.
5) A prompt will appear asking for a 4-digit code which should have been provided by your installer for this purpose – enter it now and then select “OK” or “Submit” depending on which display panel you are using at present.
6) A confirmation message will appear confirming that you have successfully turned off the sound of your ADT Alarm System – once read select either “OK” or “Submit” again depending on which display panel has been used at present.

Identifying Your System

Before you can turn off the sound on your ADT alarm system, you will first need to identify which system you have. ADT offers a variety of systems, including hardwired and wireless systems. Depending on your system, the process to turn off the sound on your alarm may be different. Let’s get into the details.

Different Models

ADT alarm systems come in a variety of models that have different capabilities and require different steps to silence the sound. Before you can shut off the sound, you will need to identify which model you have. To do this, look for your control panel’s serial number. This should usually be in either a 12-digit or 10-digit format, located either on the front or back of your panel (sometimes inside the battery compartment). Once you have identified your model, consult ADT’s manual for specific instructions on how to silence it according to their model numbers. Additionally, some newer ADT systems may require additional steps to be taken, as explained below:

– Series 400 Panels: You can press “Test/Silence” on the main panel or an associated keypad until the sound stops.

– Series 500 Panels: For these models, press “Reset” (or pressing “*” twice) will disable any alarm sounds; however make sure to code back into system once complete so that it is ready once again when someone triggers an alarm.

– 900 Series: With this series of panel it is recommended that users hold down reset button for five seconds to reset sounds associated with an alarm emergency or activation code change events.

– V3 Systems: For this system users must enter 1170 + [4 digit master code] followed by OFF button and speed dials two & three simultaneously for three seconds disable any emergency sounds occurring due to false alarms or similar events.

Check the User Manual

You can determine the type of ADT alarm system you have by checking your user manual. The user manual is usually found inside the door of your main control panel, however, it can sometimes be found in the instruction manual that came with your system or even on ADT’s website. By reviewing the user manual, you will be able to identify which model of ADT Alarm System you have and how to disable the sound on it. Additionally, your user manual will provide detailed instructions on how to use all aspects of your alarm system, so familiarizing yourself with it beforehand is important for optimal use.

Turning Off the Sound

Turning off the sound on your ADT alarm system can be a great way to avoid waking up your family, pets, or neighbors in the middle of the night. It can also be a useful way to stop being disturbed by false alarms. In this article, we will look at the exact steps on how to turn off the sound of your ADT alarm system.

Access the System Settings

To access the system settings of your ADT alarm system, you need to know the user code. The administrator or installer of your system should have given you this four-digit code. Once you have it, you can enter it into the keypad to access the settings menu.

Once in the System Settings menu, you will see a list of options related to your system’s set-up and operating modes. To turn off sound, scroll down to “Sound Options” and press ENTER. At this point, a menu will appear with different sound settings that can be customized according to your preferences.

The following sound settings are available:
-Chime – This allows a chime sound to be heard whenever someone enters through an entry/exit door while the alarm is armed (but not necessarily triggered).
-Entry Delay – This allows an audible beep for before the transition from Entry Delay status (which gives people time to enter and disarm) to Arm status on their way out or when leaving for extended periods of time.
-Exit Delay – This allows an audible beep for before transitioning from Exit Delay status (which gives people time to arm their systems when entering) to Alarm Set status on their way out or when leaving for extended periods of time.
-Fire Warning – When Smoke Detectors and/or Heat Detectors are triggered, this setting produces a siren or other loud sounding alert in order to warn occupants of potential fire danger in the home or business premises.
-Alarm – When any intrusion sensor is triggered while alarm is set, this sets off an ear piercing loud sound designed disorientate intruders and alert occupants that their premises are being invaded by criminals trying to gain access without permission.

To turn off any of these sounds simply use the up/down arrows on your keypad while still in Sound Options mode, scroll down until OFF appears beside one of these options then press ENTER twice – once at Sound Options Mode and again at OFF beside whichever one was chosen as previously mentioned – so that OFF appears again next beside whichever option was selected with no audio output still enabled for it whatsoever. No sound should come from that element even though its monitored security feature still functions normally within ADT System Parameters assigned elsewhere within Account Settings Menu only accessible by Authorized Agents familiar with Advanced Account Programming Features therein too complex for average consumer use herein discussed here today at all!

