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How to Unlock a Round Door Lock Without a Key

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In this blog post, we’ll show you how to unlock a round door lock without a key.


Being locked out of your home without a key can be frustrating and stressful. Fortunately, there are several methods to unlock a round door lock without a key. From using a tension wrench to using a drill, there are a variety of ways to get back into your home without having to call a locksmith. In this article, we will discuss the various methods you can use to unlock a round door lock without a key.

Types of round door locks

Round door locks are divided into two distinct categories: tubular locks and round-lift locks. When looking to change the lock of your door or learn how to open it without a key, it is important to know which type of round lock you are dealing with.

Tubular locks are the most common type, and they consist of 6 or 8 pins. The keyhole is a circular shape, and the key must be inserted all the way into the core so that all of its pins can line up in order for the plug (the area where the key inserts) to turn.

Round lift locks, also known as mortise locks, are traditionally found in commercial buildings and older homes. This is because they require more preparation for installation – a mortise pocket must be made in the edge of the door and is often reinforced with steel boxes to make it more secure. Round lift locks have fewer pins than their tubular counterparts, usually about 5 to 7 depending on brand/model. The keys for this kind of lock also have a circle cutout at one end so that when inserted into the core it will allow you manipulate more pins at once in order to spread them evenly around when turning -this makes lock picking much more difficult . To unlock this kind of lock without a key requires some manipulation with specialized tools or a special press tool that applies additional force while unlocking each separate pin one by one.


If you want to unlock a round door lock without a key, it’s important to ensure that you have the right tools and materials at hand. Having the right supplies will make this process much easier and safer. First, gather the materials you will need, such as a screwdriver, some needle nose pliers, a tension wrench, and a flat head screwdriver. Once you have all of your items gathered, you are ready to begin.

Gather the necessary tools and supplies

Before attempting to pick a round door lock without a key, it is essential that you have the right tools and supplies. A tension wrench, small thin metal bars known as picks, and any lubricant that is safe for the type of lock being opened should all be obtained before beginning. Having the right tools will make the process much easier. Additionally, a good source of light is helpful so that the internals of the lock can be seen clearly. Make sure you have access to quality tools or else it may not work. You also may want to consider practicing on an old door lock before trying it out on a working one; this will help to perfect your technique. Once all required items are in hand and any necessary practice has been done, you can then move on to attempting to unlock your round door lock without a key.

Unlocking the Lock

Round door locks can present a challenge if you don’t have the correct key to unlock it. Fortunately, there are a few techniques and tricks you can use to unlock the lock without a key. In this article, we will discuss unlocking the lock using tools like a credit card, screwdriver, and tension wrench. Let’s take a look at the methods and steps you can take to unlock the lock without the key.

Pick the lock

Picking the lock is an option for unlocking a door without the key. This does require specialized tools and knowledge, however, and should only be done in an emergency situation by an experienced individual. While it may seem complicated, the process is actually quite simple.

Gather the necessary tools – To pick a round door lock without a key, you will need some basic lock picking tools such as a tension wrench or tension bar and a pick set.
Position your tools – Place your tension wrench into the plug of the lock so that it applies pressure while turning or “wiggling” it in both directions. You will then insert your pick into the lock to manipulate each pin until they reach their shear line, essentially pushing them out of place until all pins are lifted and can be turned with ease. As you wiggle the wrench gently, you should feel when all pins are aligned.

Test for success – When tension is released from the plug of the lock, it should turn easily with no resistance. If this works successfully, you should now be able to unlock your round door lock without any key.

Use a tension wrench

A tension wrench is a small, thin tool, usually made of metal that is essential for picking a round door lock without a key. By applying pressure to the lock through the use of a tension wrench, it creates slight rotation and pressure on the pins inside the keyhole, allowing the correct combination of tumblers or pins to fall into place.

When using a tension wrench you should insert it into the bottom of the keyhole and then push in up toward the top while simultaneously pressing downward with your index finger. You should not insert it too deeply into the hole as this may put too much pressure on it. If you press too hard with your finger and twist too quickly, you might break or bend the mechanism inside. As you press in towards the top and rotate slowly clockwise with your thumb, progress should be made bit by bit as each individual pin lines up and you hear an audible click for each one completed.

