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How to Turn Off Your ADT Alarm System

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If you need to know how to turn off your ADT alarm system, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the steps so you can deactivate your system quickly and easily.


If you have an ADT alarm system installed in your home, then you may need to know how to turn it off at certain times. Turning off your system is a relatively simple process. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps required for deactivating your ADT alarm system.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the type of system and control panel that came with your home security package from ADT. If you need help understanding your panel, refer to the ADT user guide that is included with your system. Once you have located the correct information about your control panel, you are ready to proceed.

The next step is

Gather Supplies

Before you can turn off your ADT alarm system, you will need to gather some supplies. Make sure you have the necessary manuals, tools, and all the necessary access codes needed to disable the system. If you don’t have these, contact your local ADT dealer, who can provide the necessary information to get you started. Once you have all the supplies, you can begin the process of disabling your ADT alarm system.

ADT alarm system

Once you are sure that you want to turn off your ADT alarm system, you will need to gather the supplies needed. Working with an ADT system typically requires the use of a control panel, which may be connected to wiring. In addition, other components associated with your ADT system include door and window contacts, motion sensors, keychain remotes and smoke detectors. Typically, the components required can be unique to the specific ADT alarm system that is installed in your home. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guide for more information on any component that is unclear before attempting to disable your security system. Before you disconnect any of these items from their power sources or modify their settings in any way, it is important that all power be disconnected from all control panels.

ADT keypad

ADT keypad is an essential component for disconnecting your alarm system. This is the central piece of equipment that houses the alarm function and can be found mounted near or on entrances to your home. It has a numerical keypad that is used to arm and disarm your system when you enter in the correct passcode. The ADT keypad also contains LED indicators that indicate power, system status and other important functions, such as “chime” mode which sounds a notification chime when doors or windows are opened while armed. In addition, the keypad may contain buttons to control “duress code,” which will alert emergency services if there are threats present in the home, as well as a “panic button” which can be used to signal medical emergencies or threats at any time. Finally, some ADT keypads will come with cellular backup options for added security if there are interruptions in landline communication. Before attempting to disconnect your alarm system from its control panel, make sure all components are fitted correctly and securely.

ADT passcode

To turn off your ADT alarm system, you will first need to gather the supplies you need. The most important tool is the ADT passcode, which you must use to disable the alarm and access the keypad of your system. You may also need tools such as a screwdriver and pliers.

Once you have your passcode and other necessary tools ready, you will be able to proceed with turning off your ADT alarm system. Your specific system may require different steps, so it is important that you familiarize yourself with it before taking any action. You should also make sure that all windows and doors are properly closed so that they do not trigger false alarms when deactivating or reactivating the system.

Disarm the Alarm System

Disarming the alarm system is an important step in ensuring the security of your home. The process is simple: enter your four digit code, then disarm the system. This can help you avoid false alarms and keeps your property secure. Let’s take a look at the steps to follow to disarm your ADT alarm system.

Locate the alarm system

In order to disarm your ADT alarm system, the first step is to locate the main control panel. This panel is usually gray and mounted near the entrance to your home or place of business. Depending on your particular model of ADT alarm system, it may be either wall-mounted or placed in a desktop stand. The main control panel typically has a clearly marked button showing a red circle with a line drawn through it – this is the disarm button.

Enter the passcode

Once you’ve armed the security system, you will need to enter your passcode to disarm it. To do this, make sure the keypad is on. Then press the appropriate button for “Disarm” or “Off.” Then enter your 4-digit passcode on the keypad and press the # symbol. If you’ve entered it correctly, a green light should come on and a single beep will sound. That means your system has been disarmed successfully.

If you want to add extra security measures, many systems offer additional passcodes that can be set up for different family members or other authorized individuals who may need access to your home. You can also create separate temporary codes that can be used for one-time events such as parties or workmen that can enter freely in your home without having to tell them what specific code worked with your alarm system each time it needs to be deactivated. All of these options are available depending on what type of security system you have installed in your home.

Press the “Off” button

Once you have the code to turn off your ADT alarm system, follow these steps to disarm it:

1. Enter your security code into the keypad.
2. Press the “Off” button located on the keypad.
3. You should hear two beeps indicating that the system is now off and the red light should turn off, indicating an inactive system.
4. Wait 15 seconds and then press the “Away” or “Stay” button to complete the process of deactivating your system (either option will work). You should again hear two beeps and see a green light indicating that your security system is now disarmed.
5. Ensure all doors are shut securely to prevent access while away from home or when sleeping at night in case someone attempts entry through an open door, which may still trigger a sensor alert in some instances even with a disarmed alarm panel active in “stay” mode, so keep that in mind for added assurance of safety when securing entry points that can’t be monitored 24/7 from CCTV surveillance systems or other video monitoring devices utilized with more robust security packages offering advanced home protection options where availible .

Reset the System

Resetting the ADT alarm system is a simple process that requires access to the main control panel . It only takes a few minutes and requires you to follow a few steps in order to complete the procedure. This article will explain how to reset your ADT alarm system so that it can be turned off and the sensors can be reactivated.

Press the “Reset” button

The Reset button will be located on the inside of the alarm control panel, usually behind a slide-out door. In order to reset your ADT alarm system, you must press and hold this button for several seconds.

You may hear an audible beep which indicates that the system has been successfully reset. Once the “Reset” button has been activated and held for several seconds, releasing it will reset your ADT system. This prevents false alarms and restores all pre-set programming options to their factory defaults.

Press the “Reset” button again if your system requires two consecutive presses in order to complete a master reset. Additionally, if you want to activate a test mode feature on your alarm panel, you might need to press the “Reset” button again after powering down your entire security system for several minutes or longer.

Input a new passcode

To reset your security system password, begin by inputting the existing passcode and pressing the # key. Then press the star (*) key twice followed by the word “master”. This will take you to a new settings menu. From there, you can change your 4-digit passcode. Be sure to enter a code that is easy for you to remember or write it down in a secure place for future reference. When the new code is entered, don’t forget to press # and then wait 10-15 seconds for the new settings to be saved.

Once you have successfully changed your 4-digit passcode, test it out by opening and closing the system with it. You may also wish to run a test- this can be done manually by opening all zones of sensors in sequence, or via an automated system test through ADT’s 24 hour monitoring service line. If all tests are passed, then your security system is reset!


Now that you know how to shut your ADT alarm system off, you can feel confident managing when to arm and disarm your home security system. If you ever have any questions or concerns while adjusting the settings of your alarm system, don’t be afraid to contact ADT Security customer service. You can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

To review, here is a summary of how to turn off your ADT Alarm System:
1. Enter the security code in your keypad
2. Type OFF or O
3. Wait for the confirmation prompt
4. Listen for the green light or two beeps and then exit secure mode by pressing * + 0 before *7
5. You should hear one long beep once deactivated successfully

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