Adjust the Volume

Adjusting the volume of your alarm system is a straightforward process. Before proceeding, make sure you know your alarm system’s user code. To adjust the volume, press the six and three keys while at the same time entering your four-digit user code and holding it for two seconds. This will bring up a menu option to adjust the sound level. You can then select silent, low, medium, and high settings. If you want to completely disable the sound on your alarm system, select the “Silent” setting in this menu. Once you have made your selection and entered confirmations with your keypad, press “Off” twice to save and exit. The changes will go into effect immediately after you leave this menu

After confirming all settings are correct, remember to replace your batteries in case of a power outage so that your security system still has an adequate charge to do its job properly. If a power outage does occur or any other event triggers an alarm, an alignment tone will be heard by all users within range of the system until it is properly shut down or reset by entering their user code once again. Be sure to keep these security measures in place in order to enjoy peace of mind all year round!

Disable the Chime

Disabling the chime on your ADT alarm system is a straightforward and easy process. First, you will need to locate the control panel of your system. This is typically within 6 feet of the main entry door to your home or business. You will then need to log in with your user code by pressing the buttons on the keypad. Once logged in, you can disable the chime sound by pressing and holding the “Chime/On/Off” button for three seconds until a single beep is heard. The “Chime/On/Off” button can be located at different places depending on which model of control panel you are using so reference user manual if necessary. After this step is complete, press any other button to exit “Setup Mode” and your alarm system should no longer produce sound when a door or window is opened. Remember that even with this setting disabled, your security system will still notify you of any intrusions as soon as they begin so have peace of mind that it’s always operational and protecting you!


If the sound on your ADT alarm system is on and you’d like to turn it off, troubleshooting steps is the first thing to do. There are a few checks you will need to make to figure out why the alarm is sounding and how to stop it. In this article, we will discuss various troubleshooting steps that you can take to stop the sound from your ADT alarm system.

Reset the System

In order to ensure the system is reset properly, you will want to turn off the power. To do this, locate the circuit breaker in your home that powers your alarm system and make sure it is shut off. Once the power has been cut, wait a few seconds before restoring power.

The second step is to check for any tripped zones or device faults. This can be done by pressing ‘#’ on the keypad and pressing “*” twice. A list of faults or zones that have been tripped should display on the screen. Make sure to clear any found device faults or tripped zones before attempting to reset the system again.

If there are no went wrong or tripped zones present, resetting the sound will just take a few steps:
1. Enter your master code into the keypad and press “1”
2. Press “3” select any option available between 0-9 to change the sound volume
3. Press “#”, then press “6” – this will save all of your settings and finalize all adjustments made to sound volume
4. Ensure that all of your settings were saved by making a test call using your ADT control panel
5a) If you receive an audible message when receiving a test call, you were successful! 5b)If you failed in changing the sound volume, repeat steps 1-3 until you receive an audible confirmation message when making a test call with your ADT control panel

Contact ADT

If troubleshooting your ADT Alarm System does not lead to a resolution of your issues, you should contact the customer service center at 800-ADT-ASAP (800-238-2727) for further support. Representatives are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, but please note that wait times may vary based on the current level of call volume. In order to expedite service, please be prepared to provide the following information:

– Your 16-digit account number
– The make and model of your alarm system
– Any body and door touch pads connected to the system

A customer service representative will ask you questions about your system and instructions that might help you fix the problem before they send an authorized technician to your location. This process generally takes between 1 – 5 business days depending on availability in your area. An authorized technician can help ensure that your ADT Security System is properly configured for use in a safe and secure manner.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about how to turn off the sound on your ADT alarm system. We hope that this guide has been helpful in making sure that your home remains safe from intruders. Remember to always use caution when dealing with any electrical devices and if you have any questions or troubleshooting needs, be sure to contact your local ADT service representative for assistance. Thank you for being an ADT customer and have a great day!

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