Use a bump key

Using a bump key is an effective way to try and open a door lock that does not have a key. Bump keys are specially cut keys used for lock picking that utilizes an instantaneous “bump” or vibration technique to move the pins in a lock from the locked to unlocked position. Although most bump keys are designed for use with cylindrical locks, they may also work on some conical locks as well.

Before attempting to use the bump key, make sure that it matches your lock’s keyway size and depth – otherwise it will not fit properly in the lock. Once you have inserted the key into the lock, you will need to apply a sharp strike to the top of it using either a hammer or mallet. This strike causes a vibration which moves the pins into position, allowing you to turn the lock and open it without using any additional force.

Keep in mind that this method is not failsafe – if your bump key is of low quality or does not match your particular lock then it may take several tries before you can open your door. An experienced locksmith could also have more success with this technique than an amateur so hiring one may be prudent if you are having difficulty unlocking your round doorlock without a key.

Alternative Methods

If you find yourself without a key and need to get into a room with a round door lock, there are several methods you can use to open the lock without a key. These methods include using a door clip, bobby pin, bump key, or a lock pick. You can also try to pick the lock or use a credit card to open the door. While these methods can be effective, they come with a certain level of risk. Let’s look at some of the alternatives.

Use a keyhole saw

If you don’t have a key to unlock a round door lock, one option is to use a keyhole saw. This method involves making a small hole in the door with the saw and then turning the cylinder so that it can be opened from the inside. It is important to make sure that you get the correct size saw for your door lock so that it does not damage the frame. Additionally, keyhole saws will often cause damage to the paint around the hole, so this should be kept in mind when attempting this technique.

Another option is to use an electric door pick or an electric drill with a small drill bit; this gives you more control over where and how much drilling needs to occur in order to open your lock. However, these tools can require specialized knowledge and should only be used by experienced professionals as they may cause further damage or even injury if not used correctly.

In some cases, homeowners may turn to a locksmith for assistance in opening their locks without requiring any form of destructive entry. Locksmiths have a variety of specialized tools which allow them to open locks with accuracy and precision, without causing any kind of damage.

Use a drill

If you don’t have the key to your round door lock, you can use a drill as an alternative unlocking method. This process requires a drill bit with a smooth tip, either a flathead or Phillips head bit. It is important to wear protective gear including safety glasses and earplugs for this activity.

Start by inserting the drill bit into the small hole at the edge of the door lock and drilling in until it reaches the core of the door lock cylinder. At this point, you should be able to turn it counter-clockwise with your hands or use needle-nose pliers if needed. Once you have finished turning it, pull out your drill bit and remove the cylinder from the door lock. Your door should now be unlocked and you can replace the cylinder when necessary!

Use a lock-picking gun

One option to unlock a door without a key is to use a lock picking gun. This tool is designed to vibrate the pins in the locking mechanism and can help open many different types of locks. There are various sizes of lock picks available and some come with interchangeable tips. The gun is powered by either air or electricity, allowing you to apply a consistent pressure and vibration. Using this tool requires some practice but it can be an effective way to open round door locks without a key. When done improperly, it can damage parts of the lock, so it’s best to proceed with caution when attempting this method.


In conclusion, unlocking a round door lock without a key can be challenging. However, there are a few techniques that can help. Pick lock sets, bumping, and latch pulling can all be used to open a round door lock without the use of a key. Ultimately, each situation may require a different technique, but these methods should get you started.

Summary of unlocking a round door lock without a key

In conclusion, unlocking a round door lock without a key is possible, though doing so may be difficult depending on the lock itself. There are several methods that can be used to open the lock such as pickable locks, bump keys, and alternately drilling out the pins.

For most locks, pickable locks provide a more reliable and safer method of unlocking the door because this technique does not require any strength or knowledge to use and does not risk damaging the lock in any way. Another popular method is to use a bump key, which requires some knowledge and an awareness of how to use the specific tool properly. Finally, if all else fails, one may choose to drill out the pins of their lock however this should only be done as a last resort because drilling out a lock will undoubtedly cause some damage and requires making sure not to drill too deep or too quickly into it.

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