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How to Unlock a Godrej Door Lock Without a Key

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Follow these steps on how to unlock a Godrej door lock without a key.If you have lost your key or forgotten the combination, these steps will come in handy.

Gather Necessary Tools

If you’ve locked yourself out of your house and don’t have the key to your Godrej door lock, don’t worry! You can still get back in. All it takes is a few basic tools and a bit of patience. Before we get started, let’s gather the necessary tools we’ll need for the job. From screwdrivers to paperclips, here are the items we’ll need to unlock a Godrej door lock without a key.

Obtain a tension wrench

Using a tension wrench is one of the essential tools you need to unlock a door lock without a key. A tension wrench creates torque, or rotational force, which turns the internal components of the lock cylinder and unlocks the door.

When buying a tension wrench, you’ll want to chose one specifically designed for locksmithing. It should be made of stainless steel and should have little teeth on one side to grip the cylinder of the lock. If it’s too thick, it won’t fit into the hole in your lock; if it’s too thin, it won’t turn as effectively. Remember to check how wide it is and its overall length before purchasing.

Obtain a pick

In order to unlock a Godrej door lock without a key, you will need to gather some necessary tools. The most important of these is a pick set – tool kit specifically designed to open locks without the key. A pick set typically consists of several thin tools called picks that can be used to manipulate inner components of the lock and unlock it. Picks come in various shapes depending on the type of lock you’re trying to unlock. Many beginners pick sets are available that offer many different types of picks for a variety of applications. Be sure to do your research before obtaining a pick set so that you can get one that is appropriate for the type of lock you are trying to open. Along with your pick set, you may also require some tension wrenches or other specialized tools or lubricants, depending on the situation. Taking the necessary time and effort in researching and gathering all required materials beforehand is critical if you plan on unlocking your Godrej door lock without a key.

Insert the Tension Wrench

Unlocking a Godrej door lock without a key is a difficult task but it can be done with a little bit of patience and the right tools. One of the essential tools you will need to do this is a tension wrench. This tool is used to apply pressure to the pins inside the lock as you attempt to unlock it. The correct insertion of the tension wrench is a key step in the process, so we will cover this first.

Insert the tension wrench into the keyhole

When unlocking a Godrej door lock without a key, the first step is to insert the tension wrench into the small hole of the lock cylinder. This tool provides leverage to turn the cylinder and open the lock. Insert it at an angle of about ninety degrees and make sure that it is inserted fully. The tension wrench should be inserted into the bottom of the cylinder slot, with its blunt end facing up towards you. Turn the tension wrench towards you gently but firmly in order to move as deep as possible in order to create enough pressure on the internal mechanism of the lock knob.

Apply light pressure to the wrench

Once you have inserted the tension wrench into the keyhole, lightly apply pressure to the wrench. Since different locks can be sensitive to different levels of pressure, it is important to use light pressure as you attempt to manipulate the pins inside of the lock. Using too much pressure may cause pins to bind and make it much more difficult for you to unlock the door. Light pressure will help you to slowly manipulate each pin with minimum resistance from the lock.

Insert the Pick

Unlocks a Godrej door lock without a key can be a tricky task, however, with some patience and a few simple tools, you can easily unlock your door lock without any damage. The first step to unlocking your Godrej door lock without a key is to insert a pick into the keyway. This is done by inserting a small, thin piece of metal into the lock with a gentle pushing motion. You may need to do it multiple times to find the right angle in order to unlock your door lock.

Insert the pick into the keyhole

Before beginning the unlocking process, it is important to identify what type of lock is present. This will help to determine the best way to unlock it. After identifying the type of lock, you will need to prepare the necessary tools, such as a tension wrench and a pick. Once ready, insert the pick into the keyhole on the door handle. Use gentle pressure when inserting the pick into the lock. Move it around until you feel resistance in other parts of the keyhole that indicate a connection with interior pins inside. Gently move and adjust all of these pins until they reach their properly aligned position within their respective chamber slots; this action unlocks your door!

Manipulate the pins with the pick

In order to manipulate the pins of the Godrej lock, you will need a specialized pick known as a ‘rake pick’. A rake pick is an instrument commonly used by locksmiths to open pin tumbler locks. It features a thin piece of metal with teeth that are curved in different angles and lengths. These teeth catch and engage the pins within the lock as it is inserted.

To begin using the rake pick, use your nondominant hand to insert the pick into one side of the lock until it touches against a pin stack. Keep tension on this stack with your thumb and forefinger, then slide downward along its length until you reach the bottom of it. At that point, you can switch sides and move back up in other direction.

Repeat this process on all of the pin stacks until you feel all pins within the cylinder click into place simultaneously. This occurs when all of them have been lifted high enough for your keyway to clear hurdle out of every pin stack and locking bolts corresponding to each one simultaneously actuated when access keys are turned..

Open the Lock

Unlocking a Godrej door lock without a key can be a daunting task. However, with the right set of tools and plenty of patience, it is possible to open the lock without a key. This method can be used to unlock a door lock in situations where the key is lost, or if the lock is jammed. In this article, we will look at different methods that can be used to unlock a Godrej door lock without a key.

Apply pressure to the tension wrench

This method needs to be handled carefully, as it could cause damage to the door lock. To apply pressure to the tension wrench, start by inserting the wrench into the keyway. Then, turn it slightly in the direction that unlocks the door. Apply steady pressure from your fingers and use slow increments of clockwise and counterclockwise turns until you feel a slight click or relieve in pressure. This indicates that you have reached the correct spot for unlocking the door.

Once you feel this click or relief in pressure, continue increasing your pressure and keep turning until it opens up completely. If you find yourself applying too much force, stop and try a different approach by making finer adjustments or changes in torque or angle of rotation gradually until you find the right combination that unlocks the lock successfully.

Turn the tension wrench to unlock the lock

Turning the tension wrench is one of the key steps in unlocking a Godrej door lock without a key. This action uses torque to create enough tension to enable you to open the lock. To start, insert the tension wrench into the bottom of the lock, turning it counter-clockwise if it’s a right-hand entry lock and clockwise if it’s a left-hand entry lock.

To determine where to turn the wrench, examine closely where each of its ends fit into the different components of your lock. Look for obstructions that could influence how much turning force is necessary. If any sections are blocked or clogged, try moving them forward or back until everything is aligned properly and allows for greater torque rotation.

Once you’ve determined which direction to turn and all obstructions are out of your way, keep turning, with firm pressure but not excessive force. You should feel resistance when doing so as you move through certain grooves in your locking mechanism (the cylinder). As soon as you reach those grooves again, stop turning and move on to opening your picked pins with one or more picks in order to get through whatever type of security setup you have on your own Godrej door lock without a key.


In conclusion, there are a few different ways to unlock a Godrej door lock without a key. You can use a paper clip, a bobby pin, or a credit card to unlock the door. It is important to remember that using a key is the safest and most secure way to unlock a door. However, if you find yourself locked out with no key, then these methods can help you get back inside.

Summary of steps

Unlike conventional door locks with keys, Godrej locks use a combination to unlock them. To successfully open a Godrej lock without a key, you’ll need to reset the internal components and restore the combination settings to their original factory settings. This article outlines how to do just that, step-by-step.

Before attempting to reset your lock, it is important to be sure that you have the correct instructions for your specific model of lock or risk damaging the hardware.

Summary of steps:
1. Start by locating the reset button hidden inside the touchscreen interface of the door lock.
2. Next, with a non-metallic item such as a paper clip or stylus, press and hold down the reset button for roughly 15 seconds until a “Success” message appears on screen indicating that it has been successfully reset and restored to its original factory settings.
3. Finally, adjust your combination setting by selecting three numbers within its range in accordance with your own preference and press “Enter” when completed . Your new combination should now be set successfully!

Tips for successful lock-picking

Successfully picking a lock requires practice, the right tools and lots of patience. To help ensure success, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when attempting to open a locked door without using a key.

Before attempting to pick the lock, check for an easier entry point such as an unlocked window or use another method that does not damage the existing lock such as gaining access from another area of the building. If it is necessary to pick the lock, make sure you have a working flashlight so you can clearly see what you are doing.

Other helpful tips for picking a godrej door lock include using lubricant which can help make it easier to engage the pins. Careful observation and analysis of the inside of the lock include identifying any spring-loaded pins which may need special attention. Additionally, start with one pin at a time and try each before progressing onto additional pins as this will help prevent getting confused or stuck while trying too many pins at once. Finally, be prepared for multiple attempts in order to get consistent results and practice different techniques until you find one that works reliably.

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